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Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: Councillor W. Feldon;


Councillors: T.W. Bowman, Mrs G. Corr, A. Graham, Ms A. Hailes, D. Sanderson and Mrs J. White;


Ward Councillors:


Ingleby Barwick West       L. Narroway;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Officer - Ms K. Sleightholme;


Mr P. Baker – Borough Councillor, Standards Committee Representative;


Dawn Welsh, Neighbourhood Renewal Manager, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


Mr Garcia, Business Development Manager, Quotes4Charity;


Resident – Beadnell Close, Ingleby Barwick;


2 Members of the public were present at the meeting.




In the absence of the Chairman Councillor Mrs I. Machin, the Vice-Chairman Councillor W. Feldon to Chair the meeting.



Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors Mrs E. Harrington, Mrs J. Kirby, Mrs S. Larkin, Mrs I. Machin and J. Myers.


Apologies for absence were also received from Ward Councillors K. Faulks, D. Harrington (Ingleby Barwick East) and Ward Councillor Ken Dixon (Ingleby Barwick West).



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(a) Introduction of Standards Board Representative Paul Baker

The Chairman introduced Ward Councillor Paul Baker who represents Newtown Ward on Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.).  Mr Baker informed that he is a Member of S.B.C.’s Standards Committee and gave a brief outline of the functions of the Committee.  It was noted that the purpose of his visit was as follows:


-                      to enable Parish Council Members/Clerks and Standards Committee

Members to become familiar with each other’s work;

-                      to discuss any specific issues or concerns which Parish Council/Councillors and Clerks may have about the new code of conduct, or generally about conduct and probity;

-                      to enable Standards Committee Members to observe the Parish Council meeting within the context of the new code and in due course, on the basis of their observations to enable the Standards Committee to feedback to the Clerk any views from the process.


No questions were raised by those attending the meeting.


(b) Declaration of Interests

Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he is a Governor at Whinstone Primary School:


Item No. 8                 -           Building Schools for the Future – Response to Consultation.


Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he is a Governor at St. Francis of Assisi CofE Primary School:


Item No. 8                 -           Building Schools for the Future – Response to Consultation.


No further interests were declared.


(c) Amendment to Standing Orders in respect of 12(2) of the Code of Conduct.

The Clerk circulated to Members a copy of the proposed amendment to the Town Council’s Standing Orders in respect of clause 12(2) which sets out clearly the circumstances whereby members of the public can attend meetings of the authority for the purpose of making representations, giving evidence or answering questions.

This will also allow Councillors with a prejudicial interest to have the same right.





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RESOLVED that the Town Council’s Standing Orders be amended accordingly.



The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point to allow public participation.


No matters were raised, however two of the members of the public attending requested that they be allowed to speak when the Town Council considers agenda item no. 8 Building Schools for the Future – Response to consultation. 

The Chairman agreed to the request.



The Minutes of the Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council held on Wednesday 17th October 2007, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.



No matters arising were raised.



The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from a resident regarding anti-social behaviour problems being experienced in Beadnell Close.  It is suggested that the risk of this continuing could be mitigated for the cul de sac by closing off the pedestrian access leading from Chalfield Close.  This access is for pedestrians only as bollards were installed a number of years ago to stop vehicles cutting through.  The resident has consulted all the residents in Beadnell Close who fully support this action, the small numbers of people who regularly use the pedestrian access have also been asked and they have no objection to the closure as there is an easy alternative route.

It is suggested that other measures could include dispersal orders on the numbers of teenagers who gather in large numbers around the Beckfields shopping area and the Ingleby Barwick underpasses, as this is very intimidating for anyone who needs to walk passed these gangs. 

It is noted that the Police and Community Wardens are doing a brilliant job, nevertheless there should be more of them and further Police presence to prevent the estate deteriorating to a point where people want to move away.

The Town Council’s assistance is requested to remedy the situation.





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The resident concerned was in attendance at the meeting.  It was confirmed that the Clerk had been provided with copies of letters signed by each of the properties in Beadnell Close supporting the proposal to close off the pedestrian access.  It was noted that two properties are currently unoccupied.


The Chairman invited the resident to address the meeting and outline the problem concerned.  The resident gave an account of the problem and how it had been dealt with to date.


It was noted that both the Police and Enforcement have been involved with the matter.


A general discussion took place on how to resolve the situation.


Councillor Narroway stated that he would inform the Ward Councillors for Ingleby Barwick East of the problems being experienced.


It was noted that there is a strict procedure for the closing of footpaths.


RESOLVED that the Clerk arrange a site meeting with the resident.  The meeting to be attended by Councillors W. Feldon, D. Sanderson, PC K. Stockley and Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Officer.   



The Chairman introduced Dawn Welsh, Neighbourhood Renewal Manager from S.B.C., who briefly outlined the work of her section within the Council.  Ms Welsh gave a brief presentation on best practice local action planning and informed that her small team works with residents and service providers to ascertain priorities, mainly in deprived areas.


It was noted that the same approach could be extended to our area, consulting the community in various ways including door knocking and public events.  However, as Ingleby Barwick does not come under the classification of a deprived area, funding would be needed from the Town Council to employ someone to do the work.


Concerns were raised that although Ingleby Barwick is not a deprived area as such, it is still deprived in respect of facilities of which we have very few.  S.B.C. should therefore provide the funding as it raises £7.1 million from the estate in Council tax.


Councillor Narroway introduced Mr Garcia, Business Development Manager, Quotes4Charity.  Mr Garcia informed that Quotes4Charity is a Community Interest Company (CIC’s) and their aim is to provide financial services for thoughtful people.    



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Mr Garcia gave a brief presentation on the workings of the company and noted that every time the service is used, they receive a broker commission from the bank or insurance company for placing the business with them, in the usual manner.  They use this income to cover their running costs, and because they work for the benefit of the community rather than purely for private shareholders, they use the surplus to generate income to charity.


He would have a target figure of between 5% and 10% of the community.  Based on the level of success they have and the momentum they generate, there is no reason why they can’t go further than this. 


1 in 7 Uk home owners will review their mortgage status during the year.  In Ingleby Barwick that figure probably is 1 in 4.  This includes new purchases.  Mr Garcia gave a rough guide to the possible income which could be generated for use of the community.


Mr Garcia was thanked for the information.


It was noted that there has been limited take up in the Borough in respect of CIC’s.


It was confirmed that the current funding received by the Local Actions Plans team was mainly constrained to deprivation areas, although some limited assistance could be given to other areas.


Ms Welsh noted that she would be happy to meet with Members to discuss the matter further, in the future, if they so wished.


The Chairman thanked Mr Garcia and Ms Welsh for their attendance at the meeting.



The Clerk reported receipt of 217 responses in respect of the Town Council’s consultation on secondary school provision in Ingleby Barwick.  Councillors stood outside each of the six primary schools distributing the leaflets during the course of week commencing 5th November 2007.  Parents were asked to answer Yes or No to the following question:


Do you want Ingleby Barwick to have sufficient secondary school provision for all its own children?


215 responded saying Yes with only 2 saying No.




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It was noted that the public consultation meeting held at All Saints Secondary School on 20th November 2007 had been well attended, with some very vocal residents putting their points forward.  Councillor W. Feldon had been given the opportunity to speak first and gave a very informed and detailed speech on the requirements of Ingleby Barwick.


He informed S.B.C. that the Town Council is bitterly disappointed with the consultation booklet issued by them called ‘Future Learning’.  The proposals in the booklet are far from exciting as far as the education of the children in Ingleby Barwick are concerned.  The proposals are not good enough for Ingleby Barwick, the largest private housing estate in Europe.  Ingleby Barwick should be a show place for the rest of Europe to follow.


A general discussion took place on the matter in respect of the options being put forward for Stockton South which are totally unsatisfactory.  The two residents present were allowed to input into the discussion as agreed earlier in the meeting.


RESOLVED that the Town Council’s response be based on the points made by Councillor W. Feldon at the consultation meeting held on 20th November 2007.  The Clerk to respond to S.B.C. accordingly stating that the options currently being put forward for South Stockton are NOT acceptable.  INGLEBY BARWICK MUST HAVE ANOTHER SECONDARY SCHOOL.  If Ingleby Barwick does not meet the criteria in respect of the Government’s restraints, then S.B.C. must take the lead and go back to the Government to explain its special needs given the circumstances.     


The Chairman thanked all concerned for their efforts.



The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from S.B.C. informing that Stockton Council’s Arts, Leisure and Culture Select Committee is currently undertaking a review of the leisure facilities currently available on and around the River Tees.  The main aim of the review is to make sure that everything possible is being done to promote the river as a leisure destination for residents and visitors from elsewhere.


The main issues for the review are as follows:


-                      What can be done to generate more use of the river and encourage growth for business, leisure and tourism?

-                      Identifying levels of existing use and by whom, particular amongst Stockton residents

-                      What growth has there been over the last 5 years?

-                      Are there any barriers preventing/deterring greater use of the river?



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-                      How do the Borough’s residents view the river and its potential?

-                      Is best use being made of what is clean, international standard, 13 mile stretch from Low Worsall to the Tees Barrage?

-                      Ensuring that Stockton is best placed to benefit from potential opportunities emanating from the period leading up to the 2012 Olympics


As part of the process the Committee would like to hear from Parish and Town Councils in order to identify local issues which are relevant to the review.  Comments are requested by 21st December 2007.


A general discussion took place on the matter.


RESOLVED that the Town Council submits the following comments:


The River Tees provides a very good and popular fishing facility.  What efforts are being made to ensure that there are sufficient fish in the river i.e. is the level of fish monitored to ensure a plentiful supply?



The Clerk informed that she is awaiting receipt of both the amended SLA and a date for Members to visit Stockton Security Centre from S.B.C.


It was noted that the Town Council is carrying out a public consultation exercise to ascertain the views of residents on the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service prior to setting the budget for 2008/2009 in January 2008.


The Chairman introduced Ms Sleightholme, Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Officer present at the meeting.


Ms Sleighholme outlined the problems which Enforcement have been dealing with and noted that she is currently undertaking foot patrols pending passing her cycling proficiency, as well as using the CCTV Enforcement vehicle.  The second officer S. Duffield uses the cycle regularly to monitor the area.


It was noted that dog fouling is a big problem in Ingleby Barwick and the Enforcement Officers have been targeting areas as well as talking to dog owners.


The shopping areas are still an attraction to the youths, with quite large groups having to be dispersed/moved on regularly.


It was noted that the majority of kids are okay and do not misbehave, however the size of the groups can be intimidating.



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It was noted that the Army Cadets are looking to use the Community Hall extension from January 2008 which will provide another facility for the youths.


It was questioned as to whether S.B.C. have arranged for any advertising posters for the Enforcement Service.  Ms Sleightholme to check and report back to the Town Council.


The Enforcement Officer was thanked for her attendance.



The Clerk informed that she had responded to S.B.C. requesting that they provide a more explicit breakdown of the costs which are more specific.  The Clerk also requested that if possible, a comparison be provided in relation to other areas in the Borough, possibly one affluent area and one deprived area.  Given the size of Ingleby Barwick this may need to be two areas combined.


A reply has been received from S.B.C. stating that after referring the matter back to their accountancy teams, it has been calculated that approximately 28.5 hours have been dedicated to collating this information, which exceeds the 18 hour cost ceiling that applies to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.  With this in mind it would suggest that the further comparative analysis that the Town Council has requested would require similar time to be expended for each area. As they have previously mentioned, S.B.C. does not hold information, organised in geographical areas and there is no simple way to extract this information from their systems. S.B.C. has therefore regretfully declined to provide the further information on the basis of the time required to produce it.

It is hoped that the Town Council understand and accept the basis for this decision.


The Clerk circulated the information to Members of the Town Council.


The information states the following:


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Development (street lighting, traffic mgt, etc                      £ 664,113


Method of Apportionment

Mainly the number of households, population, number of patrols for School Crossing, named schemes for structural maintenance and number of columns for street lighting.


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

LTP (Capital)                                                                         £ 223,518



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Method of Apportionment

Named Schemes


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Direct Services                                                                     £ 879,694


Method of Apportionment

Refuse collection and kerbside recycling based on the number of rounds, street cleansing on employee costs, grounds maintenance on work undertaken, with remaining services apportioned on population.


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Schools (Revenue)                                                               £ 7,911,295


Method of Apportionment

Number of full time equivalent pupils.


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Schools (Capital)                                                                  £ 769,698


Method of Apportionment

Named Schemes.


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Libraries                                                                                 £ 84,770


Method of Apportionment

Direct cost of provision.


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Childrens Social Care                                                          £ 1,202,807


Method of Apportionment

Population basis – under 18 years old.


Service                                                                                  Ingleby Barwick

Adult Services                                                                       £ 2,676,645


Method of Apportionment

Population basis – over 18 years old.


TOTAL (includes Revenue and Capital)                       £ 14,412,540



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The Clerk has raised the following queries with S.B.C. in respect of the information provided:


-                      How is education financed, with particular regard to Schools (Revenue) i.e. what proportion comes from Central Government as opposed to the Council Tax?

-                      Schools (Capital) - what are the named schemes?

-                      Libraries, why is this plural as Ingleby Barwick only has one which is linked to All Saints Secondary School.


A response is awaited from S.B.C.



The Clerk reported receipt of a response from S.B.C. enclosing a copy of the notes distributed at the Parish Clerks’ Meeting held on 13th February 2007.

They draw attention specifically to paragraph 7 which relates to potential election costs.  Actual costs were not specified at that time; however, all areas of potential costs were highlighted.  Indeed costs for Presiding Officers and Poll Clerk alone could be estimated from this information at £1,922.03 without any other potential costs.

They did not receive, at any time, a request from Ingleby Barwick Town Council to estimate election costs based on their circumstances and again they refer to minute no. 175 of the Town Council’s meeting held on 21st February 2007 where the Clerk gives feedback from the Parish Clerks’ Meeting of 13th February and it was noted that costs, if the Parish Council did go to an election, may be more than anticipated.

All fees paid complied with the election fees as agreed by the Tees Valley Chief Executive and Tees Valley Lawyers Group which they discussed at the meeting on 17th September 2007 and a detailed breakdown for the election was provided.

Total Expenditure on the 2007 Election was £214k.

It is noted that invoice no. 956821 remains part paid, they would propose that the Town Council pays £1,000 from the reserves by return, followed by the balance on receipt of the 2008/09 precept.


The Clerk reported back on the advice she had received from NALC which states as follows:


It is confirmed that the cost of holding a local council election is paid by the local council if the principal authority so require. Pursuant to section 36 (3B) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 where a local council election is combined with a principal council election the cost of the combined polls (excluding the costs attributable solely to one election) is apportioned equally between the elections.


Prima facie therefore the Borough Council is acting correctly.



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If the Town Council has not already done they suggest that it asks the Borough Council for a full breakdown of the sum of £12,021.28 to satisfy itself that any/all costs which were attributable solely to the Borough Council election have been excluded.


Assuming that the sum of £12,021.28 is the cost of the combined elections then as the Town Council did not budget for that level of expenditure they recommend it liaises with the Borough Council to make arrangements to pay the balance by instalments, or to try and defer payment until receipt of the precept for 2008/09.


RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks legal advice from a local law firm to ascertain where the Town Council stands in respect of the matter.


RESOLVED that the Clerk requests a breakdown of the election costs for May 1999, September 2000 and May 2003 in order that they have a comparison with the costs incurred at the May 2007 election.  A reminder to also be given that the Town Council still awaits the more detailed information requested in respect of the May 2007 election i.e. clerical/management costs and postal vote staffing costs.



RESOLVED that the Town Council submits the following two items for consideration at the Parish Liaison Forum on 17th December 2007:


  • Secondary School Provision, Ingleby Barwick – Concerns are raised that Stockton Borough Council intends to plant trees on the land at the rear of All Saints Secondary School (Romano Park), which seems to be premature given that the Council are still considering options in respect of Building Schools for the Future.


  • Election Costs May 2007 – The election costs incurred by the Town Council for May 2007 have increased dramatically on those incurred in previous elections.  Can the Borough Council provide an explanation in respect of the significant variation?



It was noted that 4 Vehicle Activated Signs (VACTS) are to be installed.  It was discussed at the meeting that funds could be better spent by installing one of the VACTS on Cunningham Drive instead of the originally proposed location on Thornaby Road at TIB’s (Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club Ground), which apparently would have been used part-time only.



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All 4 of the signs will display a 30 mph roundel with ‘SLOW DOWN’ text and will be powered from existing lamp columns, the signs are 1160mm x 640mm and weigh 28kg.


Two of the VACTS will be located in Thornaby and two in Ingleby Barwick.



Councillor W. Feldon informed that he had attended the Neighbourhood Policing Consultation meeting on 15th November 2007.  He presented the following report to the meeting:


The Police have apprehended a criminal who has caused many problems in the area and has been responsible for a number of house burglaries which he carried out with his accomplice.  The house when searched was like an Aladdin’s cave.  The same person was responsible for crashing a car into one of the electricity sub stations causing power cuts in the Lowfields area for one week. 

There were a lot of problems around mischief night and bonfire night which have distorted the crime figures.

Scrap metal thefts are still high.

There is a lot of crime around the river area e.g. house burglaries with people crossing the river in boats and on a raft.  Concerns were also raised about people jumping into the river off the pipe bridge.


It was noted that there is to be a meeting with Tesco, Ingleby Barwick on 28th November 2007.


RESOLVED that the Clerk find out details of the meeting and ascertain if Members of the Town Council are invited to attend.



The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from Arup North-East referring to the consultation exercise that they undertook for the Low Lane Safety Scheme and Ingleby Barwick Town Council’s request for street lighting on Leven Bank itself.  At the time, they informed that this would not be added to the scheme but on further review and on the back of the new access being provided for the new housing development at the bottom of Leven Bank, a decision has been taken to continue the street lighting from this access and up the bank to tie in with the street lights being installed as part of the safety scheme at the Fox Covert.  Therefore, street lighting will be installed on Leven Bank to the north of the River Leven, as the Town Council requested.

As a further update, during the detailed design they have also been able to increase the width of the right turn lane into Hilton Lane from 2m up to 2.5m. 



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This issue was raised a number of times during the consultation.  This increase in width will afford added protection to right turning vehicles which, along with the speed limit reduction, will bring considerable improvements to the junction.  Two plans were attached which show the updated layout, including the proposed signing for the scheme.



The Clerk provided Members with the following information in respect of the costs to provide a Christmas tree at the entrance into Myton Road:


Installation of base                                        £ 2,827.00 – price provided by S.B.C.

Associated electrical works             £    600.00 – price provided by S.B.C.


Xmas Tree – 25ft                                         £    168.00

                        30 ft                                        £    269.00

Delivery                                                         £      30.00

Dismantle                                                     £      50.00 – price provided by Maynards



Erection                                                          £     180.00

Inspection                                                       £     200.00 (5 visits x £40/visit) – price

                                                                                    provided by Cleveland Land



The overall costs would therefore be as follows:


25ft Tree                                                        £  4,055.00

30ft Tree                                                        £  4,156.00


RESOLVED that as the cost to provide the Christmas tree base and associated electrical works is quite expensive and given the unforeseen increased costs of the election held in May 2007 which the Town Council is currently disputing with the Borough Council, the Town Council cannot justify the expenditure at this point in time.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact S.B.C. to ascertain if they would provide the tree base and associated electrical works.


RESOLVED that the possibility of planting a ‘living’ Christmas tree be progressed






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The Clerk informed that the public notice has been displayed stating that it is the Town Council’s intention to pass a statutory resolution in respect of the Clerk Paula Hall becoming a contributory member of the Local Government Pension Scheme at this meeting.


No comments have been received.


RESOLVED that this resolution specifies the Clerk Paula Hall as being eligible for membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme in accordance with regulations 4(5) of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 1997 or any such legislation that may supersede this regulation.


RESOLVED that the Clerk informs HBS, who administer the Teesside Pension Fund on behalf of Middlesbrough Council, accordingly.  The Clerk to take advice on the necessary procedure to implement the above.



(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a total balance including reserves of £ 66,591.70 a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.


It was noted that the cheque for the sum of £4,000 towards the election costs has not yet been presented at the bank and is still held in the Town Council’s accounts but not included in the balance.


The two grants approved at the meeting on 17th October 2007 are also still held in the Town Council’s bank account pending payment but not included in the balance.


The payment of £48.00 for the purchase of Charles Arnold Baker: Local Council Administration Seventh Edition is pending payment and still included in the balance.


(b) Accounts due for Payment

Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/prejudicial interest in this item and left the meeting room whilst Members considered the payment of reimbursement of the Garden Competition expenses to Councillor T.W. Bowman.


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:


Councillor T.W. Bowman – Reimbursement for

Garden Competition Expenses                                                       £      31.00




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Monthly internet payment to Orange of £14.99 is collected by direct debit.

(Changing to £11.99 Broadband December 2007)


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration November 2007

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution November 2007


Reimbursement to Clerk for the following:


BT Telephone Bill dated 17th October 2007                      £    102.73


            Stationery Cost up to 31st September 2007                      £    297.37


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th January 2008                     £    220.00


St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Use of Hall

for Town Council Meeting October 2007 and use of

Meeting Room October 2007                                                          £      52.50


Autopress, Printing of Leaflets                                                        £      72.00


BDO Stoy Hayward, Annual Return 06/07                         £    646.25



(c) Annual Return 2006/2007

BDO Stoy Hayward LLP, Ingleby Barwick Town Council, Audit for the Year Ended 31st March 2007

The Clerk reported receipt of the following:


-                      Fee Note

Invoice for the sum of £550.00 plus VAT totaling £646.25

-                      Notice of Conclusion of Audit

-                      Notes Regarding the Advertisement of the Conclusion of the Audit

-                      Annual Return

External Auditor’s Report – On the basis of their review, in their opinion the information contained in the annual return is in accordance with the Audit Commission’s requirements and no matters have come to their attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.

            -           Issues Arising from the Audit

The following matters have been raised to draw items to the attention of Ingleby Barwick Town Council.  These matters came to the attention of BDO Stoy Hayward LLP during the audit of the annual return for the year ended 31st March 2007.



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The following issues have been raised to assist the Council in improving their internal controls or working practices.  The Council is recommended to consider these but is under no statutory obligation to act upon them.

Review of effectiveness of internal audit

Weakness Identified – The Council did not review the effectiveness of the internal audit.

Impact on the Council – The Accounts and Audit (Amendment)(England) Regulations 2006, regulation 6(3) is an explicit requirement for authorities to conduct a review at least annually of the effectiveness of its system of internal audit.

Recommendation – The council should ensure a review of the effectiveness of the internal audit is undertaken at least annually and minuted as such during the year ended 31st March, this review is recommended to be undertaken when reviewing the risk assessment.


The Clerk noted the new requirement in number 6 of the Annual Governance Statement requires Councils to have carried out a review of the effectiveness of the system of internal audit over the year.


The Clerk informed that she had raised the matter with BDO Stoy Hayward on receipt of the Annual Return, who informed that they were not made aware of this requirement until after the year end and informed all councils as soon as they became aware of the regulation.  It was included in the Accounts and Audit (England)(Amendment) Regulations 2006 which was passed on 1st April 2006.  The Audit Commission did not inform them of all the changes made until the beginning of February 2007.  They took steps to produce the Appendix 7 attachment in March and sent it out to Councils with their calling the audit documentation in April 2007.  This is a statutory requirement.


The Clerk had submitted a covering note to BDO Stoy Hayward in relation to item no. 6 of the Annual Governance Statement when submitting the Annual Return.


The following issues have been raised to assist readers of the annual return.  They require no action to be taken by the Council.

Change in Accounting Basis

Weakness Identified – The comparative figures disclosed in Section 1 of the Annual Return do not agree to the audited Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2006.







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Impact on the Council – The comparative figures for the year ended 31st March 2006 were restated as the Council had changed their basis of accounting.  They have reviewed the adjustments made and they are satisfied that they are correct.

Recommendation – N/A


No other matters came to their attention.


The Annual Return was presented to the Town Council now that the audit opinion has been given.


RESOLVED that the Annual Return be Approved and Accepted by Ingleby Barwick Town Council.


RESOLVED that the Town Council undertakes a review of the effectiveness of its system of internal audit during the financial year 2007/2008.


(d) Maltby Cricket Club.

The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from Maltby Cricket Club confirming in writing as requested that the Town Council’s financial contribution to the Club was used for the required purpose and the nets are available for inspection if required.

A copy of their accounts to the year end 31st December 2006 were provided.  The accounts are not formally audited but are independently reviewed by a former club member.

When a representative from the Club last spoke to the Town Council they outlined the Club’s ambitious plans for the 2008 season including the purchase of the field at the rear of the ground for cricket and junior rugby union.  They have approached the land owner who is not keen to sell, however they have not given up on the idea.

The Club’s 2008 development plan includes the following:


New Garage                                                  5,000

Pavilion Extension                                        7,000

New Entrance Wall and Gates                 12,000

New Scorebox                                              7,500



They are currently approaching the Northern Rock Foundation and Tees Valley Community Foundation for funding but wonder if the Town Council is again willing to help them on their way.


RESOLVED that the Town Council considers this matter when setting its budget for 2008/2009 in January 2008.



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Street Furniture – Dog Bins.

Nothing further to report.


Tree Planting

The Clerk noted receipt of correspondence from S.B.C. providing plans for this season’s tree planting proposals in Ingleby Barwick.

It is noted that careful consideration has been given to select planting areas that will further enhance the amenity of each site, whilst providing tree species appropriate to the space being utilised.  However, these proposals are subject to there being no underground services present in each area (services checks are to be made) which may make planting undesirable and the availability, size and costs of the species selected.   The locations are as follows:


Locations                                                          Tree Nos (approx)


Land r/o All Saints Secondary School 

(Romano Park Dev)   

Total                                                                                       30




Beckfields Avenue (Rufford Close)                                       3

Beckfields Community Centre                                   3

Blair Avenue (Dinas Court)                                             4

Hollybush Avenue                                                                    2

Roundhill Avenue                                                                    4

Roundhill Avenue (Blenheim CT/Crosswell PK)              3

Total                                                                                       19


S.B.C. recommend the tree planting scheme near the Romano Park development not only because of the scale of its amenity impact but also because it provides an opportunity to jointly finance a scheme which might otherwise be difficult to bring to fruition due to costs.  If the Town Council is willing to contribute £1,000 towards the scheme which will cost in the region of £3,000, S.B.C. will meet the rest of the costs.


Alternatively, the Town Council may wish to consider part funding tree planting at the other sites proposed instead.





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In respect of the Romano Park site (land to the rear of All Saints School), Members expressed concerns that tree planting at this location at this point in time may be premature given the public consultation being undertaken in respect of Building Schools for the Future.


RESOLVED that Members are in agreement to part fund the tree planting at the six locations suggested in option 2 above.  As in previous years the Town Council will contribute £1,000 towards the project.


Bulb Planting

The Clerk informed that she has liaised with the six primary schools in Ingleby Barwick as well as S.B.C. in respect of co-ordinating this year’s bulb planting project.

All six schools are participating in the planting which is to take place along Myton Way. The arrangements are as follows:


Wednesday 28th November 2007                       9.30 am – 11.00 am

Whinstone Primary School and St. Francis of Assisi CofE Primary School.


            Thursday 29th November 2007                           9.30 am – 11.00 am

Ingleby Mill Primary School and Myton Park Primary School.


            Friday 30th November 2007                                9.30 am – 11.00 am

            Barley Fields Primary School and St. Therese of Lisieux RC Primary



The Clerk informed that she would circulate the information to Members.




Planning Schedule

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications.



RESOLVED that the next article for publication includes the following:


-                      Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service

-                      Building Schools for the Future

-                      River Tees Leisure Facilities

-                      Election Costs.




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(a) Residents letter Beadnell Close, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter.


(b) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – Receipt of correspondence informing that Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council is currently preparing its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) which represents the Government’s new approach to assessing housing land availability.

Housing is now high on the Government’s agenda.  In order to support this, the Government is keen to ensure that the production of Local Development Frameworks is based on credible and sound evidence.  The new SHLAA approach places significant responsibility on local planning authorities to engage with key stakeholders and other participants in the residential development process in order to pool local knowledge, skills and experience.  Stockton Borough Council is also keen to ensure that the public is centrally involved in the gathering of key evidence base data, which will influence future development plan documents.

To ensure that everyone is aware of the process in preparing the SHLAA, Stockton Borough Council has prepared a Scoping Study which sets out the broad methodology for the study.

The Scoping Study consultation period will end Friday 9th November 2007.

The aim of the consultation exercise is to receive feedback on the appropriateness of the methodology to be adopted and, where necessary, any revisions that should be considered.

A further key part of the consultation process is to highlight the fact that an assessment of land/opportunities for housing will be progressed by the Borough Council. 


(c) Low Lane Road Safety Scheme – Receipt of correspondence from Arup North-East.


(d) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Attendance at Town/Parish Council Meetings – Receipt of letter informing that Paul Baker (Borough Councillor), Member of the Standards Committee is scheduled to attend and observe the meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council on Wednesday 21st November 2007. 


(e) Allianz Cornhill Insurance, Special Event Guidelines – Receipt of guidance in respect of the Christmas tree.


(f) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Review of Leisure Facilities currently available on and around the River Tees – Receipt of letter informing that Stockton Council’s Arts, Leisure and Culture Select Committee is currently undertaking a review of the leisure facilities currently available on and around the River Tees. 



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(g) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Board – Receipt of agenda and the corresponding papers for the meeting on Monday 29th October 2007, 5.30 p.m. at The Five Lamps Organisation, Thornaby.


(h) Residents Concerns in Respect of Dog Fouling – Receipt of correspondence.


(i) Community Strategy – Local Action Planning – Receipt of information from Councillor Narroway.                                                              


(j) BDO Stoy Hayward LLP, Ingleby Barwick Town Council, Audit for the Year Ended 31st March 2007Receipt of correspondence.


(k) Maltby Cricket Club – Receipt of letter.


(l) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Neighbourhood Enforcement Service – Receipt of copy of letter sent to Parish/Town Council’s in the Borough, informing that the Borough Council’s Housing and Community Safety Select Committee has recently completed a scrutiny review of S.B.C.’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Service (NES), and made a series of recommendations to the Cabinet on 25th October 2007.

These recommendations include that the Cabinet should note that the Select Committee supports the continued provision of a NES to deliver no less a service than that currently delivered and that this aspiration be considered by Council as part of the review of Medium Term Financial Plan.

It was requested that S.B.C. also raise with Town and Parish Councils the question of whether they wish to ‘buy into’ the Service, as Ingleby Barwick Town Council does for their parish. 


S.B.C. is currently contacting Town and Parish Council’s to ascertain if the would like to fund additional coverage from the NES.


A list of the activities undertaken by the NES was enclosed.


(m) St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Receipt of invoice for use of the Church Hall and the Meeting Room by the Town Council in October 2007, totaling £52.50.


(n) Autopress Printers – Receipt of invoice for the printing of 2600 A4 leaflets, totaling £72.00 no VAT.


(o) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Annual Canvass Update – Receipt of correspondence informing that the annual canvass has begun its final stage, the canvassers are due to finalise their rounds and hand in a list of all outstanding properties by Monday 12th November. 



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The current statistics show a return of 80% although they are still processing returned forms in the office.  They are hoping to improve upon last year’s return of 91%.

When the canvass is finalised all Parish/Town Council’s will be provided with the full statistics.


(p) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parish Council Liaison Forum – Receipt of  letter from S.B.C. advising that Parish Council Liaison Forums are to be held on a quarterly basis.  The dates set for the next two scheduled meetings of the Forum are as follows:


  • Monday 17th December 2007, 7.00 p.m. at Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees


  • Monday 17th March 2008, 7.00 p.m. at Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees


Representatives of each Parish/Town Council are invited to attend and should they wish to do so, identify any items that you would wish to be considered at the meetings.


(q) Stockton Renaissance, Annual Stockton Renaissance Event, Wednesday 9th January 2008, Wynyard Rooms, Samsung – Receipt of invitation to attend the Annual Stockton Renaissance Stakeholder Event’ on Wednesday 9th January 2008, 4pm-7pm at Wynyard Rooms, Samsung.  The purpose of this Event is to discuss the draft priorities for the Local Area Agreement 2008/11 and implications arising from this for Stockton Renaissance.  An agenda and associated papers will be circulated prior to the Event.

Confirmation of attendance is required by Friday 30th November 2007.


(r) North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Sites Allocations Preferred Options – Receipt of correspondence informing that the County Council is currently preparing a Minerals and Waste Development Framework, which will set out policies and proposals to guide minerals and waste development across the County (outside the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks) over the period to 2021.  A number of initial consultation exercises have taken place.  The County Council is now launching a further consultation exercise, which sets out the Council’s current Preferred Options in relation to a range of sites put forward for possible mineral or waste development.  This consultation exercise is being carried out in accordance with Regulation 26 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development)(England) Regulations 2004.  Sites included in the final Minerals and Waste Site Allocations document will be regarded as suitable in principle for development, subject to detailed planning permission being obtained.




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Enclosed with the letter was a Publication Notice and a CD-ROM containing the two consultation documents:

                                                Mineral Site Allocations Preferred Options

                                                Waste Site Allocations Preferred Options

together with a number of supporting documents.

Comments are requested by no later than 24th December 2007.


(s)Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton News, Looking Ahead to 2008 – Receipt of letter from S.B.C. informing that in 2008, there will be six editions of Stockton News (Jan – December) and they are now preparing the next issue – January 2008 edition.  A list of the deadlines for 2008 was provided, however they will still send out reminders nearer to each date as normal.

Deadline for receipt of all articles for consideration is no later than 11.00 a.m. on Wednesday 5th December 2007.  The magazine will be delivered to households and businesses on Thursday 31st January 2008.


(t) Cleveland Local Councils Association, Legal Advice – Receipt of advice in respect of the election costs for May 2007.


(u) Residents Concerns, Secondary School Transport – Receipt of correspondence from a resident stating their concerns in respect of double running buses and that on Monday 12th November their child did not get in from Conyers School until 5 p.m. because of the build up of traffic on Leven Bank caused by the lights.  The bus did a detour through Kirklevington onto the A19 and back into Ingleby Barwick.  This meant that the child was out of the home for 9 hours and was extremely tired.


(v) Cleveland Local Councils Association AGM – Receipt of correspondence informing that the CLCA Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 5th December 2007 in the Mandela Room at Middlesbrough Town Hall, commencing at 7 p.m., the next General Meeting of CLCA will immediately follow the AGM.  The papers for both meetings will be forwarded in due course.


(w) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, C.E. Electric Works, Middle Road, Lowfields Avenue and Thornwood Avenue – Receipt of correspondence from S.B.C. informing that site meetings were held with the contractor last July when it was agreed that they would return in September to attend to the areas of verge where the grass was not established.  Unfortunately they failed to do so and as a result S.B.C. has issued defect notices to CE Electric for the verges in Middle Road, Lowfields Avenue and Thornwood Avenue.

It is noted that all works in the Highway must comply with the specification and codes of practice as laid down in the New Roads and Street Works Act which is soon to be superseded by the Traffic Management Act. 



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With regard to grass verges the specification states that grass should be established within 12 months of the original works being completed.

If the works do not comply to the specification (as in this case) S.B.C. can then issue a defect notice which sets out the reason why their work has not complied.  They can then charge them inspection fees until the work meets the required standards.


(x) NALC LCR Magazine – Receipt of LCR Volume 59, No.4 November 2007.


(y) Maynards Nursery – Receipt of price list for Christmas Trees 2007.


(z) Clerks & Councils ‘Direct’ – Receipt of the ‘Direct’ magazine November 2007.


(a1) Society of Local Council Clerks – Receipt of the following:


-                      Continuous Professional Development, A National Training Strategy


            -           ‘The Clerk’ magazine, November 2007.


(b1) North East Assembly – Receipt of Annual Report ‘Working for the Region’.





The next monthly meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 19th December 2007 at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.








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