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Chairman/Town Mayor: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: W. Feldon;


Councillors: T.W. Bowman, A. Graham, Mrs E.M. Harrington, Mrs J.P. Kirby, Mrs S. Larkin, J. Myers and Mrs J.E. White;


Ward Councillors:


Ingleby Barwick East        K. Faulks;      

                                                D. Harrington;


Ingleby Barwick West       K. Dixon;

                                                R. Patterson;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Sarah Edwards, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


Keith Matthews, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


Kevin McAuley, McAuley-McGee Associates;


Paul McGee, McAuley-McGee Associates;



No Members of the Public were present at the meeting.





Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors Mrs G. Corr, Ms A. Hailes and D. Sanderson.





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No interests were declared.





Councillor Feldon informed that the following planning application had not been considered by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s (S.B.C.) Planning Committee on 27th June 2007; however it is to be considered on Wednesday 18th July 2007:


Planning Application No. 07/1282/OUT

Proposal: Outline Application for the Erection of Two Storey Extension to Provide Accommodation for Local Police Office.

Location: Greenside Local Centre, Ingleby Barwick.


It was noted that the Town Council had agreed to speak in support of the application and Councillor Feldon is able to attend the Committee meeting on 18th July 2007.




The Chairman invited Sarah Edwards from S.B.C. to present the information to the meeting.


Ms Edwards began by introducing herself and then gave a brief explanation on the background history to the proposed play area.


It was noted that Persimmon Homes had entered into a legal agreement to provide the public open space/play equipment back in 2005 as part of planning application no. 05/0381/REM.


The plans showing the play equipment to be provided were laid before the Town Council.


Ms Edwards outlined the proposals showing both a toddler play area and a separate teen area.  The equipment being provided is as required in the agreement.  The area will be fenced, have safety surfacing and will be dog proof.


S.B.C. is undertaking the one year defects responsibility on behalf of Persimmon who will pay S.B.C. accordingly.  The long term maintenance will also be undertaken by S.B.C.



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It was noted that a CCTV camera is to be provided as part of the agreement, which will be monitored by S.B.C. Security Centre.


It was questioned as to whether prospective house purchasers are being informed by the developers that the play area is being provided.  It was noted that the surrounding houses are being built by Miller Homes who should have been informed of their legal responsibilities by Persimmon Homes.  This will be overseen by S.B.C.’s planning enforcement section.


It was confirmed that notices would be displayed at the play area giving ‘age ranges’ for use of the equipment as per the Design Guide.  It was noted that the signs are for guidance only, however they would be useful for Enforcement.


S.B.C. will arrange to have the play area Rospa inspected.


A date for commencement of the works is not yet available as Persimmon Homes are still in the process of obtaining the required permissions for the CCTV camera etc.


The Town Council will be consulted on the CCTV camera.


It was confirmed that all the equipment being provided is kite marked and meets the E.U. Standards.


The Clerk requested a copy of the plans for the play area for the Town Council’s file.  Ms Edwards agreed to forward a copy however it was noted that these may be subject to amendment.


Ms Edwards was thanked for the presentation and her attendance at the meeting.




The Chairman introduced Keith Matthews from S.B.C. who had agreed to attend the meeting to give an update on the Romano Park proposals.


Mr Matthews informed that he works in the newly formed Green Space Strategy Development Unit.


A plan of the proposed Park was laid before the Town Council for observation.






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It was noted that consultation to date has taken the form of:


-                      An article detailing the proposals in Stockton News Autumn 2006 edition.

-                      A leaflet detailing the proposals delivered to every household in the Ingleby Barwick area.

-                      An article placed on the S.B.C. website.

-                      Articles placed in local newspapers, councillor newsletters and other publications.

-                      An exhibition was mounted in Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Ingleby Barwick Library and Tesco Superstore, with 3 no. drop in sessions arranged where residents could discuss the plans with officers.


111 questionnaires were returned, 17 were returned by people under 19 years of age.

A copy of the analysis of responses received was circulated to Town Council Members for their observation.


Two main points which were highlighted from the feedback was that the play area was sited too close to the adjacent houses and that S.B.C. should have provided a Park 10 years ago.


Mr Matthews gave a brief account of the background history to the proposal.


It was noted that the land to the rear of the secondary school site is publicly owned apart from the section which is still owned by Morgan and Morgan.


Ingleby Barwick is deficient in quality public open space provision with play and recreational facilities, having just three small play areas at present.


The site proposed for Romano Park is in the centre of Ingleby Barwick, easily accessible by footpath/cycleway.


Both the Police and Enforcement also raised concerns that the initial location for the proposed play area to the rear of All Saints School was hidden and not very accessible.

The play area therefore has been moved more to the western end of the site nearer the road.


It was noted that Barwick Pond which is in the centre of the site, although not part of the park became a Local Nature Reserve three years ago.  The pond is fenced off and only accessible via a viewing platform from one side.




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Mr Matthews outlined the development objectives, which are to add play equipment facilities, multi use games facilities, skateboard park, BMX track and field based sport provision.  The park is also to include a viewing platform on a constructed mound, creating a central focal point.  New paths, CCTV, security fencing where needed around play facilities, picnic bench areas and tree planting.


It was noted that the theme for the site is designed around the past Roman history in the local area.  This would include Roman mosaics, Roman related play equipment, for example’ Chariot Race BMX track, earth mound to represent Round Hill and an earth constructed amphitheatre.


The Romano Park proposal is expected to be submitted for planning approval in the coming weeks.  The project as a whole will be reaching the £1 million pound mark.

A grant from the Play Strategy looks promising with provisional approval obtained.


The possibility of incorporating a Youth Cafι within the proposal was raised for discussion as this is a central location and an ideal site for such a facility.


It was noted that the restrictive covenants on the land would need to be considered as to what type of building, if any, was allowable, as the three sections of the site all have different covenants.  It was suggested that this could be negotiated by S.B.C.


Restricted accessibility for loading/unloading vehicles was raised.


It was suggested that a good quality modular unit would be ideal for providing a Youth Cafι facility, which would be portable and therefore easily moved as well as being cheaper to fund.


Mr Matthews stated that ideally he would like a Ranger for the Park.


It was noted that if the expansion of All Saints School was to go ahead, all of the land to the rear of the school would be required.  It should be considered therefore as to what is the main priority for the land.  The consensus of opinion of the residents would need to be obtained.


Ideally, everybody would like to see both additional secondary education provision provided and the Park.


It was noted that the planning applications submitted for the site on the opposite side of Blair Avenue have all been refused, two of which have recently gone to appeal.   





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It was questioned as to what the official view from Education was on providing additional secondary school provision in Ingleby Barwick.


It was noted that there are a number of issues to be taken forward for consideration.


The Chairman thanked Mr Matthews for the update on progress to date.




The Chairman introduced Mr K. McAuley and Mr P. McGee from McAuley-McGee Associates.


Preston Park and Museum are important facilities for the residents of Stockton, visitors from the rest of the Tees Valley and beyond.  Recent studies have indicated that both are well used.  However, the same studies have also confirmed the feeling that the Museum and Park are in need of revitalisation and development.


It was noted that S.B.C. has recently appointed Bureau Veritas and Associates to take the lead role in updating the overall plan for the Park and Museum.  McAuley-McGee Associates are undertaking some of the consultation relating to this potential development.  Once the priorities of the community are known a report will be produced outlining the suggested improvements.


Over the coming months there will be opportunities for community consultations.  These will aim to seek the views of local residents and interest groups about how the facilities can be best improved to meet the expectations of users.


Details of how people can have their say will be included in the next edition of the Stockton News.  This will include a questionnaire which will be distributed to 77,000 homes in Stockton in early July.  Copies will also be available from other venues.  Residents will be invited to respond through the questionnaire on the priorities for the Park and Museum.


Following agreement of the plan, funding applications will be submitted to turn the aspirations into a reality.  The improvements to these valued facilities are likely to take place over a number of years.


A Conceptual Masterplan was provided prior to the meeting which the Clerk had circulated to Members with the Agenda for the meeting.





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The proposal includes the following:


-                      New entrance and car park layout.

-                      New Reception Building.

-                      Overspill parking

-                      Re-establish historic landscape planting.

-                      New pathway link to walled garden.

-                      Re-establish orchard.

-                      Raise quality of walled garden - putting on lawns.

-                      Restore walled garden.

-                      New gardens and pathway to orchard.

-                      Potential new workshops and access to museum collections.

-                      Re-establish views from the Hall.

-                      New landing stage.

-                      Improve access to all links to River Tees.

-                      New ‘Woodland’ Play Area.

-                      Tees crossing cycle way/footway link option.

-                      Quarry Woods – access improvements/woodland management.

-                      Encourage use of allotments, provide links to park.

-                      Interpret Stockton to Darlington Railway.

-                      Improve entrance signage/information.

-                      Improve planting structure to miniature railway.

-                      Improve drainage.

-                      Re-establish planting to Hall.

-                      New service access.

-                      Staff parking and delivery.

-                      Potential location of Street Arts Production Base.

-                      Potential nature reserve.


A presentation is to take place at Preston Hall on 19th July 2007.


Funding options were discussed including applying to the Heritage Fund to revamp the museum and the Parks for People Programme.


It was noted that the Park is well used although is has the potential to be a much better attraction.


The possibility of a footpath/cycleway link across the Tees was well received.  Improving access was highlighted as a material consideration in the proposals and therefore a bridge across the Tees would be a crucial link.


It was suggested that a ferry crossing providing links to both sides, be considered.



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It was noted that the new reception building would be a useful addition to the Park.


Reservations were raised regarding the possible links to the allotments in respect of the safety aspect of chemical storage.


It was noted that facilities at the Hall are currently very limited.  Good kitchen facilities are required.  The Park/Hall could be a good venue for musical performances as it has good access off the A66.  It would give the opportunity to extend cultural activities in Stockton.


It was questioned as to how responses should be submitted.


Various comments raised at the meeting had been noted, however further observations can still be forwarded either by email, through the article in Stockton News and at the Presentation on 19th July 2007 at Preston Hall which commences at 7 p.m.


Mr McAuley and Mr McGee were thanked for their attendance.




(a) End of Year Accounts for the Financial Year 2006/2007.

The Clerk noted that the threshold for preparing the end of year accounts on an Income and Expenditure basis has been raised to £200,000; therefore this years accounts had been prepared on a Receipts and Payments basis.


The year-end Accounts for the financial year 2006/2007 which had been prepared on a Receipts and Payments basis, where laid before the Town Council for approval.  The balance at 31st March 2007 is £ 13,202.93.


RESOLVED that the Accounts be approved and were signed by the Chairman of the Town Council accordingly.


(b) BDO Stoy Hayward LLP - Annual Return 2006/2007.


The Clerk confirmed that 3rd August 2007 is the appointed date on or after which local government electors for Ingleby Barwick may exercise their rights under the Accounts and Audit (Amendment) Regulations 2006 and the Audit Commission Act 1998; in respect the accounts of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council for the financial year ending on 31st March 2007.


The Clerk informed that she has displayed the Notice advertising the audit, as required.   A copy of the ‘Summary of Your Rights’ information is also displayed.



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It is noted that the records are to be made available for inspection from 2nd July 2007 to 27th July 2007.


The Clerk outlined the requirements for completion of the Annual Return.


(i) Section 1 – The Statement of Accounts – this section was duly completed using the receipts and payments figures from the year-end accounts.

The Clerk informed that as the Council is below the threshold for income and expenditure accounting the Annual Return is presented in the receipts and payments format. The comparative figures at 31st March 2006 have therefore been restated using this basis of accounting.

The Clerk noted that the Town Council is required to submit to the auditor a brief explanation of significant variations from last year to this in Section 1; and bank reconciliation as at 31st March 2007.


RESOLVED that the Town Council approves the information provided in Section 1.  The Chairman signed Section 1 of the Annual Return accordingly.


(ii) Section 2 – Annual Governance Statement

The Clerk noted the new requirement in number 6 which requires Councils to have carried out a review of the effectiveness of the system of internal audit over the year.

The Clerk informed that she had raised the matter with BDO Stoy Hayward, who informed that they were not made aware of this requirement until after the year end and informed all councils as soon as they became aware of the regulation.  It was included in the Accounts and Audit (England)(Amendment) Regulations 2006 which was passed on 1st April 2006.  The Audit Commission did not inform them of all the changes made until the beginning of February 2007.  They took steps to produce the Appendix 7 attachment in March and sent it out to Councils with their calling the audit documentation in April 2007.  This is a statutory requirement.


This section was duly completed.


The Clerk noted that it is a requirement for Risk Assessments to be completed to ensure that the council has considered all the risks it faces, both financially and otherwise.  Risk Assessments should be carried out annually or whenever there are significant changes to the Council.


RESOLVED that having completed the Annual Governance Statement on the Annual Return, Ingleby Barwick Town Council has duly carried out its annual Risk Assessment, hence complying with this requirement.





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RESOLVED that the Town Council approves the information provided in Section 2, the Chairman signed the document accordingly.  The Clerk to submit a covering letter in relation to item 6.


(iii) Section 3 – External Auditor’s Certificate and Opinion – to be completed by the External Auditor.


(iv) Section 4 – Annual Report by Internal Auditor – it was noted that the independent internal audit of the Town Council’s accounts for the financial year ending 31st March 2007 was undertaken by Mr P. Joiner, Clerk to Preston Parish Council.  Section 4 has been duly completed by Mr Joiner, signed and dated accordingly.


An explanation to be submitted for the ‘n/a’ response in Point F, reviewing petty cash records.  It is noted that the Town Council does not hold petty cash; all financial transactions are carried out using the cheque book.


RESOLVED that the Clerk forwards the completed Annual Return and additional information required, to BDO Stoy Hayward by 3rd August 2007.


(c) Accounts due for Payment.


The Clerk noted receipt of the following:


RBS Software Solutions – Purchase of Financial Director ALPHA, Onsite Installation/Training 21st June 2007                                                                        £     522.88


Rok – Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension, Valuation Nr 1                     £26,014.43


The Clerk informed that she is currently liaising with Sure Start for release of the finance to make the interim payment to Rok.


RESOLVED that the Town Council approves payment of the invoices.  The Clerk to make the appropriate arrangements to pay Rok on receipt of the finance from Sure Start.


66. DPD3 YARM AND EAGLESCLIFFE AREA ACTION PLAN - Report Back from Pre-Consultation Meeting on 22nd May 2007.


Councillor Mrs Machin gave a brief report on the meeting.  It was noted that as per the Statement of Community Involvement, Area Action Plans are produced when there are significant changes and conservation issues.




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67. STOCKTON-ON-TEES BOROUGH COUNCIL, EASTERN AREA TRANSPORT STRATEGY 2007/08 - Report Back from Stakeholder Meeting on 24th May 2007.


Councillor Mrs Machin informed that she had represented the Town Council at the meeting.  Councillor T.W. Bowman also attended in his capacity as the Town Council’s representative on the Eastern Area Partnership Board.


A presentation was made to the meeting with regard to a review of previously identified priorities, progress to date, together with options for the current financial year 2007/08.


Despite a 12% drop in funding for the capital programme, this years Eastern ATS allocation of funding has risen to £25,000.


Comment was made by a representative from Village Park Residents Association (VPRA) with regard to the perceived bias on last years programme in favour of Ingleby Barwick schemes.


A query is to be made to Planning in respect of the provision of a link under Surtees and Tees Bridges conditioned to nearby development.


Cycling Bid – a talk was given to the meeting with regard to initial plans and costings.  It was stressed that final designs have not been agreed.


Small Environmental Improvements – it was brought to the meetings attention that funding is now available with regard to small environmental improvements – this can be linked to ATS funding allocations where it can be shown to add value.


A meeting was requested between the Tees Heritage Park and involved Council departments to discuss Connect 2.


Proposals for 2007/08


After discussion the following projects were agreed with regard to this years spend allocation:-


            -           Millbank Road area – review                                   £3k - £5k

            -           Teesdale Footpath                                                   £7k

            -           SIDS

                        -           Thornaby Road (2 sites)

                        -           Blair Avenue

                        -           Beckfields Avenue                                        £13k - £15k




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68. EASTER AREA PARTNERSHIP BOARD – Report Back from Meetings on 5th/27th June 2007.


Councillor Mrs Machin informed that the main item of interest was the Youth Cafι issue.


Consultation is currently in progress, with local schools/school councils being asked for their views.  A copy of the outcome of the consultation has been requested.


It was noted that funding will be allocated in the near future.









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