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Town Council Updates
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May 2015Parish Notice of ElectionClick Here
15/04/2015Notice of MeetingClick Here
18/02/2015Town Council MinutesClick Here
18/03/2015Agenda for MeetingClick Here
18/03/2015Notice of MeetingClick Here
February 2015Town Council ArticleClick Here
28/01/2015Town Council MinutesClick Here
18/02/2015Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
21/02/2015Bike Security MarkingClick Here
28/02/2015Proposed Community Centre, The Rings - Public Meeting held on ´Drop In´ basisClick Here
18/02/2015Notice of MeetingClick Here
14/01/2015Town Council MinutesClick Here
28/01/2015Notice and Agenda for Special MeetingClick Here
24/01/2015Bike Security MarkingClick Here
January 2015Town Council ArticleClick Here
17/12/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
03/12/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
14/01/2015Agenda for MeetingClick Here
14/01/2015Notice of MeetingClick Here
December 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
November 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
19/11/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
17/12/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
03/12/2014Notice and Agenda for Extraordinary MeetingClick Here
15/10/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
19/11/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
29/11/2014Stockton-on-Tees Public Transport ForumClick Here
09/11/2014Remembrance Sunday Service 9th November 2014Click Here
15/11/2014´The Great Ingleby Barwick Bake Off 2014´ - Late entries welcome on the dayClick Here
October 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
10/09/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
15/10/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
15/11/2014´The Great Ingleby Barwick Bake Off 2014´ in aid of Children in NeedClick Here
September 2014Public Consultation: Ingleby Barwick War Memorial - Proposed Erection of Ornamental RailingsClick Here
September 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
16/07/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
10/09/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
August 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
30/08/2014Notice - Postponement of ´Bake Off´ CompetitionClick Here
30/08/2014´The Great Ingleby Barwick Bake Off´ CompetitionClick Here
10/09/2014Notice of MeetingClick Here
July/August 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
03/08/2014First World War Centenary Commemoration ServiceClick Here
July 2014Notice of Roundabout Works 26/27/28 July 2014Click Here
18/07/2014Notice of Vacancy in the Office of Councillor - Ingleby Barwick West WardClick Here
30/08/2014´The Great Ingleby Barwick Bake Off´ competitionClick Here
11/06/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
July 2014Returning Officer´s Submission for the Polling Districts and Places Review 2014Click Here
July 2014Notice of Review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations 2014Click Here
19/07/2014Stockton-on-Tees Public Transport ForumClick Here
16/07/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
June 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
14/05/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
11/06/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
May 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
May 2014Public Consultation - Proposed Community Centre, The Rings, Ingleby BarwickClick Here
16/04/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
14/05/2014Notice and Agenda for Annual Meeting of the Town CouncilClick Here
April 2014Town Council ArticleClick Here
14/05/2014Notice of Annual Meeting of the Town CouncilClick Here
07/05/2014Notice & Agenda for Annual Town Meeting of Ingleby Barwick 2014Click Here
19/03/2014Town Council MinutesClick Here
16/04/2014Notice and Agenda for MeetingClick Here
11/07/2012AgendaClick Here
16/05/2012Town Council MinutesClick Here
12/10/2011Town Council MinutesClick Here
20/06/2012AgendaClick Here
18/04/2012Town Council MinutesClick Here
30/05/2012Agenda for Extraordinary meetingClick Here
16/05/2012AgendaClick Here
9/5/2012Notice and Agenda for Annual Town MeetingClick Here
18/04/2012AgendaClick Here
21/03/2012Town Council MinutesClick Here
21/03/2012AgendaClick Here
15/02/2012Town Council MinutesClick Here
15/02/2012AgendaClick Here
11/01/2012Town Council MinutesClick Here
11/01/2012AgendaClick Here
21/12/2011Town Council MinutesClick Here
21/12/2011AgendaClick Here
16/11/2011Town Council MinutesClick Here
16/11/2011Agenda for meetingClick Here
21/09/2011Town Council MinutesClick Here
20/7/2011Town Council MinutesClick Here
September 2009Town Council ArticleClick Here
June 2009Ingleby Barwick Garden Competition 2009Click Here
June 2009Town Council ArticleClick Here
May 2009Meeting Dates May 2009Click Here
April 2009Town Council articleClick Here
March 2009Town Council ArticleClick Here
Click Here

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