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The Town Council received the following responses to the items raised for discussion:


  • Queen Elizabeth Way, Potholes – A number of potholes have appeared in the carriageway which need repairing.  When does Stockton Borough Council intend to carry out the maintenance work?

This issue has been forwarded to Care For Your Area to arrange an inspection and appropriate action/repair.

Queen Elizabeth Way is subject to a monthly driven safety inspection and any urgent defects should be picked up routinely.

Highways Network Management is investigating the overall condition of the carriageway for possible inclusion in a future highway maintenance programme.


  • Ingleby Barwick Traffic Study – An update on progress with the Study is requested.

The traffic model has been completed and it indicates that there will be

increasing traffic problems in Ingleby Barwick on completion of the build out of

all those sites with outline planning permission.  At the present time the

developers are aware that S.B.C.'s view is that planning applications for

reserved matters will require the traffic situation to be assessed and addressed,

and are considering their response.  Although developers have indicated a

willingness to work with S.B.C. to resolve these issues.  Given the complex

nature of traffic models it is possible that the model accuracy could be

challenged by the developer, to this end the traffic model is currently being

independently checked, and may require some changes to ensure it is as robust

as possible.


  • All Saints Secondary School Ingleby Barwick, Public Library – When the school is expanded is this an opportunity to provide an enlarged public library?

The expansion of the school would allow the opportunity to consider this proposal in conjunction with relevant stakeholders.

All Saints is in wave 10 of the programme therefore it would be 2015/16 for that development.


RESOLVED that the responses be noted.




The Town Council has received an invitation to the Chief Constables Public Meeting.

It is noted that every day the police have to respond to a wide range of incidents, and an increasing number of people need their help, advice and assistance.



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They appreciate people telling them what they think of the service they provide and helping them to prioritise future policing needs for the area.


At the meeting there will be an opportunity to meet and speak with the Chief Constable, Mr Sean Price, the District Commander, Superintendent Dave Brunskill, and the Chairman of the Police Authority, Councillor Dave McLuckie.


The meeting is to take place on Thursday 25th September 2008 at Stockton Library, Church Road, Stockton-on-Tees, 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.


RESOLVED that Councillor Mrs J. Kirby represents the Town Council at the meeting.




The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from S.B.C. inviting a representative of the Town Council to the second meeting of the Steering Group overseeing the development of the 2008/09 Eastern Area Transport Strategy.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th October 2008 at Bannatyne’s Health Club, Ingleby Barwick commencing at 7 p.m.


The meeting will commence with an update with respect to previously identified priorities in the Eastern Area.


Progress with respect to projects identified from the Eastern Area 2008/09 allocation will then be reported.  Where necessary, re-allocation of the funding may be discussed and agreed through the Chair.


Discussion with regard to consultation on a more formal Area Transport Strategy meeting protocol and the composition of the Steering Group Stakeholders will also take place.


RESOLVED that Councillor Mrs E. Harrington attends the meeting, as the Town Council’s nominated representative on the Steering Group. 


RESOLVED that Councillor T.W. Bowman attends the meeting, as the Town Council’s nominated representative on the Eastern Area Partnership Board.







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The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence informing that The Worshipful the Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees, Councillor John Fletcher, and the Mayoress, Councillor Suzanne Fletcher, are hosting an annual charity event in aid of their nominated charities, Daisy Chain and Justice First.  The event will be held on Friday 6th February 2009 at the Wynyard Rooms, Wynyard Park House, Wynyard, Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, TS22 5TB.


John and Suzanne would like to invite Town Council Members to join them for an exceptional night of entertainment and to request their support.  Dress is black tie, the evening will commence at 7.00 p.m. with dinner and will be followed by top class entertainment and dancing until carriages at 12.00 midnight.


Tables are limited at this exclusive event and reservations are advisable.  A table of 10 is available at £500 or individual tickets at £50.


There are also many other ways in which the Town Council can contribute to the Dinner, perhaps by donating prizes for the auction, envelope draw or fundraising games.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available.


The Clerk informed that the Town Council, if it so wishes, is able to sponsor the charity event and may incur expenditure under section 137(3)(b) of the Local Government Act 1972. 


RESOLVED that the Town Council agrees to sponsor the event to the sum of £50.00, the Clerk to arrange payment accordingly.



The Clerk informed that the Town Council has received an invitation to attend a priority setting event for the Area Partnership Boards, which will take place on Monday 29th September 2008 at the Destiny Centre, Norton from 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.


This meeting will aim to:


·        Provide members with a thematic update for their Area Partnership;

·        Consult Area Partnerships on themes within the Local Area Agreement and Sustainable Community Strategy and indicator areas within each identified theme to agree what to monitor performance on at an Area Partnership level; and



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·        Discuss priority areas for Area Partnership allocations to support the employability agenda.


An agenda for the meeting was attached.


RESOLVED that Councillor T.W. Bowman attends the meeting as the Town Council’s nominated representative on the Eastern Area Partnership Board.




Councillor T.W. Bowman informed that he had attended the meeting on 29th July 2008 and reported on the following points:


  • Momentum: Pathways Healthcare Consultation

This should be complete by end August 2008, and is intended as a new way of providing care to the people of Stockton, Hartlepool and parts of Easington & Sedgefield.  This will involve a new hospital and more community based care within integrated care centres.  These are planned to be in Billingham, Stockton and Yarm using the existing centre in Hartlepool as a model.  Stockton’s is planned to be in Hardwick.

The new hospital will be designed on a 100% single room basis and located at

Wynyard or Wolviston (North or South of the same roundabout).

            Possible problems identified so far are transport, the fact that the area is busy

           now at the morning and afternoon peak times.  Other problems raised in this

meeting were parking charges and TV charges for patients.  They think that the

higher levels of care nearer to homes would reduce the traffic problem.


  • Myplace

Capital Funding of £1 to £5 million exists for world class youth facilities.  Possible locations are the Globe site or the old dairy site on Church Road.  Both in central Stockton where not many youths live.  Plans have to be in by 30th September 2008.  This was on the September 23rd agenda at S.B.C.


At the meeting on 23rd September 2008 amongst the matters discussed by the Partnership were the following issues:


-                      Thornaby Town Centre Redevelopment;

-                      Integrated Service Areas;

-                      Youth Café.





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(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a total balance including reserves of £ 98,683.52, a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.


The balance includes a VAT return for the sum of £ 3,808.29.


The Community Hall Extension Account has a balance of £ 3,350.55, which includes the VAT return on the contributions from Persimmon Homes and the Town Council.


(b) Accounts due for Payment

Monthly internet payment to Orange Broadband of £11.99 is collected by direct debit.


The Clerk reported that the following Accounts have already been paid; they are shown on the financial statement as paid and therefore not included in the balance:


BT Telephone bill dated 17th July 2008                                                      £       98.05


St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Use of Meeting Room

for the Town Council Meeting on 26th June 2008                          £       15.00


Siemens Financial Services Ltd - First Quarter Rental for

Photocopier                                                                                                   £     156.95


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Use of Hall for Town Council

Meetings in July 2008                                                                                   £       24.37


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration September 2008;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution September 2008;


            HBS Local Government Pension Scheme - Clerk and Employer

           Contribution September 2008;


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service 2008/2009 - Quarter 2                £12,621.85


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th October 2008                                 £     220.00


County Training Partnership – Invoice for Chairmanship Training

2 sessions Councillor W. Feldon                                                                £       54.00


RESOLVED that the Town Council confirms its approval of the accounts paid.



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Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/prejudicial interest in respect of reimbursement of the Garden Competition costs which he had incurred.  Councillor Bowman left the meeting room whilst reimbursement of the costs were considered.


RESOLVED that the Town Council approves the following accounts for payment:


Paula M. Hall – Reimbursement of the following:


Postage 21st May to 24th September 2008                                   £        40.18

Mileage 21st May to 24th September 2008                                    £      100.84   

Stationery Costs                                                                               £      116.76   

Photocopies                                                                                      £        15.00

Garden Competition Trophies                                                         £        27.00

Garden Competition Vouchers                                                       £      255.00


Councillor T.W. Bowman – Reimbursement for Garden

Competition Costs Incurred                                                                         £        18.00


Councillor Mrs I. Machin – Reimbursement for Garden

Competition Costs Incurred                                                                         £        10.75


Jacksons Solicitors fees                                                                              £       675.63


(c) S137 Payments, Applications for Funding:


Ingleby Barwick Art Group

Councillor J. Myers stated that he had declared a personal/prejudicial interest in this item as he is a Member of the Art Group.  Under 12 (2) of the Town Council’s Code of Conduct and the Town Council’s Standing Orders, Councillor Myers exercised his right to make representations to the Town Council, answer questions or give evidence relating to this matter.


Councillor Myers outlined the membership of the group, meeting times and subscriptions.


Councillor Myers then left the meeting room whilst the Town Council considered the application for funding.  He did not take any part in making any decision.    


The Town Council considered the application for funding.


The Clerk informed that the letter of application states that the Town Council’s help in the past has been invaluable to the Art Group, in that it has helped them to grow and develop as a group.




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They hope this coming year to invite guest artists to their class as far as funds permit, but they can be very expensive, e.g. Mr Brindley charges £100, but as they gain inspiration and confidence from their expertise, they feel that it is worth it.

They also retain Mr Colley as their regular Mentor, but he has asked if they could raise his fee, which they feel is only fair as it has not changed in the past four and a half years.

A statement of their current bank account was enclosed.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in agreement to provide the Art Group with financial assistance to the sum of £ 250.00, which is to be used towards artist fees as stated in the letter of application.  The Clerk to arrange payment accordingly.


Mencap ‘ The Voice of Learning Disability’

The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from Mencap informing that 1 in 7 children and adults living in the Stockton-on-Tees District are affected by a learning disability.  A learning disability affects the way a person learns, communicates or does some everyday things throughout their life – it does not stop them from achieving a lot in life if they get the right support.

Locally, Mencap helps people with a learning disability to live full, fun and independent lives as a valued member of the community.  Mencap also supports their parents or carers often through some lonely and challenging times.  Their services are tailor-made to the specific need of each community, and vary from taking part in daytime activities and learning essential skills, to gaining experience in the workplace, getting and keeping paid work and helping find the home of their choice.  They also challenge the obstacles that people affected by a learning disability face at every stage of their life.

In Stockton-on-Tees, Mencap is supporting local Mencap groups and societies to provide support and develop campaigns within their local community.  Barbara Taylor is the Community Development Officer for Mencap in North Yorkshire.  Barbara hosts district events where local Mencap groups can access information on a wide range of topics.  By working with local authorities and Learning Disability Partnership Boards they can fight for better healthcare, education and the accessibility of extra carers in the local community.

To provide Mencap services in the Stockton-on-Tees District, they rely on £23,500 from local people and organisations.  They hope that the Town Council will consider making a small donation as it will really make a difference to people in the community affected by a learning disability.


The Town Council considered the information provided.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in agreement to provide Mencap with financial assistance to the sum of £ 50.00.  The Clerk to arrange payment accordingly.



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Planning Schedule


The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications.


(a) Planning Application No. 08/1282/OUT

Proposal: Outline Application for the Erection of Two Storey Extension to Provide Accommodation for Local Police Office.

Location: Greenside Shopping Centre, Ingleby Barwick.


The Town Council considered all of the information and plans provided in respect of planning application no. 08/1282/OUT.


RESOLVED that the Clerk submits the following comments to S.B.C.:


Ingleby Barwick Town Council supports the proposal of the provision of a local police office in Ingleby Barwick; however it is understood that the police have declined the offer.

The Town Council has concerns therefore as to what the unit will be used for.

Concerns are raised in respect of the traffic and parking problems this application could generate if it was used for a purpose other than a police office e.g. food takeaway etc., especially as it is in the close proximity of a primary school.

Litter could also be a problem.


(b) Planning Application No. 08/2742/FUL

Proposal: Revised Application for the Erection of Church and Presbytery together with New Access Road and Associated Car Parking and Boundary Enclosure.

Location: Land Adjacent to St. Therese of Lisieux RC Primary School, Blair Avenue, Ingleby Barwick.


The Town Council considered all of the information and plans provided in respect of planning application no. 08/2742/FUL.


RESOLVED that the Clerk informs S.B.C. that the Town Council has no comments to raise in respect of the proposal.





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RESOLVED that the Town Council’s next article for publication includes the following:


-                      Seamer Wind Farm;

-                      Secondary School Provision, Ingleby Barwick;

-                      Pedestrian Underpass issues;

-                      Traffic Calming – Discussions with Community Engineer;

-                      Attempted Burglaries – Residents to be vigilant.




(a) Copeland Veterinary Surgeons, Ingleby Barwick, Romano ParkReceipt of donation of £100 towards Romano Park.


(b) The Planning Inspectorate, Appeal Decision, Proposed Provision of a 60m Temporary Guyed Wind Monitoring Mast for a Period of 24 Months, Seamer/Hilton – Receipt of notification that the appeal against the refusal of the application by S.B.C. has been allowed.


(c) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Secondary School Provision for Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of correspondence provided by Councillor Ken Lupton, Leader of the Council.


(d) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Register of Interests – Receipt of reminder from Mr Bond that Councillors need to review and, where necessary, update their register of interest details.  Copies of updated forms to be forwarded to S.B.C.


(e) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parking Bays on Sober Hall Avenue, Ingleby Barwick – Following visibility concerns raised by a resident S.B.C. have confirmed the following:


The parking bays on Sober Hall Avenue were requested by the Ward Councillors out of the Small Environmental Improvements Budget. The site was assessed at the time of the request and it was deemed to be feasible.

However, following concerns raised regarding visibility from the uncontrolled crossing point to the post box on Sober Hall Avenue to the west of Hawkridge Close being adversely affected when cars are parked on the new hardstanding area, discussions are being undertaken with Royal Mail to relocate this post box to the west of Penyghent Way where there is another uncontrolled crossing point.


(f) Broadview, Seamer Wind Farm, Planning Application – Receipt of correspondence.



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(g) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers for the meeting on Tuesday 29th July 2008.


(h) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Standards Committee – Receipt of correspondence drawing attention to the agenda for the Standards Committee meeting on Thursday 31st July 2008 which is accessible via S.B.C. website.  In particular item 10 provides more details regarding the new framework for the local assessment of allegations of misconduct against members.


(i) Cleveland Local Councils Association, Co-opting – Receipt of Legal Topic Note relating to co-opting.


(j) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton-on-Tees Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – Receipt of correspondence.


(k) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Local Nature Reserves – Receipt of the following:


  • Minutes of the Meeting on Tuesday 17th June 2008;
  • Agenda for the Meeting on Tuesday 16th September 2008;
  • LNR Officer Update June 2008.


(l) NALC, Westminster Briefing Third Sector Conference 2008 ‘A Thriving and Independent Third Sector: New Opportunities and New Challenges’ – Receipt of notification of forthcoming full day, which will be hosted by The House Magazine on 20th November 2008 in Westminster.  £295 per delegate.


(m) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Highway Network Management Scrutiny Review, Parish and Town Councillors Questionnaire – Receipt of correspondence.


(n) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees’ Annual Charity Dinner – Receipt of correspondence.


(o) Barclays Bank, Interest Rates – Receipt of Annual Statement of Interest Rates.


(p) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan (Draft) Receipt of correspondence.


(q) Stockton-on Tees Borough Council, Parish Liasion Forum, Monday 15th September 2008 at 7.00 p.m., Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-TeesReceipt of notification of meeting.




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(r) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2007-08 – Receipt of a copy of the 2007/08 Annual S.B.C. Scrutiny Report.

Scrutiny enables non-executive Councillors to review decisions, policies and performance that affect the Borough.  Scrutiny is a Councillor-led process which helps to ensure that the Council’s services and policies meet the needs of local people according to the Council’s own aims and standards.  The scrutiny process can also examine local services provided by other public organisations.

It provides the opportunity for Councillors to Champion the issues of local concern to residents and to participate in the development of new policies.  At S.B.C., non-executive Councillors are members of a series of Select Committees and these Committees carry out the bulk of their work through in-depth investigations or ‘scrutiny reviews’.

The report outlines details regarding reviews completed by Select Committees over the 2007/08 municipal year, information relating to their achievements, and details of developments in the scrutiny process over the coming year.  


(s) Stockton Renaissance, Stockton’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2021 and Local Area Agreement 2008-21 – Receipt of letter thanking the Town Council for their hard work and commitment in helping to develop the Sustainable Community Strategy which sets out the vision and ambitions for the Borough from 2008 to 2021.  The strategy has now been published and is available on S.B.C.’s website.


(t) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Invoice for Payment – Receipt of invoice for the sum of £24.37 in respect of the use of the Community Hall by the Town Council for its meetings in July 2008.


(u) Mencap ‘The Voice of Learning Disability’ – Receipt of correspondence.


(v) Ingleby Barwick Library, August Newsletter and Bookheads Review – Receipt of the August Newsletter and Bookheads Review.


(w) County Training Partnership, Chairmanship Training Saturday 30th August 2008Receipt of information for Councillor W. Feldon in respect of the training event on 30th August 2008 at County Hall, Durham.


(x) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Land Owned by Nunthorpe Nurseries Opposite All Saints School, Blair Avenue, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of correspondence further to the meeting with S.B.C.’s Chief Executive on 6th August 2008 attended by Councillor Mrs I. Machin, Councillor W. Feldon and the Clerk.  S.B.C. have confirmed that the site currently has planning permissions for a Children's Nursery, a Nursing Home and Community Centre. 



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Nunthorpe Nurseries, the original owners, have now sold off the site to a gentleman
who builds nursing homes who is currently considering implementing the permission that exists for a 75 bed nursing home. 

(y) A New Secondary School for Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of copies of various correspondence from Ward Councillors to DCSF in respect of the campaign for ‘A New Secondary School for Ingleby Barwick’.


(z) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Community Protection Updates, June and July 2008 – Receipt of ASB and crime stats by ward for June & July 2008.

It is noted that the Police, ASB, Community Safety, Enforcement and Tristar officers named for each ward are the nominated contact officers for that area and did not necessarily complete all the actions carried out in that area.

These are the officers you should contact in relation to any issues of ASB, Community Safety, Enforcement, Crime or Housing in your area.

These figures are also available to view online at http://www.saferstockton.com


ASB Directory of Services link:




Also available online, ‘Crime in Your Area’ – web pages detailing current Community Safety and Neighbourhood Policing priorities, crime and anti-social behaviour levels in each ward and more!




A handy guide on how to navigate these pages is being compiled and will be available soon.


(a1) Elveden Christmas Trees – Information mailing.


(b1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Romano Park, Ingleby Barwick, Suppliers Presentations – Receipt of invitation to attend the ‘Suppliers Presentation’ on Thursday 11th September 2008, 4 pm to 6.15 pm at Whinstone Primary School, Lowfields Avenue, Ingleby Barwick.


(c1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, ‘Spaces for Play’ A Forum for Outdoor Play in Stockton Borough, 15th September 2008 – Receipt of correspondence inviting Members of the Town Council to an event to promote discussion on outdoor play and the future development of play areas and play spaces in the Borough.




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The event included presentations on the latest philosophies and ideas in play provision, government guidance on play and how Stockton can benefit from the latest initiatives.

S.B.C. has secured £1.1 million capital funding through the Department for Children, Schools and Families ‘Fairplay Playbuilder’ programme to invest in play areas and play spaces across the Borough between 2008/9 and 2010/11.

The event was organised in collaboration with Play England, who have been appointed by government to support local authorities in delivering their Playbuilder programmes.


(d1) Cleveland Local Councils Association, Power to the Parishes Conference 2008 – Receipt of correspondence informing that the Isle of Wight Council’s Parish Team wish to invite all councillors, clerks and officers to ‘Power to the Parishes 2008’ conference.  The aim of the event is to raise awareness on national and local issues affecting Parish and Town Councils and to explore key issues affecting parishes through a number of interactive workshops.


(e1) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, Training Programme Winter 2008 – Receipt of training programme,


(f1) Seamer Wind Farm – Receipt of correspondence from Seamer & Hilton Windfarm Action Group (SHWAG), enclosing SHWAG Environmental Impact Assessment Executive Summary and the leaflet delivered to residents giving council contact details.


(g1) Seamer Wind Farm – Receipt of copy of the objection comments submitted by Hilton Parish Council to both S.B.C. and Hambleton District Council.


(h1) Residents Correspondence, Pedestrian Underpasses, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of correspondence.


(i1) Ingleby Barwick Art Group, Request for Grant – Receipt of letter from Ingleby Barwick Art Group applying for a grant from the Town Council.


(j1) Stockton Renaissance, ‘Get Your Priorities Right!’ – Area Partnership Priority Setting Event – Receipt of invitation to a priority setting event for the Area Partnership Boards, which will take place on Monday 29th September 2008 at the Destiny Centre, Norton from 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.


(k1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Myton Way, Ingleby Barwick (Between Blair Avenue and Broom Hill Avenue Roundabouts) Proposed 30 mph Speed Limit – Receipt of correspondence from S.B.C.





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(l1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parish Council Liaison Forum, Monday 15th September 2008 at 7.00 pm, Room E, Education Centre, Junction Road, Norton – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers.


(m1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Eastern Area Transport Strategy 2008/9 Invitation to Second Stakeholder Meeting – Receipt of invitation to the second meeting of the Steering Group overseeing the development of the 2008/9 Eastern Area Transport Strategy.  The meeting is to be held on 14th October 2008 at Bannatyne’s Health Club, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7 p.m.


(n1) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers for the meeting to be held on Tuesday 23rd September 2008.


(o1) Cleveland Police, A Policing Summary from Dave Brunskill Stockton’s District Commander – Receipt of information mailing.


(p1) Stockton News, Summer 2008 – Receipt of magazine.


(q1) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, Notice of AGM – Receipt of notification that the AGM will take place on Wednesday 1st October 2008, 7pm – 9pm at the Oakwood Centre, Cleasby Way, Eaglescliffe, TS16 0RD.

The AGM will be followed by the Calor Tees Valley Village of the Year Awards Ceremony and will conclude at 9 pm with a light buffet.


(r1) Society of Local Council Clerks, Notice of AGM – Receipt of notification that the AGM will take place on Saturday 18th October 2008 at 2.25 pm in the Windsor Room at Wokefield Park, Goodboys Lane, Mortimer, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 3AH.


(s1) Society of Local Council Clerks, ‘The Clerk’ magazine – Receipt of Vol. 40 No.5, September 2008.


(t1) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, ‘Rural News’ – Receipt of Issue 3, 2008.


(u1) Clerks and Councils ‘Direct’ – Receipt of the ‘Direct’ magazine September 2008.


(v1) Glasdon Products – Receipt of information mailing.


(w1) Ramblers’ ‘Walk’ Magazine – Receipt of ‘Walk’ magazine Autumn 2008.


(x1) NALC, LCR September 2008 – Receipt of LCR Magazine September 2008.





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(y1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton News – Receipt of letter informing that the November/December 2008 edition of Stockton News will be delivered to households and businesses on Friday 28th November 2008.  Deadline for receipt of all articles for consideration is no later than 11.00 am on Wednesday 8th October 2008.


(z1) Connect2 Project, Footbridges over the River Leven and River TeesReceipt of response to query in respect of Town Council representation on the steering group. 


(a2) Land to the Frontage and Adjacent to Ingleby Mill Primary School, Windmill Way, Ingleby Barwick – Following concerns raised by the Town Council in respect of the maintenance/grass cutting of the areas, S.B.C.’s Education Asset Manager has informed that Care For Your Area (CYFA) horticultural services have measured the area and will be supplying him with a cost to bring the area up to standard.  It is stated that agreement will be made with CFYA to carry out regular grass cutting in the future.


(b2) Chief Constables Public Meeting – Receipt of invitation to the Chief Constables Public Meeting.


(c2) County Training Partnership, Invoice for two Chairmanship training sessions – Receipt of invoice for the sum of £54.00 in respect of two Chairmanship training sessions attended by Councillor W. Feldon.






The next monthly Meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 15th October 2008 at Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Haresfield Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.






Chairman……………………………..                    Clerk……………………………..





Date…………………………..                                 Date…………………………..