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Chairman/Town Mayor: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: Councillor W. Feldon;


Councillors: T.W. Bowman, A. Graham, Mrs E. Harrington, Mrs J. Kirby, J. Myers, Mrs J. White and D. Sanderson;


Ward Councillors:


Ingleby Barwick East        D. Harrington;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Lisa Ross, Broadview Energy Limited;

Daniel Maher, Broadview Energy Limited;


2 Members of the public were present at the meeting.




Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors Mrs G. Corr, Ms A. Hailes and Mrs S. Larkin.




Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as he is a school governor at Whinstone Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as he is a school governor at St. Francis of Assisi CofE Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.



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Councillor Mrs E. Harrington declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at Ingleby Mill Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillor Mrs J. Kirby declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at Myton Park Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillor Mrs J. Kirby declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda as she is employed by Charles Church:


Agenda item no. 21            -           Planning Applications, Ingleby Barwick.


Councillor Mrs I. Machin declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at St. Therese of Lisieux RC Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.


No further interests were declared.




The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point to allow public participation.


The following matters were raised for discussion:


-                      Town Council Precept 2008/2009;

-                      Dog Fouling/Litter.




The Chairman invited Lisa Ross and Daniel Maher to address the meeting.


Lisa introduced herself as the Community Relations and Office Manager for Broadview Energy Limited and Daniel introduced himself as Project Manager for the company.  Members were provided with a document to refer to as the representatives from Broadview carried out a short presentation.





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A brief outline was given of the company which was founded in 2003 and   focuses on small 2 to 10 turbine projects.  They have 2 projects in the planning process and scoping has commenced on 4 further projects.


A discussion took place on ‘Why Wind Power’.  It was noted that the majority of the scientific community agrees that climate change is the single biggest threat facing the planet.  23 of 24 of the warmest years since records began in 1850 have occurred since 1980, sea levels are rising and there has been in increase in major weather events.  The targets set at various government levels are as follows:


-                      European target – 20% of energy

-                      UK targets – 15.4% of electricity generation

-                      Teesside targets – 138MW by 2010


It was confirmed that the location of the proposed Seamer Wind Farm is between the villages of Seamer and Hilton.  The Farm would house 5 to 6 turbines at 2-3MW per turbine.  100-125m total tip height.  The benefits per annum of a 2.0 MW turbine are as follows:


-                      4,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide

-                      52 tonnes of sulphur dioxide

-                      15 tonnes of nitrogen oxides


The proposed site for the Farm has been identified as part of a regional review for suitable sites as it has a good wind resource, has sufficient land for a scheme to be set away from dwellings and is sufficiently distant from ecological or landscape designations and military and civilian radar.  There are also several options to connect to the national grid.


Members were given an overview of the Development Process which included Preliminary Evaluation, Preparing the Planning Application, Planning Application, Post Planning Development and Construction.


It was noted that the planning application site straddles Hambleton & Stockton-on-Tees boundaries.  Environmental Impact Assessment scoping requests have been submitted to both Councils, a separate planning application to each authority with a Combined Environmental Statement.  A 60m Anemometry mast planning application has been submitted to Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.).





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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies – a range of studies will be undertaken by independent consultants as part of the EIA assessment.  In support of the various studies being undertaken consultations will be held with a wide range of bodies.


Photomontage Considerations – These figures were prepared to provide the Town Council with a preliminary view of the proposed Seamer Wind Farm.  The final Layout has not been determined and is likely to change from that depicted.  It was also noted that as the figures are preliminary they may not fully comply with the industry standards.  Complete and final figures will be prepared as part of the environmental statement.


In summary it was noted that the proposed project could save 26,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.


The consultation process was outlined and Members were provided with information on the dedicated project website, as well as direct contact details for both Lisa and Danny at Broadview Energy Limited.


Members raised the following matters for discussion:


-                      Cabling - It was confirmed that any associated cabling would be


-                      Transportation of turbines to site – Several options are being considered

and studies are still ongoing;

-                      It was noted that if it was found that there is not enough wind the project would not go forward;

-                      Noise – It was confirmed that the new turbines are considerably quieter than the older ones;

-                      Lifespan of a Wind Turbine – 25 years.  Responsibilities were discussed in respect of access, maintenance and decommissioning;

-                      Efficiency of the Wind Turbines;

-                      Income sources;

-                      Teesside Industrial Estate was suggested as a possible site; however the closeness to residential properties was a material consideration.


The Chairman thanked both Lisa Ross and Daniel Maher for their attendance at the meeting.






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It was noted that All Saints CofE Secondary School is forging ahead with its bid to become the first Humanities College in the south of the borough.

The School must raise £50,000 sponsorship by the deadline for applications in March 2008.


If the school can reach its goal and put a convincing case forward, the Government will invest additional funds of around half-a-million pounds over four years.  This will help create a Learning Resource Centre and pay for equipment, extra staff and support for work with other schools and the community.


Plans include the creation of a comprehensive “virtual” encyclopaedia of Ingleby Barwick. This will involve recording recollections of the past and information about the development of the estate.


All Saints’ Humanities bid covers three key subjects – English, History and Religious Studies, although the ultimate aim is to raise standards across the whole school.


It was noted that around £15,000 sponsorship has already been pledged from RM, the leading supplier of ICT software and services to UK education.


Members discussed the possibility of the Town Council providing financial assistance.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is not in a position to provide a financial contribution at this point in time as they are currently in dispute with S.B.C. over the election costs for May 2007, with £ 8,021.28 still outstanding to pay.




The Minutes of the Meetings of Ingleby Barwick Town Council held on Wednesday 16th January 2008 and Wednesday 23rd January 2008, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.






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(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.


The Clerk informed that she had sent a follow up letter to Browns Estate Agents requesting an update on the matters discussed at the meeting on 7th December 2007 in respect of Greenside shopping centre.  Mr Brown was to liaise with the Teal Arms and the other shop owners at the centre to ascertain if they would support the provision of a suitable CCTV system and whether they would be in a position to provide a financial contribution. 


No reply has been received to date.


(b) Item 178 2007/2008 Ingleby Barwick Christmas Tree.


The Clerk informed that she has received a response from S.B.C.’s Arboricultural Section in respect of guidance for planting a ‘living’ tree.

Photographs of a tree planted at Yarm Primary School last year as a ‘living’ Christmas tree were provided. 

The tree planted was a Korean Fir, about 8ft high and cost around £300 to supply and plant.  If this is what the Town Council has in mind then they would be happy to provide a quote.  This tree is thought to be ideal as it has a traditional Christmas tree appearance, is a comparatively slow grower and only grows up to 15m.

It is noted that many of the favourite or classic Christmas trees e.g. Norway Spruce, Nordmann Firs are species chosen by foresters because they are fast growers and therefore ideal for use as ‘cut’ Christmas trees.  However, such species may not be suitable as amenity trees in the urban landscape because of their water demand, growth habit, ultimate size and so forth.  Alternatively, for large open spaces a bigger species of tree might be more suitable e.g. Altas Cedar –not a classic Christmas tree but a good choice as an all year round landscape specimen.  A list of options was attached.


RESOLVED that the Clerk obtains a formal quotation from S.B.C. to supply and plant a Korean Fir.  The Clerk to also confirm that the location identified for siting this year’s Christmas tree i.e. adjacent to the roundabout at the entrance into Tesco, is suitable for planting a ‘living’ tree.







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(c) Item 199 2007/2008 Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Opening Ceremony for the New Extension.


It was noted that the opening ceremony for the new extension had taken place on Tuesday 5th February 2008.  The extension was officially opened by the Town Mayor Councillor Irene Machin.  Rok Group who organised the event, provided a children’s entertainer and light refreshments were served.  Rok also provided the commemorate plaque for the extension as previously discussed by the Town Council. 


(d) Item 210 2007/2008 Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Local Development Framework Training, Village Study Consultation.


Councillor Irene Machin informed that she had attended the Local Development Framework training event for Town/Parish Councillors on Saturday 9th February 2008, which had been organised by S.B.C.’s Spatial Planning Team.  It was noted that the event had been informative.




The Clerk informed that she had sent a letter to S.B.C. stating that one of the options which has been put forward by the Town Council for consideration is the expansion of All Saints CofE Secondary School for which the land is currently available.  The approach from Nunthorpe Nurseries at the Hearing on 15th January 2008 was highlighted and it was strongly recommend that the Borough Council contacts both Nunthorpe Nurseries and Morgan & Morgan as a matter of urgency with the view to purchasing the required land.

It was noted that if possible, representatives of the Town Council could meet with S.B.C. to discuss the proposal in more detail.


The Clerk also noted that she had sent a letter to both Nunthorpe Nurseries and Morgan and Morgan expressing an interest in their land and informing that the Town Council has written to S.B.C. to recommend that they contact both parties as a matter of urgency with the view to discussing the purchase of the land.


The Town Council has received a response from S.B.C. thanking the Town Council for sharing their comments in respect of the ‘Future Learning’ consultation.

It was noted that 100,000 brochures were printed, with 77,000 copies distributed to households in the Borough and the rest placed in schools, libraries, doctors’ surgeries and other public buildings.  The brochure was also made available on the Council’s website.  In total 3,882 responses were received, together with statements from a number of governing bodies, parish and town councils, the voluntary sector and from individuals.




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These responses have been analysed by an independent social and market research company, and the results have informed a report to be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 11th February 2008.

The report reflects responses regarding All Saints, and proposes an expansion of pupil places at the school.  It was noted that the Council does not own any land in Ingleby Barwick suitable for building another secondary school.  If a feasible and affordable site does become available within the timeframe of the BSF project, the options will then be reappraised.

In the meantime places will continue to be available for residents of Ingleby Barwick at Conyers and Egglescliffe Schools, offering a high standard of education with safe and efficient transport provided by the Council.

He would be happy to discuss these matters in more detail.


It was noted that a meeting is to take place with representatives from S.B.C. on Tuesday 26th February 2008.  S.B.C. will be represented by Councillor Alex Cunningham along with the Ann Baxter, Lionel Danby and Julia Morrison.


RESOLVED that the Chairman Councillor Irene Machin, the Vice Chairman W. Feldon and the Clerk represent the Town Council at the meeting and report back to the Town Council.


The Town Council has received a letter from James Wharton the Conservative Parties prospective parliamentary candidate for Stockton South, thanking the Town Council for inviting him to attend the site visit at All Saints School on Tuesday 8th January 2008.  He felt that it was a useful visit and there is clearly a great deal of commitment, at all levels locally, to achieve the level of schooling provision that Ingleby Barwick so desperately needs.

For the matter of public record he would like to clarify his own position: he is fully behind the work that we are doing locally to promote the need for more school places and he is committed to giving whatever support he can to the campaign for a new school or the extension of All Saints, or indeed both should the opportunity arise.  He believes that this can be achieved, despite the unhelpful restrictions placed on the Building Schools for the Future money, and he will do everything he can to bring about a result that will benefit the residents of Ingleby Barwick.

He will be doing his best over the coming months to elicit a change of stance from our current MP by applying pressure and highlighting the public support locally for more school places.  He firmly believes that we can achieve more when individuals from all parties (and none) work together on projects in which they all believe.  He is pleased to see that this appears to already be the case in Ingleby Barwick and hopes that he can further assist our efforts in due course.




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A response has also been received from Morgan and Morgan who acknowledge the Town Council’s comments.  They look forward with interest to any further developments


Councillor W. Feldon informed that he had recently met with Mr Mann, Head Teacher at All Saints School accompanied by Councillor Mrs Machin and the Clerk.


A general discussion took place on secondary school provision.


It was noted that the option currently being put forward to expand All Saints School by at least 150 places is a move in the right direction, however this in no way would fulfill the overall requirements for increased provision.



Funding to date totaling £413,500 for Phase 1 of the project has been secured as follows:


    • £80,000 secured from Impetus Waste
    • £150,000 of S.B.C. capital approved by cabinet in September 2007
    • £75,000 from Play England upped to £175,000, though confirmation will not be due until April 2008 at earliest and could affect the start date
    • £8,500 provided by Ward Councillors, Ingleby Barwick West, from their Small Environmental Improvements Budget


It was noted that a third party contribution of 10% (£8,000) is still required for the Impetus funding of £80,000.


A planning application has been submitted for two CCTV Cameras, the locations and types having been agreed with S.B.C. Security and Surveillance.  Assuming that the application is approved installation is expected to take place mid-April.  The costs being in the region of £25,000.


Councillor Irene Machin, Councillor W. Feldon and the Clerk had met with Keith Mathews from S.B.C. on 14th February 2008.

It was noted that the £8,500 contribution from the Ward Councillors was to be used towards the provision of the CCTV cameras.

The funding from Impetus Waste has a 12 month deadline ending September 2008, if it has not been used by this time it is to be returned.

Councillor Feldon reported that the meeting had discussed the shortfall in funding which is to be progressed.  It was suggested that operatives from Care For Your Area open the gates to the park in the morning and Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service lock them up at night.  Weekends would need further consideration.




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It was noted that the Town Council needs to consider its stance in respect of the piece of land at the rear of All Saints School.  This land is owned by S.B.C. and is within Romano Park; however it may be required for the further expansion of All Saints School.   



The Clerk circulated a copy of the letter sent to S.B.C. on behalf of the Town Council by Jacksons Solicitors.


It was noted that Jacksons Solicitors have received a response from S.B.C. stating that the cost of holding a local council election is required to be paid by the local council if the principal authority so require.  This is provided for in sections 36(3B) and 36(5) of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

This is the basis in which all local councils within Stockton’s local administrative area have been invoiced thereby ensuring a fair and consistent approach; all with the exception of Ingleby Barwick Town Council have now paid.

Whilst they note the comments regarding recommendation 18 of the Councillors Commission report dated December 2007, these do not of course legislate for the basis on which they currently charge for Election services.  The report recommendations will require attention and action by a range of stakeholders including Central and Local Government in order to amend the basis of existing practices.

Whilst they understand the Town Council’s concerns, the costs of this election were raised at the Parish Clerk’s meeting on 13 February 2007 and the Clerk did report back to the Parish Council meeting on 21 February that election costs would be more than anticipated.

They can only reiterate that the amount needs to be paid in full and that the previous payment arrangements offered to the Town Council stand.


Jacksons Solicitors have informed that they are disappointed that the offer contained within our letter to pay £4,000 for the election costs (already paid to S.B.C.) has not been accepted but they are more concerned as to the fact that S.B.C. have not even agreed to take up the offer of a meeting.  The Town Council’s comments are requested on the matter.


Members had a general discussion on the matter.


RESOLVED that the Clerk respond to Jacksons Solicitors informing that the Town Council would like to pursue the meeting with S.B.C.



It was noted that Councillor W. Feldon and Councillor J. Myers had represented the Town Council at the meeting.



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The meeting was well attended with representatives from the Police, Enforcement, Anti Social Behaviour Team, All Saints Secondary School, as well as Tesco, IBIS and the Town Council.


The meeting was held in Starbucks café and Chaired by Ward Councillor L. Narroway.


The first main point that was brought up was CCTV for the store. It was stated that if the proposed extension of the store went ahead, CCTV would be installed. However the possibility of getting CCTV without a store extension was not entirely ruled out.  It was pointed out in the last meeting that the store may be due an update shortly.  This again was raised but unfortunately no date could be given as to when the store will be getting one. The Store Manager Steve Ashman is following this matter up.


It was noted that staff from All Saints School come over to the store 2 or 3 times a week on a morning. This new dynamic approach was praised by all as it seemed to be doing well.


Calls to the Police have also reduced of late since the new manager Steve Ashman came to the store. 


The proposal for a possible extension to the store was raised for discussion.  It was noted that in previous years a room had been provided for Police use within the store.  If the store was extended reinstatement of the idea could be a possibility.  It was put forward that the room could be a community room that could be used by the Police, Enforcement and other community figures. This seemed to be the best option.


Other items raised for discussion included the following:


-                      Bus Stop on Myton Road, enquiries are being made to confirm ownership;

-                      AS13 Forms, very few are being submitted to the Anti Social Behaviour Team which shows a drop in Anti Social Behaviour in and around the store of late;

-                      Joint Beat Surgery, attended by the Police, a Local Councillor, the Anti Social Team etc.  This idea was encouraged and it was raised that this could get some advertisement in the local magazines and papers. The surgery could be held at the front of Tesco or within Starbucks;

-           Visual Audit of Anti Social Behaviour;

-           Starbucks, they would be willing to get involved in community events and

           will be very accommodating.


The next meeting will be arranged to take place in early April 2008.



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The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from S.B.C. informing that a meeting of the Parish Council Liaison Forum has been arranged for Tuesday 25th March 2008 at 7.00 p.m.  which is a change to the previous date forwarded of Monday 17th March 2008. Representatives of each Parish/Town Council are invited to attend and, should they wish to do so, identify any items they would wish to be considered at the meeting.  Any items should be forwarded by Friday 29th February 2008.


RESOLVED that the Town Council submits the following items to be raised for discussion at the Forum:


  • Secondary School Provision, Ingleby Barwick – Update on Building Schools for the Future following the meeting between Town Councillors and Councillor Alex Cunningham, Ann Baxter, Lionel Danby and Julia Morrison on 26th February 2008. 


  • Expansion of Tesco, Ingleby Barwick – What are the planning department’s views in respect of the possible extension of Tesco following the recent announcement from the Government that the impact on other stores should not influence the decision?


  • Dog Fouling




The Town Council has received a letter from S.B.C. informing that a review of the Council’s waste management and recycling services is being conducted by the Council’s Environment Select Committee.  The review is aimed at improving efficiency and making the Borough a cleaner, greener place.


It’s all part of the Council’s programme to continually seek ways of improving services.  The review which will contribute to the waste strategy for the wider Tees Valley area, will also consider how national legislation and policy will affect waste and recycling.


Councils across the country face the need to keep on improving recycling rates for less cost, and S.B.C. are no different.  Although customer satisfaction with these services is good, it is important to them to at least maintain it and preferably improve it.  They know from their surveys that people are more environmentally aware than ever before and want to be able to recycle more and tackle climate change.





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Stockton Borough already has some of the country’s lowest rates of waste sent to landfill sites.  The energy-from-waste plant at Haverton Hill makes a big contribution to this but the need to continue reducing the reliance on landfill remains high on the agenda.  They are aiming towards zero landfill.


Collection services in the Borough are currently one of the best performing in the land.  However, there will always be ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness, so the review will also look at what these might be and whether they are appropriate.


The Council will be approaching individuals and businesses involved in the waste industry for their views, and the Select Committee will particularly welcome residents’ views to help it shape the Council’s future policy.  Widespread consultation with residents will be taking place under the title of ‘Start Talking Rubbish’ and the edition of Stockton News published at the end of January will include a questionnaire for residents.  The questionnaire can also be completed online on the Council’s website at www.stockton.gov.uk.


Enclosed was a copy of the questionnaire for completion by Members.  Additional comments from the Town Council are also welcomed by 29th February 2008.        


A general discussion took place on the matter.


RESOLVED that Members complete the questionnaire individually and then submit to S.B.C.  The Clerk to submit a collective response from the Town Council.




The Clerk reported receipt of a copy of the Village Study Report and associated Appendix draft consultation document from S.B.C.  The information has been circulated to Members for their observation.


RESOLVED that the documents be noted.




The Town Council has received a letter inviting comments on the further changes proposed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to the second draft revision of the North East Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS).




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The Secretary of State has now considered the recommendations of the first stage of the consultation which was held before a Panel of Inspectors at an Examination in Public into the draft revision, and in the light of this and the representations made on the draft revision, proposes to make further changes to the RSS before finally publishing it.


A CD ROM was enclosed containing:


  • The Secretary of State’s Further Proposed Changes

(The Further Proposed Changes (FPCs) are in the dark-shaded boxes throughout this document.  Strikethrough of text indicates deletions from the first stage consultation of the Secretary of State’s Proposed Changes, white-highlighted text indicates additions)

  • Statement of Reasons
  • Sustainability Appraisal
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment (Appropriate Assessment)
  • Summary of Representations
  • Further related documents


As a result of the various recommendations from the Panel, Government has decided that it is in the interests of the public and all stakeholders to provide a two stage consultation.  The first stage commenced on 29th May 2007 and lasted for ten weeks.  Ministers have now considered the additional information and views received from the first stage of the consultation and are now ready to hold the second stage of the consultation.  Comments are requested by 2nd April 2008.

The second stage consultation will provide all concerned with an opportunity to consider the further proposed changes.  Whilst this has extended the overall timetable, Ministers consider that it is in the interests of all concerned to ensure a full opportunity to comment.  The Secretary of State will give consideration to all representations on the Further Proposed Changes before deciding on and publishing the final version of the RSS.


RESOLVED that the Councillor Mrs I. Machin and Councillor T.W. Bowman consider the document and forward any comments to the Clerk for submission to GONE.




The Town Council has been contacted by Mr D. Thompson informing that whilst Ingleby Mill Primary School was being built in 2005 there was some publicity in the local press regarding an aeroplane which had crashed there in 1943. He actually presented some details about the aeroplane and its crew to Ingleby Barwick Parish Council at the meeting on Wednesday 20th April 2005.  



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He was proposing that the wartime accident could be remembered in some way either through the names of the crew being incorporated into the school via a named room or a memorial plaque.  It was noted that there seemed to be a favourable response to the proposal from both the Parish Council and the school headmistress.

At that time he was also involved in the Thornaby Spitfire Project which took up a lot of his free time and then last year following its dedication he helped to compile and launch the Thornaby Aerodrome Trail.  If the Town Council would still like to pursue the idea of a memorial then he would again like to offer his help in seeing this idea come to a successful completion.  The Town Council’s thoughts on the subject are requested.


It is noted that the de Havilland Mosquito aeroplane was involved in the crash on 11 November 1943 and this year will be the 65th anniversary of the accident.

RESOLVED that the Clerk reply to Mr Thompson informing that Members are generally
supportive of the idea of a memorial, however the decision really rests with
the school.  Mr Thompson to be advised to contact the new Head Teacher at
Ingleby Mill Primary School regarding the matter.




The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from the Regional Development Officer for the North East informing that she is employed on a part-time basis by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) to promote and develop Quality Councils in the North East.  She is currently working with Jim Wingham and Margaret Middleton of the CLCA, together with Jay Jackson from Tees Valley Community Council.


They would very much like to attend one of Ingleby Barwick Town Council’s meetings – not to give lengthy presentations – but to answer any questions and queries Members may have not only about the Quality Council Scheme, but also how we can all work together for the benefit of all our communities.


Correspondence has also been received from County Durham and Cleveland County Partnership in respect of the increase for both the registration fee and the re-sit fee for the CiLCA qualification as from the 1 April 2008.


  • The Registration fee will increase to £150 (as from 01/04/08)


  • Re-sit fee will increase to £115 (as from 01/04/08)






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It was noted that at the last meeting of Cleveland Local Councils Association (CLCA) they were proposing to hold the next meeting in Ingleby Barwick and would include a presentation on Quality Councils. 


RESOLVED that Members of Ingleby Barwick Town Council be invited to attend the CLCA meeting when arrangements for the meeting have been finalised.




It was noted that the meeting was attended by Councillor Mrs I. Machin and Councillor T.W. Bowman.


The matters discussed at the meeting were as follows:


-                      Thornaby Footbridge Replacement Scheme, discussions ongoing with

            Network Rail;

-                      Connect2 Project, report to Cabinet for approval in April;

-                      School Travel Plans;

-                      Community Strategy Priority Reporting;

-                      Area Action Plan, currently being developed;

-                      Speed Indication Devices (SIDs), locations agreed and will be installed during the current financial year;

-                      Update from the Children & Young People’s Event held on 18th January 2008;

-                      Youth Café Update, identification of suitable site in Ingleby Barwick still being progressed, £50,000 allocation to be carried forward;

-                      Parkview Elderly Care Home, consultation period ends on 25th February 2008 and the results will go to Cabinet on 13th March 2008;

-                      Concerns were raised in respect of the cost of transporting school pupils off Ingleby Barwick, over a 20 year period it is anticipated it will be in the region of £8 million.




(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a total balance including reserves of £ 46,948.90, a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.

The balance includes for the VAT refunded to the Town Council for the financial year 2007/2008, period up to 31st December 2007.




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(b) Accounts due for Payment

Monthly internet payment to Orange Broadband of £11.99 is collected by direct debit.


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th February 2008 £ 220.00 has already been paid.


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration February 2008;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution February 2008;


            HBS Local Government Pension Scheme - Clerk and Employer contribution

January 2008;


            HBS Local Government Pension Scheme - Clerk and Employer contribution

February 2008;


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Use of Hall

by the Town Council January 2008                                                 £       25.50


CLCA LCR, 6 Half year subscriptions                                                        £       40.50


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th March 2008                                    £     220.00


BT Telephone Bill dated 17th January 2008                                              £     208.58


S.B.C. Tree Planting                                                                         £  1,000.00


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service –

Quarter 4                                                                                                        £12,284.04   



(c) S137 Payments, Request for grant Aid – 1st Ingleby Barwick Guides


The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from 1st Ingleby Barwick Guides apologising for the lateness of their application.  They would like to apply for a grant of £300 which they would use partially to have some special badges made to commemorate their tenth birthday (£115 would buy 35 enough for all their guides and leaders – it would be nice to give these to other uniformed organisations on Ingleby but obviously it is beyond their means).  The rest of the money would be used for a unit day out, they are thinking about aerial extreme or a local theme park.  As they are not qualified to take the Guides away camping a day out would be nice for the girls.  The requested information i.e. accounts etc were enclosed.



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RESOLVED that the Town Council approves grant aid for the sum of £250.00.  The Clerk to forward the payment to the group accordingly.


(d) The Accounts and Audit (Amendment)(England) Regulations 2006 - The Review of the Effectiveness of the System of Internal Audit.


Regulation 4 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations (2003) required audited bodies to conduct a review at least once a year of the effectiveness of its system of internal control and publish a statement on internal control (statement of assurance) each year with the body’s financial statements.


The Accounts and Audit (Amendment)(England) regulations 2006 came into force on 1st April 2006.  Whilst many of the amendments clarify or correct elements of the 2003 Regulations, two of the amended regulations in particular have an impact on the process for preparing the annual statement of assurance.


Regulation 4 requires the findings of the review of the system of internal control to be considered by a committee of the relevant body, or by members of the body of the meeting as a whole.


Regulation 6 requires bodies to review the effectiveness of their system of internal audit once a year and the findings of the review to be considered by a committee of the body, or by the body as a whole, as part of the consideration of the system of internal control referred to in Regulation 4.  Taken together these amendments have necessitated a revision of the guidance issued to practitioners in smaller relevant bodies.


Review of systems of internal control: the requirement for the findings of the review of the effectiveness of the system of internal control does not require the establishment of an audit committee to carry out the review.


Review of internal audit: On the requirement for an annual review of the effectiveness of the system of internal audit and for the body to consider the findings the guidance says that this process is also part of the wider annual review of the effectiveness of the system of internal control.


Who should carry out the review? The results of the review are reported to and considered by a full meeting of the Council for consideration.  There are no hard and fast rules as to who actually performs the review, but bodies may wish to set up a small working party for this purpose.  The statement of assurance and the review of the system of internal audit are closely related as the later forms part of the former.




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In view of the above regulations it was agreed to formalise the process of carrying out audits, both the internal and external system, into a written procedure which will be presented to the Town Council at its next meeting for formal review.


RESOLVED that a Working Party be set up to draft the formal written procedure for the process of carrying out audits/review the system of internal control.  The Working Party to consist of Councillor W. Feldon and Councillor T.W. Bowman assisted by the Clerk.




Tree Planting

All tree planting works complete.




Planning Schedule

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications.


Conversion of Garages into Habitable Rooms

A discussion took place in respect of the Town Council’s position with regard to the conversion of garages into habitable rooms.


RESOLVED that the Town Council continue with their stance of not supporting the conversion of garages into habitable rooms as this is liable to result in more on-street parking in Ingleby Barwick.


(a) Planning Application No. 08/0244/FUL

     Proposal: Conversion of Farm Buildings to Provide 3 No. Separate Dwellings

     Location: White House Farm, Blair Avenue, Ingleby Barwick.


The Town Council considered all of the information and plans provided in respect of planning application no. 08/0244/FUL.


RESOLVED that the Clerk submits the following comments to S.B.C.:


The Town Council would note that the previous application on this site for the erection of 4 dwellings was refused in 2003; one of the reasons being that the proposal would increase traffic at the location to an unacceptable level to the detriment of free flow of traffic and highway safety.



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There have been no improvements made to the road system since that application to accommodate any additional traffic.

The Town Council is sympathetic to the concerns raised by residents who live in the vicinity of the application site regarding the highway safety issues which should be taken into consideration when determining this application.

The access to the farm is on a bend in the road and also crosses a well used bridleway which also raises significant safety concerns.

Concerns are also raised in respect of the effect on the local wildlife.

If this extensive development is allowed to go ahead given the problems it would generate then it should be ensured that we receive some ‘planning gain’.


(b) Planning Application No. 08/0245/FUL

     Proposal: Erection of 1 No. Dwellinghouse (Demolition of Existing Farm House)

     Location: White House Farm, Blair Avenue, Ingleby Barwick.


The Town Council considered all of the information and plans provided in respect of planning application no. 08/0245/FUL.


RESOLVED that the Clerk informs S.B.C. that the Town Council has no comments to raise in respect of the proposal.




RESOLVED that the Town Council’s March article for publication includes the following:


-                      Secondary School Provision, Ingleby Barwick;

-                      Romano Park, assisting with Grant Applications;

-                      Dog Fouling/Litter.




(a) Communities and Local Government, Consultation on Orders and Regulations Relating to the Conduct of Local Authority Members in England – Receipt of consultation document which seeks views on the detailed arrangements for putting into effect the orders and regulations to provide a revised more locally-based ethical regime for the conduct of local councillors in England.

Part 10 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 amends the Local Government Act 2000 to provide for a revised ethical conduct regime for local government based on the principle of proportionate decision-making on conduct issues by local authorities. 




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In order to implement the revised regime, they now need to put in place detailed arrangements to allow standards committees and the Standards Board to undertake new roles.  These arrangements need to cover:


·        The operation of standards committees’ powers to make initial assessments of misconduct allegations.

·        The operation of other functions by standards committees and the Adjudication Panel in issuing penalties and sanctions.

·        The operation of the Standards Board’s revised strategic role to provide supervision, support and guidance for the regime.

·        Other matters, such as the rules on the granting of dispensations, the granting of exemptions of posts from political restrictions and the pay of local authority political assistants.


The paper sets out for each of these issues, the specific purpose of the provisions and the proposals for how the rules should operate via appropriate regulations and orders under the Local Government Act 2000.


(b) HM Revenue & Customs, P35 Employer Annual Return – Receipt of the P35 Employers Annual Return for the Clerk for the financial year 2007/2008.


(c) County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership, Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) – Receipt of letter informing that in 2001, the National Training Strategy (NTS) was developed to provide training and support for Parish Councils.  There are a variety of ways in which training can be undertaken and levels to which training can be attained.  There is now a recognisable qualification for Clerks in the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA), whereby you complete a portfolio evidencing various aspects of the job.  The Certificate is one of the mandatory elements of the Quality Parish Council Status (QPS) initiative that the Council may wish to achieve.


Financial help for training is available to Councils with income and expenditure of less than £25,000. This is obtained through a bursary scheme provided through the National Association of Local Councils. Details of this bursary were sent out to you in November 2007.  They can also provide access to a trained mentor who will guide through all aspects of the CiLCA qualification.


In addition there are also limited funds of up to £500 available from Rural Community Action Durham (formerly the Durham Rural Community Council) to assist councils obtain Quality Status. This is currently available to Councils with a budget not exceeding £100,000.




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This can be used to provide Clerks with additional hours pay to undertake CiLCA, CiLCA mentoring fee, travelling expenses to attend CiLCA mentoring courses, production of four newsletters per year, provision of website etc. but must ultimately result in obtaining Quality Status.


However, it is noted that they expect the CiLCA Registration Fee to increase significantly on 1 April 2008. Therefore, any Clerks considering undertaking CiLCA could save their council some expense by registering before 31 March. Candidates have two years to complete the course from date of registration so by registering early they could save some money and still have two years to complete the course.


(d) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, Open Space and Recreation Facilities in the Borough of Stockton-on-TeesReceipt of questionnaire to be completed by 29th February 2008.


(e) 1st Ingleby Barwick Scout Group, Sponsorship of Two Scouts – Receipt of letter thanking the Town Council for the very kind contribution which helped the two scouts reach their target of £895 each to go to the 21st World Scout Centenary Jamboree in Chelmsford, Essex, in July 2007.

Secondly they wanted to explain how the Town Council’s donation helped them.  On the first and last days of the trip they traveled for 5-6 hours together on a coach, which allowed them to anticipate and then evaluate their experience of a lifetime with each other. 

On arrival at the campsite, which, they were told was around the size of Ingleby Barwick, they set up their tents on their allocated spot where they were to stay for the next two weeks.  The campsite was divided into 4 areas, called Hubs and a larger area for the adult International Support Team.  The Hubs were then divided again into 4 Sub-Camps per Hub.  Each Sub-Camp was home to Scout units from almost every country in the world so it seemed obvious that they were going to experience many different cultures, religions, national foods and most of all, make new friends from oversees countries.

Every day was totally different from the next, and with so much they could do, it seemed that a fortnight really wasn’t long enough.  They stuck to an agenda created by the organisers at Jamboree HQ, which was quite packed, meaning that they were always active.  A list of the main activities included: Splash (A day of water activities such as canoeing and Sailing on a nearby reservoir), Gilwell Adventure (An outdoor arena specially built for the Jamboree, with hundreds of activities to choose from, plus a tour around Lord Baden Powell’s summer house), Trash (A chance to make a use of waste products in a creative way), Starburst (A day out in the local area devoted to helping the environment and learning about the world around us), Global Development Village (An on-site experience of Third World/Developing countries, and a chance to get to grips with what is happening every day in these places).




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And, finally Free Time, which could be used for wandering the depths of Hylands Park, and meeting new people, visiting Energise (An on-site zone where you could do anything from Skateboarding, to playing board games) or simply just stay with your Scout Unit and relax from the business of the time table.  There were also things going on at the Hub headquarters each night with activities such as discos and challenges.  On the 1st August, Sunrise Day, the 40,000 participants all crammed together in the main arena to celebrate the Centenary of Scouting, and renewed their promises, together with the whole family of Scouting and Girlguiding throughout the world.  They had an amazing time experiencing new activities, foods, cultures and friendships and they thank the Town Council once more for helping them to take part in the Jamboree.


(f) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton News March 2008 Edition – Receipt of letter informing that the magazine will be delivered to households and businesses on Monday 31st March 2008.  A list of the copy deadline dates for 2008 was attached.  Six copies are produced; January, March, May, July, September, November.


(g) Diocese of Middlesbrough Curial Office, Deep Water Adjacent to St. Therese of Lisieux RC Primary School – Receipt of letter giving permission for Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Local Nature Reserves Officer, Terry Douthwaite, to carry out a Nature Survey of the deep water.  A copy of the report is also requested.


(h) RBS Software Solutions – Receipt of letter updating the Town Council with developments at RBS.


The coming year promises to be the most exciting in their history.  On the second of January, Microshade Business Consultants Ltd., (the owners of RBS Software Solutions) merged operations with HLH Connect Ltd., to form a new company, Emenda (RBS) Ltd., still trading as RBS Software Solutions.

Emenda brings a young and vibrant IT team into the organisation, so the future of the current products and services is ensured, with exciting new products on the horizon.  


(i) Stockton South Conservatives, Secondary School Provision in Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter of support from James Wharton.


(j) North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Core Strategy Submissions – Receipt of letter informing that the County Council is currently preparing a Minerals and Waste Development Framework (MWDF), which will set out policies and proposals to guide minerals and waste development across the County (outside the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors National Parks) over the period 2021.  Enclosed with the letter were a Publication Notice and a CD-ROM of the consultation documents together with a number of supporting documents.  Comments required by 29th February 2008.



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(k) Cleveland Local Councils Association, Invoice – Receipt of invoice for LCR, 6 Half year subscriptions, totaling £ 40.50.  


(l) NALC, Quality Councils – Receipt of letter.


(m) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers for the Eastern Area Partnership Board meeting on Tuesday 29th January 2008.


(n) Queensbury Shelters – Receipt of mailing.


(o) Audit Commission, Appointment of External Auditor – Receipt of letter informing that the Audit Commission proposes to appoint BDO Stoy Hayward LLP as auditor to Ingleby Barwick Town Council.  The appointment will be for a five year period, commencing with 2007/08 accounts.


The Commission also proposes to appoint a panel of its own officers that can be the external auditor to Ingleby Barwick Town Council in the event that BDO Stoy Hayward LLP is not able to continue with the appointment, or to assist with, or act solely on, additional work where necessary.  Details of the panel were found at Appendix 1 to the letter.


(p) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parish Council Liaison Forum, Tuesday 25th March 2008 at 7.00 p.m., Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees – Receipt of letter informing that a meeting of the Parish Council Liaison Forum has been arranged for Tuesday 25th March 2008 at 7.00 p.m. 


(q) 1st Ingleby Barwick Guides, Request for Grant Aid – Receipt of letter.


(r) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Environment Select Committee Scrutiny Review of Waste Services – Receipt of letter informing that a review of the Council’s waste management and recycling services is being conducted by the Council’s Environment Select Committee. 


(s) Morgan and Morgan, Land off Blair AvenueReceipt of letter acknowledging the Town Council’s comments. 


(t) Tees Valley Events/Training, February and March 2008 – Receipt of information on current events/training sessions.


(u) 2nd Ingleby Barwick Rainbows – Receipt of letter of thanks for Grant Aid 2007/2008.



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(v) 2nd Ingleby Barwick Brownies – Receipt of letter of thanks for Grant Aid 2007/2008.


(w) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership, Response to Youth Consultation – Receipt of letter following the discussion at the last meeting of the Eastern Area Partnership enclosing a photography copy of the artist canvas detailing the views of young people from the Children’s Trust Board and Area Partnership Youth Consultation event held on 18th January 2008.


(x) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, ‘Future Learning’ Consultation – Receipt of letter from Councillor Alex Cunningham.


(y) Wicksteed Leisure – Receipt of mailing.


(z) Society of Local Council Clerks, Regional Conferences – Receipt of mailing.


(a1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Village Study Consultation – Receipt of consultation documents, comments requested by Friday 29th February 2008.


(b1) 2nd Ingleby Barwick Guides - Receipt of letter of thanks for Grant Aid 2007/2008.


(c1) 1st Ingleby Barwick Scout Group - Receipt of letter of thanks for Grant Aid 2007/2008.


(d1) 1st Ingleby Barwick Scout Group – Receipt of letter informing that £40 of the Beaver grant 2007 which was being used for taking half the Beaver Colony to the ‘Youthy’ in Thornaby to go on the climbing wall in November 2007 was cancelled and re-scheduled for 4th February 2008.  Unfortunately, when they went on 4th February, the ‘Youthy’ had not put it down in the diary and the climbing instructor was away on holiday – so it was cancelled again.  They would like to re-allocate this £40 of the 2007 grant to go towards taking the full Beaver colony bowling at the Hollywood Bowl on 10th March 2008 and it is hoped that this is acceptable to the Town Council. 


(e1) Government Office for the North East, North East Regional Spatial Strategy Further Proposed Changes – Receipt of letter inviting comments on the further changes proposed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to the second draft revision of the North East Regional Spatial Strategy.


(f1) The Parish Church of St. Francis of Assisi - Receipt of letter of thanks for Grant Aid 2007/2008.





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(g1) The Planning Inspectorate, Appeal Decision, Leven Caravan Site Low Lane, High Leven, Yarm – Receipt of notification that the appeal against the refusal to grant a certificate of lawful use or development has been dismissed.


(h1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, NWL Works near Thornwood Avenue, Ingleby Barwick Receipt of correspondence informing that Northumbrian Water have served notice to commence work at this location on or after 2nd February 2008.  They are planning to install pipe wrapping on existing water mains. 


(i1) Aeroplane Crash at Ingleby Mill – Receipt of correspondence from Mr D. Thompson.


(j1) Youth Provision, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of correspondence from Marc Mason informing that the situation with regard to youth provision in Ingleby Barwick is that they are planning to double the number of sessions of youth work they deliver in Beckfields Community Centre. This is, of course, subject to the agreement of the management committee.


Attention then will turn to attempting to find a suitable location for a youth café and/or young people’s centre. Any solution will be bound by the resources that will be available at the time. As the Town Council has indicated the money that was earmarked for Ingleby Barwick (£50k) will be available next year. The challenge is finding a building that can be used and that will allow the youth café/ young people’s centre to be created.  The Town Council’s help with this search would be appreciated by the officer that will lead on this initiative next year, Neil Pocklington.  Neil is the new Integrated Service Area Manager for the South of the Borough and would be pleased to meet with the Town Council at some stage.


(k1) The National Training Strategy for Town and Parish Councils – Receipt of letter in respect of the fees for the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA).  It is noted that the Government subsidy for the Certificate, which has been supporting the qualification since 2002, has recently come to an end.


With this in mind, and the fact that it was the original intention of the National Training Strategy (NTS) for the qualification to be self sustaining after two years, it is necessary to increase both the registration fee and the re-sit fee as from the 1 April 2008.


  • The Registration fee will increase to £150 (as from 01/04/08)


  • Re-sit fee will increase to £115 (as from 01/04/08)





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These increases have been determined by reference to the current and projected numbers registering for CiLCA and have been agreed by the Monitoring and Verification Board (M&VB).  The impact of these changes will be monitored through the Board and they will liaise closely with County Training Partnerships on this matter.


On a positive note, the NTS Bursary Scheme has been confirmed to continue through 2008-2009, and they hope that this will continue to support areas of CiLCA training (including CiLCA registration costs where this is included within some training packages).


(l1) RCVDA, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and TVRCC, Seminar ‘The Big Event’ – Receipt of information on ‘The Big Event’.


(m1) Stockton-on Tees Borough Council, Code of Conduct – Receipt of copy of correspondence which was sent to Stockton’s Members and Officers, which states that at the Standards Committee meeting which was held on 24 January 2008 the Committee agreed the Member Conduct - Officer Protocol (Item 8); formulated a proposed response to the Local Assessment Framework - Consultation Paper (Item 11) and approved the recommendations to Council set out in the report on Stockton's arrangements for meeting the challenges of Local Assessment (Item 12).


The link to these and other items on the agenda are as follows:-




(n1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Mapping Arrangement Guidance for Town, Parish and Community Councils – Receipt of information.


(o1) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Hire Rate April 2008 – Receipt of letter informing that the hire charge of £6.00 per hour will be increased by 50p to £6.50 per hour, effective from 1st April 2008.


(p1) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Invoice – Receipt of invoice for use of the Hall on 16th and 23rd January, totaling £25.50.



The next meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 19th March 2008 at Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Haresfield Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.



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