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Chairman/Town Mayor: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: W. Feldon;


Councillors: Mrs G. Corr, A. Graham, Mrs E.M. Harrington, Mrs J.P. Kirby, Mrs S. Larkin, J. Myers;


Ward Councillors:


Ingleby Barwick East        D. Harrington;


Ingleby Barwick West       R. Patterson;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


No Members of the Public were present at the meeting.




Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors T.W. Bowman, Ms A. Hailes, Mrs J. White and D. Sanderson.




Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as he is a school governor at St. Francis of Assisi CofE Primary School:


Agenda item no. 4                          -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillor Mrs E. Harrington declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at Ingleby Mill Primary School:


Agenda item no. 4                          -           Building Schools for the Future.



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Councillor Mrs I. Machin declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at St. Therese of Lisieux RC Primary School:


Agenda item no. 4                          -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillor Mrs J. Kirby declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at Myton Park Primary School:


Agenda item no. 4                          -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillors W. Feldon, Mrs I. Machin and J. Myers stated that they represent the Town Council on the Community Hall Management Committee.  If during agenda item no. 5 when finance is to be discussed the Community Hall is raised they would declare an appropriate interest. 


No further interests were declared.




No members of the public were present at the meeting.


The following two matters were raised:


Lowfields Avenue/Broom Hill and Beckfields Avenue, Safe Crossing Points

The Clerk informed that she had been advised by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.) that the Speed Indicator Device (SID) proposed to be sited on Barwick Way was found not to be feasible.  S.B.C. have received suggested alternatives.  S.B.C. have requested the Town Council’s comments on the matter in view of the previous request for the studies into safe crossing points at both Lowfields Avenue and Beckfields Avenue.


A discussion took place on the matter.


RESOLVED that the Clerk informs S.B.C. that Town Council Members are in general agreement that the crossing studies be pursued in place of the SID which cannot be sited at the suggested location on Barwick Way


Ward Councillor D. Harrington also expressed his verbal consent on the matter.


The Clerk to advise S.B.C. that prior to this matter being progressed the Town Council would suggest that they ascertain the written agreement of all interested parties.



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Seamer Wind Farm

It was noted that the members of the Action Group set up to oppose the Seamer Wind Farm had attended the Ward Councillors recent Ward Surgery to air their views.  It was suggested that the Group be invited to a future Town Council meeting.




This item was moved to the bottom of the agenda as Ward Councillor R. Patterson was not present at the meeting at this point.




(a) End of Year Accounts for the Financial Year 2007/2008.


The Clerk advised Members that the threshold for preparing the end of year accounts on an Income and Expenditure basis is £200,000; therefore this year’s accounts had been prepared on a Receipts and Payments basis.


The year-end Accounts for the financial year 2007/2008 which had been prepared on a Receipts and Payments basis, where laid before the Town Council for approval.  The balance at 31st March 2008 is £ 26,324.46.


RESOLVED that the Accounts be approved and were signed by the Chairman of the Town Council accordingly.


(b) BDO Stoy Hayward LLP - Annual Return 2007/2008.


The Clerk confirmed that 1st August 2008 is the appointed date on or after which interested parties and local electors for Ingleby Barwick may exercise their rights under the Accounts and Audit (Amendment) Regulations 2006 and the Audit Commission Act 1998; in respect the accounts of Ingleby Barwick Town Council for the financial year ending on 31st March 2008.


The Clerk informed that she has displayed the Notice advertising the audit, as required.   A copy of the ‘Summary of Your Rights’ information is also displayed.


It is noted that the records are to be made available for inspection from 30th June 2008 to 25th July 2008.


The Clerk outlined the requirements for completion of the Annual Return.





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It was noted that there have been a number of amendments to the annual return which are as follows:


  • The checklist has moved from page 1 to page 6
  • Page 1 – confirms the deadline for approving the annual return has moved forward to the 31st July 2008
  • Section 1 – Trust funds disclosure note has changed from a memo item to box number 11, and requires an answer for both this year and last year
  • Section 2 – Trust funds assurance box is now a numbered question, question number 9
  • Section 4 – A new test has been added for the internal auditor to confirm that the local council have met their responsibilities as a trustee


The Clerk informed that Council’s with income or expenditure greater than £200,000 must complete an intermediate audit questionnaire as part of the submission for audit.

The intermediate audit is undertaken to obtain audit evidence, where additional risk is identified relating to those, with higher levels of activity or expenditure or if selected as part of a sample of 5% of basic audits.


The Clerk stated that as previously reported to Members, Ingleby Barwick Town Council has once again been randomly selected to receive the intermediate audit questionnaire as part of the 5% sample.  A copy of the questionnaire was provided to Members and a discussion took place on the information which is required by BDO Stoy Hayward.


(i) Section 1 – The Statement of Accounts


The Clerk informed that as the Council is below the threshold for income and expenditure accounting the Annual Return is presented in the receipts and payments format. 


This section was duly completed using the receipts and payments figures from the year-end accounts.


The Clerk noted that the Town Council is required to submit to the auditor a brief explanation of significant variations from last year to this in Section 1; and bank reconciliation as at 31st March 2008.


RESOLVED that the Town Council approves Section 1 of the Annual Return, including the corresponding explanations and bank reconciliation.  The Chairman signed Section 1 of the Annual Return accordingly.





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(ii) Section 2 – Annual Governance Statement


The Clerk noted the requirement in number 6 which requires Councils to have maintained throughout the year an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the council’s accounting records and control systems and carried out a review of its effectiveness.


This section was duly completed.


RESOLVED that the Town Council approves the information provided in Section 2 of the Annual Return, the Chairman signed the document accordingly. 


(iii) Section 3 – External Auditor’s Certificate and Opinion


To be completed by the External Auditor.


(iv) Section 4 – Annual Report by Internal Auditor


The Clerk informed that the Town Council has an arrangement in place with neighbouring local Council’s Egglescliffe, Preston and newly joined Billingham whereby the Clerk’s carry out the internal audits.  It was noted that the same Clerk should not carry out the internal audit for more than two successive years for any Council.  In addition, the Internal Auditor shall not be from a Council audited by this Council’s Clerk in the same financial year.


The Clerk informed that Ingleby Barwick Town Council’s accounts were due to be audited by Mr P. Joiner, Clerk to Preston Parish Council however Mr Joiner had not been able to carry out the internal audit in the required timescale, due to work commitments.


It was noted therefore that the independent internal audit of the Town Council’s accounts for the financial year ending 31st March 2008 was undertaken by Mrs H. Rennison, Clerk to Egglescliffe Parish Council.  Section 4 has been duly completed by Mrs Rennison, signed and dated accordingly.  An explanation to be submitted for the ‘n/a’ response in Point F, reviewing petty cash records.  It was noted that the Town Council does not hold petty cash.


The Clerk provided Members with a copy of the Internal Audit Report provided by Mrs Rennison confirming that she has recently completed an Internal Audit on Ingleby Barwick Town Council’s accounts.  The Audit was based on the ten key control tests recommended in the 2003 edition of the Practitioners’ Guide to Governance and Accountability in Local Councils in England and Wales.



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The report states that the Council’s accounts were found to be in excellent order and no issues required attention at this time.


It was noted that the Council had carried out a revision of its Standing Orders and Financial Regulations in April 2007.


A scan of the minutes identified unusual expenditure of £ 77,821 for extensions to the Community Hall.


The only significant variance from budget was for the Insurance premium which was

£ 167.00 over budget.


The Clerk noted that as the Town Council are custodian trustees of the Community Hall they had agreed to lead the project of an extension to the Community Hall in 2007/2008.  Various groups contributed to the project and the Town Council also made a small contribution.  This therefore explains the unusual expenditure highlighted when the internal auditor scanned the Council’s minutes.


In respect of the Insurance premium Allianz had provided the Town Council with a renewal schedule for 2007/2008 which was considerably higher than anticipated.  The Town Council questioned the rise and also advised Allianz of our increased population given the growing size of the development, which moved the Town Council into the next insurance band.  It was noted that Allianz were going to increase the policy by in excess of £1,000 to cover the additional population.  Allianz were informed that although Ingleby Barwick has a high population, in respect of the Town Council’s liabilities they have limited risks, as they do not own/maintain any play areas, skate parks etc.


The Town Council disputed both the increased costs in respect of population and the increased renewal premium for 2007/2008.


Allianz eventually agreed to increase the population at no extra cost and reduce the original renewal fee to keep the Town Council’s custom.  However, the amount was still higher than anticipated hence the variance from budget.


RESOLVED that the Clerk responds to Mrs Rennison providing the above information.  The Clerk to pay the invoice in respect of the internal audit totaling £ 35.00.


RESOLVED that the Clerk forwards the completed Annual Return and additional information required, to BDO Stoy Hayward by 1st August 2008.





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(c) Annual Risk Assessment

The Clerk noted that it is a requirement for Risk Assessments to be completed to ensure that the council has considered all the risks it faces, both financially and otherwise.  Risk Assessments should be carried out annually or whenever there are significant changes to the Council.


RESOLVED that having completed Section 2 of the Annual Return ‘Annual Governance Statement’ Ingleby Barwick Town Council has duly carried out its annual Risk Assessment, hence complying with this requirement.


(d) Account Balances and Accounts due for Payment


The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a total balance including reserves of £ 136,923.16, a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.


The Community Hall Extension Account has a balance of £ 3,350.55, which includes the VAT return on the contributions from Persimmon Homes and the Town Council.


Accounts due for payment


The monthly internet payment to Orange Broadband of £11.99 is collected by direct debit.


Invoice already paid by the Clerk:


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Invoice for

Use of Hall by the Town Council May 2008                                                £      24.37


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in approval with the invoice paid.


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration June 2008;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution June 2008;


            HBS Local Government Pension Scheme - Clerk and Employer

Contribution June 2008;


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th July 2008                                       £     220.00





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Robinson’s – Service costs

September 2006 to 4th April 2008                                                              £     528.14



RBS Software Solutions – Maintenance of Accounts

Package                                                                                                        £       88.12


Mrs H. Rennison – Internal Audit 2007/2008                                             £       35.00


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service 2008/2009 – Quarter 1               £12,621.85




Councillor Patterson informed Members of the guidance which he had obtained in respect of people looking to set up a school.  Reference was made to increased diversity and public need of which we have both.


Councillor Patterson thanked all involved for the time they had committed to the campaign to date.  It was noted that five of the six IBIS Ward Councillors are behind the campaign, however Ward Councillor D. Harrington because of his position on Council Bodies cannot get involved.


It was noted that parents can ask the Local Authority for a new school.


It was suggested that as well as expanding All Saints Secondary School to 900 places a further school of 600 places is required.


It was noted that you would need to do the following:


  • Establish demand
  • Find a site
  • Get support for the proposal


A discussion took place on site availability.


It was noted that the Local Authority would need to be convinced that a new school will promote high standards, choice and diversity.  Having the Local Authority on board with their support would quicken things up.  It could take 5 years to come to fruition. 


Parents would need to be consulted on the matter and their support obtained.


A brief discussion took place on Academies.



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Use of the press and media was highlighted to raise the profile of the campaign.


It was confirmed that Ann Baxter, Corporate Director Children, Education and Social

Care was leaving S.B.C. for a position elsewhere.


Reference was made to the Town Council’s recent vote of no confidence in Councillor Alex Cunningham and S.B.C.’s Education Department.


The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from Mr George Garlick, Chief Executive S.B.C. informing that he has had the minutes of the Ingleby Barwick Town Council meeting of 21/5/2008 passed to him.  Mr Garlick complimented the Clerk on their quality.  He notes that ‘members expressed their concerns in respect of the handling of the BSF issue and the continued negative attitude towards Ingleby Barwick’ and that a vote of no confidence was passed in respect of Cllr. Cunningham and the Council’s Education Department.


Mr Garlick assures Members that there is no negativity whatsoever in relation to Ingleby Barwick within the Council.  On the contrary S.B.C. has strained every sinew for many years to ensure that the people of Ingleby Barwick receive the first class services which they pride themselves in providing.  Over the last ten years the Council’s most significant capital investment has been in the Educational and Transportation infrastructure of Ingleby Barwick.


Accordingly he was concerned that the Town Council had come to these conclusions without having the opportunity to discuss any of these issues with representatives of the Council.  He is aware that since that meeting Cllr Lupton has attended one of your meetings but would also like to offer the attendance of a senior officer from Children’s Services or any other Council Service Group which the Town Council feel would be helpful.


RESOLVED that the Clerk responds to Mr Garlick stating that the Town Council appreciate his concerns and would like to invite him to attend a meeting of the Town Council.  The meeting to take place, if possible, week commencing 21st July 2008.


Councillor R. Patterson confirmed that he would contact Central Government to outline the situation in Ingleby Barwick and to obtain advice on getting a new school.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in support of progressing the provision of a new secondary school for Ingleby Barwick.



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