Election News from Councillor Irene Machin

Was it too far to the post box? 

The postal vote for Stockton Borough Council resulted in a huge increase 52.4% compared with 30.9% in 1999. but the vote in Ingleby Barwick  was below the average for the borough.  A total of  5,211 Ingleby Barwick residents voted in the Borough election. So why did 5,000 people living in Ingleby Barwick not vote? Only about half that number voted in the Parish election.  Why?

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 7th May 2003 at 7p.m.in St Francis of Assisi Church meeting room. Meetings are open to the public. Come along and get to know your councillors. 10 minutes is allocated at the beginning of the meeting for the public to raise their concerns. Alternatively read the minutes published on this site. Look at the January 2003 minutes to find out how much money the Parish Council has available and how it has been spent in the past.

How do you see the future? Apart from the ever present concerns of litter, dog fouling, etc. the P.C. has already considered several big issues:

  1. The provision of Community Wardens, 
  2. An Extension to the Community Hall,
  3. The provision of a Parish Office and Meeting Room.
Decisions need to be made. Your views and ideas are essential email them to: irene machin