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Chairman/Town Mayor: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: Councillor W. Feldon;


Councillors: T.W. Bowman, Mrs G. Corr, A. Graham, Ms A. Hailes, Mrs J.P. Kirby, D. Sanderson and Mrs J.E. White;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


David Bond, Director of Law and Democracy, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


Graeme Small, Enforcement Service, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


PC Kevin Stockley, Local Police Officer Ingleby Barwick;



2 Members of the public were present at the meeting.





Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors Mrs E. Harrington, Mrs S. Larkin and J. Myers.


Apologies were also received from Ward Councillors K. Faulks, D. Harrington and A. Larkin (Ingleby Barwick East).




Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as his spouse is Treasurer on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 10               -           Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension - Update.




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Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he represents the Town Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 10               -           Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension - Update.


Councillor Mrs I. Machin declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as she represents the Town Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 10               -           Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension - Update.


No further interests were declared.




The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point to allow public participation.


No matters were raised.




The Chairman introduced David Bond, Director of Law and Democracy, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.).


Mr Bond informed that the new Code of Conduct for Members came into force on 3rd May 2007.  Parish/Town Councils have until 1st October 2007 to adopt the revised Code.  After that time, members of the councils that have not adopted a revised Code will be automatically covered by it.  The existing code will continue in force until such time as the new one is adopted, or until 1st October, whichever is the sooner.


It was noted that not all parts of the Model Code are relevant to parish and town Councils and the Standards Board have therefore prepared a ‘Model Code for Parish Councils’ which is available from their website. 


Mr Bond has also prepared a ‘Model Code of Conduct for Parish Councils’ which the Clerk had circulated to Members with the agenda for this meeting.


The Clerk confirmed that all Members had been provided with a copy of ‘The Code of Conduct – Guide to Members’, May 2007, as well as ‘The Pocket Guide’, May 2007.




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It was noted that the Town Council should consider paragraph 12(2), which is not mandatory for parishes, which gives members with a prejudicial interest the same rights as members of the public to speak at a meeting on the issue and then leave before the main discussion and vote.


If the Council wishes such a provision to apply, the Council will need to pass a resolution adopting the Model Code of Conduct including paragraph 12(2).

It is not enough to adopt the Code “as applicable to parish councils” as paragraph 12(2) is not mandatory for parishes and parish councils must therefore expressly ‘opt-in’ for it to have effect.  The Model parish Code contains the paragraph.


Where this additional provision is adopted, the Standards Board recommends that, in order to provide clarity, parish councils should have standing orders in place which set out clearly the circumstances whereby members of the public can attend meetings of the authority for the purpose of making representations, giving evidence or answering questions.


If the Council does not provide members of the public with any right to speak, paragraph 12(2) will have no effect at our authority.  This means that Councillors with a prejudicial interest would have to continue to leave the meeting after declaring the nature and extent of their interest.


Mr Bond informed that once the new Code has been adopted an advert should be placed in the local press to that effect.  Mr Bond is quite happy to include the Town Council in S.B.C.’s article which would incur no cost to the Town Council.  Town Council Members were in general agreement that the offer to be included in S.B.C.’s article be accepted.


Members are required to complete a new register of interests form within 28 days of adoption of the new Code.  The Clerk confirmed receipt of the form provided by Mr Bond, which she had again circulated to Members with the agenda for this meeting.


Mr Bond briefly outlined the relevant changes which have been made to the Code.


It was questioned as to whether the Standards Board ask as to what Parish/Town Council’s reactions are to the Code of Conduct’s.  It was confirmed that they do get feedback in a number of ways e.g. road shows etc.


Concerns were expressed that Parish/Town Council Members who carry out their role on a voluntary basis, are expected to sign up to the Code.  Mr Bond was asked to relay these concerns to the Standards Board.




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It was noted that the 10 general principles of conduct contained in the preamble to the code are largely common sense.


RESOLVED that Ingleby Barwick Town Council adopts the Model Code of Conduct (‘Code’) set out in the Schedule to the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 (‘the Order’), excluding those provisions specified in the Order as not being mandatory for parish councils, save and except for paragraphs 12(1), (a), (c) and (2) (part).  The Clerk to inform the Standards Board that the Code has been adopted, accordingly.


RESOLVED that the Town Council’s Standing Orders be amended to set out clearly the circumstances whereby members of the public can attend meetings of the authority for the purpose of making representations, giving evidence or answering questions.


RESOLVED that the Town Council accept Mr Bond’s offer to be included in S.B.C.’s advert informing that the Code has been adopted.


The Chairman thanked Mr Bond on behalf of the Town Council, for his attendance at the meeting.




The Chairman invited PC Stockley to present his report.


PC Stockley confirmed that Ingleby Barwick has one of the lowest crime rates in the Borough.  Theft/burglaries are virtually non-existent apart from thefts from the shops and construction sites.


PC Stockley confirmed that he is now partnered up with a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).


It was noted that one of the main problems in Ingleby Barwick is the congregation of youths.


Visual Security Systems have offered to part fund with Tesco, a CCTV camera at the Ingleby Barwick Tesco Store site.  A response to the offer is awaited from Tesco.


It was confirmed that there are currently four anti-social behaviour orders (asbo’s) which have been issued to offenders in Ingleby Barwick.  All four offenders are currently in prison.






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It was confirmed that the Police, Enforcement and the Ant-Social Behaviour team work closely together.


A general discussion took place in respect of the problems in and around Tesco.  It was reiterated that the possible provision of a CCTV camera at the location has been pursued since October 2006.


It was questioned as to what difference would be seen with the change to Neighbourhood Policing.  PC Stockley confirmed that he had been undertaking the style of policing for a number of years in respect of both foot and cycle patrols.


PC Stockley confirmed his support for the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service and outlined the ways in which they work together.


Concerns were raised by Members that the Police are not backing the provision of a Village Police Station at Greenside shops.  It was questioned as to whether this is because the Police currently have an office at Barley Fields Medical Centre.


It was noted that there are a lot of changes being made with police stations opening and closing.  The Police Office at Yarm is also now closed.


It was confirmed that the high visibility of Policing and Enforcement have had an impact on the low crime levels in Ingleby Barwick.


The Chairman commended PC Stockley for his hard work and commitment.



The Chairman introduced Graeme Small from the Enforcement Service at S.B.C.


Mr Small thanked the Town Council for the invitation to attend the meeting.

He gave a brief outline of the Service provided and circulated for Members information a performance schedule in relation to the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service dated 1st April 2007 until 20th June 2007.


The schedule notes 437 Incidents (143 West & 294 East), some of which are highlighted as follows:


3 – 7 Day Vehicle Removal Notices

7 – 24 Hour Vehicle Notices

6 – Immediate Removal Notices

17 – Vehicles Removed by Owners when Requested

2 – Untaxed Vehicles Seized & Removed

1 – Public Assistance Motorist



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1 Emergency Task

1 Successful Eviction of Unauthorised Occupations of Public Land

Responded to 52 reports of ASB from Residents

64 Verbal Warnings

1 Caution Issued

5 Alcohol Seizures from Minors

3 AS13 Forms Issued for ASB


2 – Assist Police at Incident

2 – Intelligence Logs to Police


2 fpn Dog Fouling

1 fpn Pedestrian Littering

4 fpn Litter from Vehicle

1 Operation Lunchbox School Litter Patrol

4 Referrals to CFYA for Litter Removal

2 Fly Posters Removed

1 Wheeled Bin Seizure


5 Feed Back Cards Positive

1 Commendation for Officer

7 Meetings with Residents


Mr Small outlined the advantages of having the hand held technology to provide a list of comprehensive data, which would be presented to the Town Council on a regular basis.


It was noted that the Service provided was not just to hand out sanctions; it is there to help people as well.  Several incidents where the Enforcement Service had been used to help people in difficulty were outlined to Members.  The recent event with the travelers on Barwick Way/Low Lane was also referred to.


One of the biggest issues in Ingleby Barwick is the young people, who given the way society is today, are very challenging to deal with.


It was noted that the previous problem of storage of the cycles for the Community Wardens has been overcome by the Enforcement vehicle having a cycle bar on the back to allow transportation.  The vehicle can then be parked up in the main centre, allowing the Enforcement officer(s) to then cycle the area.  This allows high visibility of the Enforcement Service.


Mr Small gave a general outline of some of the incidents which have been dealt with including dog fouling; both issuing fpn’s and talking to dog owners, litter, graffiti etc.



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Feedback on the Service to date has all been very positive.  The recent email to the Town Council from a resident was noted. 


It was noted that Stockton’s is the best partnership working between the Enforcement Service and the Police, across the country.


A general discussion took place on the Service, including the necessity to feedback to the Town Council on a regular basis, which would assist the Town Council when justifying paying for the Service to the electorate.


S.B.C.’s current Enforcement Service is split 80% to deprived areas and the remaining 20% to non-deprived areas.  Ingleby Barwick receives an allocation from the 20%.


It was noted that S.B.C. now monitor the CCTV on Teesside Industrial Estate.


Concerns were raised that there has been limited publicity advertising the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service.


Although there have been a number of direct telephone calls from residents, publicising the Service and the direct contact telephone number more, would ensure residents are aware of the Enforcement Service being provided.  It would also clarify the mix up with identifying the Enforcement Officer as a Police Officer.


PC Stockley confirmed that the police work closely with Enforcement.


A general discussion took place on the following:


-                      Quarterly Reports to the Town Council, which could be included in the Council’s regular public information articles;

-                      Possibility of the Enforcement Officer attending Ward/Police Surgeries,


-                      S.B.C. providing advertising posters, to be displayed around the estate;

-                      Possibility of question to residents, asking for feedback on the Service.


The Enforcement Service has currently been implemented for a twelve month period to 31st March 2008.  The Town Council will give consideration to continuation of the Service when setting its budget in January 2008. 


The possible need to consult with residents on the matter was raised; however this could be undertaken later in the year.






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RESOLVED that the following matters be progressed with S.B.C.:


-                      Publicity of the Service;

-                      Quarterly Reporting;

-                      Possibility of the Enforcement Officer attending Ward/Police Surgeries.


The Chairman thanked Mr Small and PC Stockley for their attendance at the meeting.


The Chairman agreed to bring Agenda Item No. 20 forward for discussion at this point as the applicant of planning application no. 07/1282/OUT was present at the meeting.



Planning Schedule

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications, which have been informed by S.B.C.


(a) Planning Application No. 07/1282/OUT

Proposal: Outline Application for the Erection of Two Storey Extension to Provide Accommodation for Local Police Office.

Location: Greenside Local Centre, Ingleby Barwick.


The Town Council considered all of the information and plans provided in respect of planning application no. 07/1282/OUT.


Concerns were raised that use of the roof space might set a precedent, also it was questioned as to what the building would be used for if it was not adopted by the Police. 


It was noted that even though planning permission is obtained, it does not mean you have to build.


RESOLVED that the Town Council submits the following comments to S.B.C. in respect of the proposal:


The Town Council fully supports this proposal.  Ingleby Barwick is the largest private housing estate in Europe and on completion will have in excess of 8,000 houses.  It has a growing population with limited facilities.  Ingleby Barwick warrants and requires its own dedicated Police Station.




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It was noted that the application may be considered by S.B.C. Planning Committee on 27th June 2007.


RESOLVED that the Town Council sends a representative to speak at the Committee meeting in support of the application.  Councillor W. Feldon to represent the Town Council.



The Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council held on Wednesday 16th May 2007 and Minutes of the Meeting on 30th May 2007, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.




(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk reported that she is still awaiting a response from Browns Estate Agents in respect of when the bollard is to be replaced and ownership of the shrub beds.


Councillor Feldon informed that he had received concerns from some of the local shops at Greenside, in respect of the new owner of The Teal Arms Public House looking into the possibility of charging for use of the car park, if the shops do not agree to contribute towards its upkeep.


The Clerk noted receipt of the response from Mitchells and Butlers brewery who own the Beckfields Public House.  The brewery apologise for the delay in any action, as it has been unfortunate that their Business Building Manager has been absent from the business.

However, it has now been confirmed with him what is required and the following have been agreed to be completed:


  • The entrance to the car park is to be widened
  • Maintenance to shrub bed which is overhanging the public highway onto Thorington Gardens
  • Tree adjacent to Thorington Gardens to be cut back
  • Replacement of trees at front of the shops for another alternative to be confirmed
  • More regular cleaning of car park.



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Confirmation of dates of when the work will commence is awaited.


Town Council Members were pleased with the response from the brewery, having put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that  the shopping areas are maintained to an appropriate standard.


Concerns were again raised in respect of the limited number of litter bins provided at Beckfields shopping centre, particularly with the number of takeaways present.


RESOLVED that the Clerk sends a letter to the takeaways at Beckfields regarding the possibility of them providing additional litter bins at the location.


(b) Item 215 2006/2007 Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Youth Fund Provision.

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from S.B.C. responding to the Town Council’s bid for funding.

It is noted that the Children’s Trust Board has agreed the development of another Youth Café within the Eastern Area Partnership, and this was the reason why some initial discussion took place with that Board.

It has been agreed that this Board, along with the views of young people, will be consulted around the decision where the funding for a Youth Café will be allocated – it is not a ‘bidding’ process to the fund.

The Town Council’s letter will be forward to the Chair of the Eastern Area Partnership Board.


It was noted that the young people of Ingleby Barwick are being consulted by the Youth Service, the results of which will be discussed at the Eastern Area Partnership Board meeting on 27th June 2007.


(c) Item 14 2007/2008. County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership – Training Events.

The Clerk informed that she had contacted the Training Partnership to book places for Council Members on all of the modules selected at the meeting on 16th May 2007.  Unfortunately the module on Tuesday 5th June 2007 was already fully booked however an alternative date of Saturday 9th June was offered to Members.  Councillor Jean Kirby opted to take up a place on 9th June 2007.


The remainder of the places are booked according to the modules opted for.


The Clerk informed that she had received apologies from Councillor Mrs E. Harrington to say she was unable to attend the module she had opted for on Tuesday 12 June 2007.  The Clerk informed the Training Partnership, however there will be a 100% charge still incurred.



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(d) Item 27 (a) 2007/2008 Planning Application No. 07/0857/FUL

Proposal: Extension of Roadways to Boundary of Betty’s Close Farm/Proposed Residential Development.

Location: Ramsey Gardens and Nevern Crescent, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk reported receipt of a response from Bellway Homes Ltd., regarding the Town Council’s inquiry about the land at Nevern Crescent owned by Bellway Homes.

It was noted that Bellway Homes is not mindful to dispose of the land in question as it has an extant planning consent for the construction of 1 dwelling on the land. As such the price of the land is somewhat academic.


No response has been received from Yuill Homes.


(e) Item 31 2007/2008 Grass Cutting, Barwick Way.

The Clerk informed that she had reported the concerns raised in respect of the grass cutting along Barwick Way to S.B.C. 


It was noted that there has still not been a great deal of improvement.  This is to be monitored.


(f) Item 31 2007/2008 Land Fronting Ingleby Mill School site on Barwick Way – Concerns were expressed that this land is not being maintained.

The Clerk noted that S.B.C. have informed that the piece of land fronting the Ingleby Mill School site on Barwick Way is in Council ownership and the land holding department in this case is Education.  They are currently making arrangements for it to be strimmed with a view of cultivating and reseeding it when the weather is conducive, if required.  The longer term view is that the land be transferred to Direct Services as open space, once all the snagging works on the entire site have been completed.  They will be speaking to Care for your Area about getting it strimmed, so it can then be assessed as to what else is required for it to be fit for regular grass cutting.


(g) Item 33 2007/2008 Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council – Play Strategy and Bid Process.

The Clerk informed that the Town Council submitted applications to S.B.C. in respect of the following ‘Children’s Play’ projects:


-                      Roman Park;

-                      Adventure Play Area, Stonebridge Crescent;

-                      Adventure Play Area, Land adjacent to Ingleby Mill School;

-                      Play Bus


A response has been received from S.B.C. stating that unfortunately the four bids from the Town Council were unsuccessful, however a separate bid by S.B.C. for landscaping to Romano Park was successful (it is understood that the Town Council are working in partnership with S.B.C. in relation to this project).



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S.B.C. received applications for £3.4 million and only had 450k available to put into the application to the Big Lottery.


The recommendations from the panel that considered the bids will be considered at the Children’s Trust Board next week.


Although the Town Council was unsuccessful it is hoped that they are satisfied with the overall outcome.



Councillor W. Feldon informed that he had visited Lambeth Palace in London on 27th May 2007 and had spoken with the School Development Officer, who informed that the Church of England is supportive of expanding All Saints Secondary School.  Both Lord Adonis for the Government and David Willets for the Conservatives are supportive of the expansion of Church Schools. 

Talks have also taken place with other religious groups regarding school development. 

Councillor Feldon has spoken with Councillor Ken Lupton the new leader of S.B.C., who informed that he has ordered a complete review of Secondary Education in Stockton, including Ingleby Barwick.

It is suggested that a campaign is now required to get the residents of Ingleby Barwick on board and also to ascertain how many people would send their children to All Saints if they had the opportunity, taking account of the issue with siblings attending other schools.


Councillor Feldon provided a plan of All Saints School site, including the area around it.

The land has been measured behind the school and there is a total of approximately 5.845 hectares, 58,450m2 of playing area.  The area of the new school building would need to be deducted from this.


50,000m2 playing area is required for a 1200 place Secondary School, whereas 55,000m2 is needed for a 1350 place school.


Less building land would be required if the school had three floors.


If the school is to remain on a single site, all of the land behind the school would need to be incorporated.  There is also land available on the opposite side of the road fronting the school, which could be acquired as a playing field however this is currently the subject of a number of planning applications.


The matter was opened up for general discussion.


It was highlighted that consultation with parents was essential to ascertain what people actually want.



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Issues with children being bussed off the estate to schools in the surrounding area was raised.  It was questioned as to whether parents are satisfied with the bus services provided.


It was noted that St. Francis of Assisi Primary School has had 80 applications for its 30 places available.


It was generally agreed that consulting parents was the next step forward.  Consideration needs to be given to who carries out the consultation and how it is done.



It was noted that this item was to update Members on progress to date only and no decisions are to be made.

It was noted that works commenced as scheduled on Monday 4th June 2007.  The contract is expected to take 9 weeks, the completion date being 3rd August 2007.

A site meeting is to take place on Monday 25th June 2007 to discuss progress.

The works are being overseen on behalf of the Town Council/Management Committee by Mike Jones, Chairman of the Community Hall Management Committee.


The Chairman thanked all involved with the project for their time and commitment.



The Clerk informed that Peter Barratts Garden Centre had once again kindly agreed to sponsor the Garden Competition.  The gardens will be judges by Richard Arkley from Peter Barratts who are also providing prize vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category, as follows:


            1st prize           -           £50.00

            2nd prize         -           £25.00

            3rd prize          -           £10.00


Closing date for entries is noon on Monday 16th July 2007.  Judging will take place over the weekend of 21st/22nd July 2007.



Councillor Mrs Kirby opened up the discussion and asked what Members thought of the possibility of providing maps/plans of the Villages at the entrances into Ingleby Barwick.


Members were in agreement with the concept however reservations were expressed over the costs involved.




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The possibility of the naming of roundabouts and a ‘Work of Art’ of some description were also raised.


Members suggested progressing the idea of Village maps through the Eastern Area Partnership Board/Transport Strategy.


RESOLVED that Members raise this matter at the Eastern Area Partnership Board and Transport Strategy meetings.




Members views were requested on the idea of either a Cemetery or a Remembrance Garden being provided in Ingleby Barwick.


The possibility of a woodland burial area was discussed although in general Members had reservations on the provision of a cemetery. 


More positive comments were received on the possibility of a Remembrance Garden.


RESOLVED that a Remembrance Garden be given future consideration.




RESOLVED that a Special Meeting be set up in September 2007 to discuss this item in more detail.




This item to be considered at the next meeting of the Town Council scheduled to take place on Wednesday 27th June 2007.




This item to be considered at the next meeting of the Town Council scheduled to take place on Wednesday 27th June 2007.





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This item to be considered at the next meeting of the Town Council scheduled to take place on Wednesday 27th June 2007.




(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a balance of £ 116,073.58 a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.


(b) Accounts due for Payment


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration June 2007;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution June 2007;


The Clerk noted that the monthly internet payment to Orange of £14.99 is collected by direct debit.


St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Use of Hall PC Mtgs

May 2007                                                                                                       £     68.25


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th July 2007                                        £   220.00


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course - Jean Kirby (All modules)                             £   141.00


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course - Alf Graham (9/6/07)                         £     31.73


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course – John Myers (9/6/07)                                   £     31.73


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC), Are you up to date? –

Consideration of continuation of subscribing to the LCR formerly LOCAL COUNCIL REVIEW magazine.

It was noted that a yearly subscription is £12.00 when you buy four or more individual subscriptions.



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RESOLVED that the Town Council purchase 6 subscriptions, which are to be circulated between members.




Street Furniture – Dog Bins.

The Clerk informed that she is awaiting confirmation from S.B.C. on permission from the landowner of one of the sites chosen and also confirmation of the date of installation of the bins.




RESOLVED that the next article for publication includes the following:


-                      Adoption of the new Code of Conduct;

-                      Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service;

-                      Neighbourhood Policing Meeting 21st June 07;

-                      Community Hall Extension;

-                      Village Police Station – Planning Application




(a) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, DPD3 Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan Development Plan Document Pre-Consultation Event – The Council is currently preparing the Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan, which will form part of the Local Development Framework.  This is the new folder of development plans documents that will replace the 1997 Stockton-on-Tees Local Plan.

A pre-consultation event took place on 22nd May 2007, 6.30pm at the Clairville Hotel, Eaglescliffe.


(b) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Board, Rearrangement of Meeting – Receipt of notification that the meeting on Tuesday 29th May 2007 had been cancelled and rearranged for Tuesday 5th June 2007, 9.30 am at the Five Lamps Organisation, Eldon Street, Thornaby.


(c) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Board, Visit to Central Stockton Youth Café – Receipt of notification of arrangements to visit the Youth Café on Wednesday 23rd May 2007 at 5 pm.


(d) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Funding from the Youth Capital Fund – Receipt of letter responding to the Town Council’s bid for funding.




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(e) Stockton-on-Tees Sure Start, Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension – Receipt of letter confirming that Sure Start have awarded Ingleby Barwick Town Council a grant of £50,000 as a contribution to the extension of Ingleby Barwick Community Hall.  The terms and conditions of the grant awarded will be forward in due course and once agreed they will be able to forward full payment of the grant.


(f) Government Office for the North East, NE Regional Spatial Strategy Proposed Changes – Receipt of letter inviting the Town Council to make comments on the changes proposed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to the draft revision of the NE Regional Spatial Strategy prepared by the North East Assembly.

The Secretary of State has now considered the recommendations of the independent Panel which held the Examination in Public into the draft revision, and in light of this and the representation made on the draft revision, proposes to make changes to the RSS before finally publishing it.  A CD ROM is enclosed.

The deadline for responses for the first stage of the consultation is 5pm on 6th August 2007.


(g) Environment Agency, Tees CAMS Consultation Document – Receipt of letter informing that the Tees CAMS strategy is now available for consultation.  The Consultation Document outlines the proposed licensing strategy for managing abstraction in the Tees CAMS area and should be read in conjunction with Managing Water Abstraction (which is available online).

The Consultation Document provides you with the opportunity to see the results of their assessment for the Tees CAMS and make comments in preparation for the final strategy which will be published in Spring 2008.  The closing date for feedback is 24th August 2007.

The Tees CAMS Consultation Document can be viewed online at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/cams As mentioned above Managing Water Abstraction can be accessed at the same address.


(h) Cleveland Local Councils Association – Receipt of correspondence in respect of the following:


-                      Request for Town Council Members contact details;

-                      Request for update on details of distribution of LCR.


(i) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Public Rights of Way Guide – Receipt of recently produced guide, which provides information regarding Public Rights of Way within the borough.

Within the borough there is a network of approx. 192km of paths and bridleways which offer great links between towns and countryside, creating local circular walks and forming part of longer distance routes, such as the Teesdale Way.



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(j) St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Invoice – Receipt of invoice for use of the Church Hall by the Town Council in May 2007, totaling £68.25.


(k) County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership, E-Learning – Receipt of letter offering the following e-learning libraries: Business Essentials, Health and Safety and Workplace Legislation.  These libraries may be accessed through the internet in the workplace or at home.  Each library is available until 29th February 2008.

Access to each library will cost £50.00 + VAT for each participant.  Within each of the three libraries there are many courses to choose from.  There is also a built-in test for some of the courses and certificates can be issued to participants on completion of each course.


(l) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Board Meeting Dates 2007 – Receipt of updated meeting schedule for the Eastern Area Partnership Board 2007.  Next meeting Wednesday 27th June 2007, 9.30 am at the Five Lamps Organisation, Eldon Street, Thornaby.


(m) The National Association of Local Councils (NALC), Are you up to date? – Receipt of letter advertising DIS, NALC’s fortnightly news and information bulletin and LCR, NALC’s flagship bi-monthly publication.

Why subscribe to DIS?

DIS is a great source of information, with a round up of government statements and publications, up-to-date legal information, press releases and consultations from across the sector, as well as regular events and vacancy listings.

Reflecting the diversity of councils across the country, DIS provides a range of information on all aspects of council life including everything from reports on employment tribunals, to analysis of latest local government policy, and examples of case law.

Join now and receive a 5% discount for a 2-year subscription or a 10% discount for a 3-year subscription.

Why subscribe to LCR?

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Among many other features, each issue of LCR contains the latest major news, incorporates regular advice on legal issues and planning, and features good practice and advice on issues affecting local councils, such as planning, rural affairs and employment.

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(n) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Notification of Planning Appeal – Receipt of notification of appeal in respect of planning application no. 07/0719/FUL.  Location: 5 Fountains Avenue, Ingleby Barwick.  Proposal: Erection of 1.52m High Timber Boundary Fence.

The application was Refused under Delegated Authority for the following reasons:

The erection of a 1.52m high timber, open boarded fence to the side of 5 Fountains Avenue will introduce a permanent and obtrusive feature into the area, which would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene contrary to policy GP1 of the Stockton-on-Tees Local Plan.

Following the decision of the Council, the applicant has appealed to the Secretary of State for the Environment under Section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


(o) Entec UK Ltd, Tees Valley Joint Minerals and Waste Development Plan Documents – Receipt of correspondence and documents informing that Entec UK Ltd have been appointed by the Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit to produce Joint Minerals and Waste Development Plan Documents for the five Local Authorities of the Tees valley area – Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees.

As part of this production process, an Issues and Options report is being consulted on.  This report identifies the issues affecting minerals and waste developments in the Tees valley, and provides option for how these issues may be dealt with.  A Sustainability Appraisal of the Development Plan Documents is also being undertaken by Entec, and the Scoping Report of this appraisal is being consulted on over the same period.

Comments on the Issues and Options Report are requested by 30th June 2007.


(p) The Ramblers Association, ‘Walk’ magazine – Receipt of the ‘Walk’ magazine, Issue 15 Summer 2007.


(q) Glasdon Uk Ltd, Mailing – Receipt of mailing on street furniture. 


(r) Ingleby Barwick Garden Competition 2007 – Sponsored by Peter Barratts Garden Centre, closing date noon on 16th July 2007, judging weekend of 21st/22nd July 2007.


(s) Security & Electrical Supplies Ltd., Electrical Estimate – To supply and install the equipment required to provide a personal attack button connected to a bell within the office £67.50, to connect a bell push to the entrance door connected to the same bell unit £10.00, total £77.50 plus VAT.


RESOLVED that the Clerk obtain an alternative price for the above, whereby they are not connected into the same unit.



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(t) Planning Aid North Community News, Young People Awareness Conference in County Durham – Receipt of mailing advertising the free conference which is to take place at Durham County Hall.


(u) Beckfields Shopping Centre, Possible Vermin – Receipt of report from Environmental Health regarding the concerns raised in respect of possible vermin at the location.  Having visited the site they find no obvious signs of rodent activity both in the bushes to the front and side of the shops (not adopted) and those situated to the rear in the access yard and communal bin store (private).  It is difficult to tell as the bushes in places are extremely dense.

Nearby residents have seen no rodent activity.

Having some of the bushes thinned out would help reduce the ground cover and remove potential nesting areas.

The area of the shops is a bit of an eyesore and the commercial team has been asked to keep an eye on the shops in terms of housekeeping etc.


(v) TVRCC, Information on Connect Event – Receipt of information about a community rights event on the 7th July 2007.


(w) CLCA, Cracking the Code Conference ‘The New Ethical Regime for Parish Councillors’ – Receipt of notification that NALC, supported by the Standards Board for England will be holding a one-day conference for councillors, clerks and interested parties on the revised model code of conduct and the new ethical framework, and how these will impact on parish and town councils on 19th July 2007.  Delegate rate £70 + VAT. 


(x) BT, Changes to BT Business Payment Processes – From 1st July 2007 businesses not paying by direct debit or monthly payment plan will incur a cost of £1.50 per month or £4.50 per quarter.


(y) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Fees for Marked Copies of the Register Elections 3rd May 2007Receipt of mailing.


(z) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Land to the Frontage of Ingleby Mill School, Ingleby Barwick – Information received from S.B.C.


(a1) Residents Letter, Enforcement Officer Transport – Receipt of letter from resident.


(b1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, CE Electric Works, Lowfields VillageReceipt of response from S.B.C. in respect of the concerns raised regarding the reinstatement works. 



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It is noted that the utility inspector has walked the job with the contractor who did the works for CE Electrics.  In some of the verges the grass is beginning to grow, however they are going to return to rotovate and re-seed the areas where it has not i.e. Lowfields Avenue (full length of the excavation), Thornwood Avenue and Middle Road (the areas where the grass has not taken).

However, they are aware that it may be out of season again for re-seeding and they are going to have to make sure that the contractor meets his requirements with respect to this reinstatement.  Unfortunately, they cannot insist upon turf but they may accept it’s their only option if they continue to fail in establishing the grass verges.





The next meeting is to take place on Wednesday 27th June 2007 at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.


The next monthly meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 18th July 2007 at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.




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