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Chairman/Town Mayor: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: Councillor W. Feldon;


Councillors: Mrs G. Corr, A. Graham, Ms A. Hailes, Mrs J.P. Kirby, J. Myers, D. Sanderson and Mrs J.E. White;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.) Enforcement Service:


Supervisor - K. Affleck;

            Enforcement Officer I.B. - S. Duffield;

            Enforcement Officer I.B. – Ms K. Sleightholme;


S.B.C. Community Safety Team Representative - K. Taylor;


2 Members of the public were present at the meeting.





Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors T.W. Bowman, Mrs E. Harrington and Mrs S. Larkin.

Apologies were also received from Ward Councillors K. Faulks, D. Harrington, A. Larkin (Ingleby Barwick East) and Ward Councillor K. Dixon (Ingleby Barwick West). 




Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he represents the Town Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 11               -           Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension/Christmas Tree.




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Councillor Mrs I. Machin declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as she represents the Town Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 11               -           Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension/Christmas Tree.


Councillor J. Myers declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he represents the Town Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 11               -           Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Extension/Christmas Tree.


No further interests were declared.



The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point to allow public participation.


The following matters were raised during public participation:


-                      The overgrown hedge obstructing the public footpath at the entrance into Partridge Close has now been cut back;

-                      Tesco was raised in respect of congregation of youths.  As the area is well lit and provides shelter it attracts groups of youths.  It was noted that having security at the entrance has improved matters.  Objections were raised in respect of the possibility of removing the bus shelter on Myton Road.

-                      Concerns were raised in respect of school transport to the secondary schools;

-                      It was confirmed that the Town Council’s Code of Conduct is available for public inspection at the Clerks Office in Barwick Lodge, Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


It was agreed that Agenda Item No. 19 Clerks Pension Arrangements be moved down the agenda to be discussed at the end of the meeting.




The Clerk circulated to Members the Service Level Agreement (S.L.A.) received from S.B.C.

The Chairman invited the Enforcement Supervisor K. Affleck to introduce the two new Enforcement Officers dedicated to Ingleby Barwick.



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Mr Affleck introduced S. Duffield who was previously one of Ingleby Barwick’s Community Wardens and Ms K. Sleightholme.  Whilst the two officers are undergoing their training, officers from S.B.C. Enforcement Service are covering the Ingleby Barwick Service.


The hours of work were discussed and it was agreed that the Service Level agreement

should include provision for flexibility of the working hours.


It was questioned as to when the core periods were when the officers are most required.


Mr Taylor from S.B.C. Community Safety Team agreed to provide the Town Council with information in respect of when crimes/calls have been logged, with particular regard to Greenside, Beckfields and Tesco/Myton Park shopping areas.


RESOLVED that a separate meeting be held to discuss the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service and S.L.A.


The Enforcement Officers were thanked for their attendance.




The Chairman introduced Mr K. Taylor from S.B.C. Community Safety Team.


Mr Taylor distributed a copy of the ‘Safer Stockton Partnership’ Tackling Crime and Disorder magazine August 2007, to those present at the meeting.


It was noted that the magazine which includes a response sheet, has been distributed to all households in the Borough.  The return date is 5th October 2007, 300 responses have been received to date.


Mr Taylor informed that it has been three years since the public were last canvassed for their comments/views.  He outlined the crime comparisons over the last three years.

There has been a 4% reduction for all crime from 2004/05 to 2006/07.


It was noted that the biggest increase is for recorded criminal damage offences, which have been steadily increasing for the last six years and make up 30% of the Total Crime rate.  Theft of metals is also rising.


Reference was made to the recorded crime chart 2006/07.  Violent crime has increased.




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Comparing Stockton with our Neighbours - It was noted that we have the largest population in the Tees Valley.  Of the 649,600 residents nearly 29% (187,300) live in Stockton.


We have the lowest rate for Total Crime, Violent Crime, Dwelling Burglary, and Criminal Damage.


Ingleby Barwick East and West both lie at the bottom of the ‘Deprivation Rank’ and ‘Crime Rank’.


The activities of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Team were outlined.  To target their resources they look at disorder statistics on the Police recording system alongside reports to the Council through the ASB Team, Care For Your Area, NES and THL.  They also monitor where AS13’s are issued (a form that is given out by the Police, NES and the ASB Team to anyone who is caught behaving anti socially).


The pyramid on page 18 of the magazine shows the total actions taken in 2006/07.  It demonstrates how most anti social behaviour can be stopped with low level interventions such as warning letters, and that very few people continue to behave in a manner that results in an ASBO.


It was confirmed that three warning letters are sent as the information is required for court proceedings.


Dwelling Burglary – Stockton’s target was to reduce dwelling burglary from 2,079 in 2003/04 by 38% in 2007/08.  In April 2007 they exceeded this by 34%!  That means that in 2006/07 there were 855 dwelling burglaries, an overall reduction of 59% since 2003/04.


It is known that dwelling burglary is a crime that is linked to drug misuse.  Last year 33% of this crime was what they call ‘walk ins’ which means that people have left doors and windows insecure – an open invitation to a burglar.


There has been a reduction in ‘two-in-ones’ where the burglar enters the property to steal car keys to take the car as well as other belongings whilst they are there, but it remains a problem for them.  These types of dwelling burglary are preventable so they have been working very hard to educate people to secure their homes and not leave keys on display.  They encourage them to take their car keys to bed with them!


Stockton now has the lowest dwelling burglary rate for at least 15 years.




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Looking at crime reports over the last year they know that dwelling burglary is most likely to occur between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m., in certain types of dwellings.  For example they have not had any dwelling burglaries in their multi storey blocks managed by THL where they provide a concierge service.


-                      76 % of victims live in houses;

-                      18 % in flats;

-                      4 % in bungalow’s;

-                      the remainder are places such as guesthouses or newly built properties not yet occupied.


Dwelling burglary is more likely to occur in wards with higher levels of deprivation.    


Violent Crime – Most violent crime is committed by someone known to the victim and a significant proportion is related to abuse of alcohol.  80% of suspects are males and are aged between 15-24 whereas 46% of victims are female.  Three wards account for 41% of violent crime and this includes Stockton Town Centre, Mandale and Victoria, and Newtown.

Pub Watch membership has increased to 200 and this means that they can work with landlords to respond to problems of violent crime.


Deliberate Fires – Stockton has exceeded its target of reducing deliberate fires by

10 % by nearly a further 11 %.  Fires in wheelie bins has increased, residents are encouraged to put them out early on the morning and not the night before and to bring them back in early.  Bins and recycling boxes should not be placed against the wall of the house, if they are set alight fire could spread to your home.


In 2006/07, 30 young people from Stockton who have been identified as fire setters, took part in the LIFE project.  The young people completed a one-week course learning life skills such as fire awareness, first aid, team building and effective communication.  The purpose of the course is to make the most of their physical and mental capabilities, and to help them become more responsible, safer and caring members of the community.  At the end of the week they graduated and received a diploma from the Council’s Community Safety Manager.


A general discussion took place on the issue of FPN’s (fixed penalty notices), parking on pavements, parking in disabled spaces and neighbour disputes.


Mr Taylor provided a number of response forms and envelopes and encouraged those present to complete a form, if they had not already done so, and return it to the Council’s Community Safety Team.  


Mr Taylor was thanked for his attendance.   



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The Minutes of the Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council held on Wednesday 18th July 2007, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.




(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.

It was noted that the damaged bollard adjacent to the One Stop shop at Greenside shopping area has now been made safe and the area is visibly improved.


Progress with the maintenance/improvement works at Beckfields shopping area was discussed.


Members were pleased to note that over recent weeks Mitchells and Butlers brewery has completed the works referred to at both the site meeting in February 2007 and subsequent correspondence in June 2007.


The visual appearance of the shopping area is noticeably improved and now much more welcoming to the public.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter of thanks to the brewery in respect of their co-operation and support with this matter.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter to Browns Estate Agents in respect of Greenside shopping area, requesting that they give consideration to replacing the missing tree in the paved area at Greenside with something similar to Beckfields, which would help improve the area.


(b) Item 14 2007/2008 - County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership – Training Events.

The Clerk informed that Councillor Mrs I. Machin and Councillor Mrs G. Corr had been unable to attend the module they had opted for on Wednesday 8th August 2007; however there will still be a 100% charge incurred.


It was noted that all modules opted for by Members have now been completed.





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(c) Item 52 2007/2008 – Future Plans For Ingleby Barwick, Consideration to be Given to what the Town Council is Looking to Achieve.

The Clerk informed that this item had been raised at the Town Council meeting on 20th June 2007, when it was agreed to set up a separate meeting to discuss the matter in more detail later in the year.


RESOLVED that this matter be considered at the meeting when the Town Council discusses the Enforcement Service.


(d) Item 64 Preston Park and Museum: Development Plan.                      

Councillor J. Myers stated that he had attended the presentation on the ‘Development Plan’ at Preston Hall on 19th July 2007, which was very informative.


(e) Item 75 2007/2008 – Proposed Park Adjacent to Ingleby Mill Primary School, Ingleby Barwick.

No further information to date.



It was noted that the extension at the Community Hall is complete and the new hall is available for bookings.  It was suggested that the Town Council give consideration to using the venue for meetings which would provide better acoustics and be cheaper to hire.

The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken with a representative from St. Francis of Assisi Church in respect of the Town Council’s current hire agreement and there would be no problem if the Council wished to change venue.  Concerns were raised by Members however in respect of the noise from the adjacent kitchen at the Community Hall which could disturb meetings. 


RESOLVED that the Clerk arrange for the special meeting to discuss the Enforcement Service to be held at the Community Hall as a trial.  The matter to then be reconsidered.



It was noted that at the Eastern Area Partnership Board (EAPB) meeting held on 31st July 2007, it was agreed that the Ingleby Barwick Youth Café should be in a central location in Ingleby Barwick, ideally sited at the new Romano Park.  Discussions have been held with Care For Your Area, who agree that this is a good location for the facility.  The idea of a possible high quality modular building was discussed at the EAPB, with the possibility of purchasing it at any point, meaning it would be easy to spend the money this year.





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The EAPB agreed that South Thornaby Community Centre would be an ideal location for the Thornaby Youth Café, as young people also have access to other space within that building.


The EAPB agreed that the £75,000 available should be recommended to the Children’s Trust Management Team to be split into the following: £25,000 Thornaby and £50,000 Ingleby Barwick.


It was noted however that any base opened, should not in the future struggle with revenue resources, the venture has to be sustainable.



The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from the Corporate Director Children, Education & Social Care responding to the Town Council’s letter.


The Town Council was thanked for their letter requesting information on Secondary School Transport Provision, Ingleby Barwick, details of which are as follows:


·        Duty of Care:- This is a shared responsibility.  S.B.C. risk assess the travel routes.  The contracted operators are also required to provide written risk assessments.  There is a robust contract specification for the service which details responsibilities of all concerned.  Parents, carers and children also have to sign a pupil behaviour agreement.  All buses have cameras to monitor operation.  Schools have site risk assessments and teachers supervise boarding.


·        Cost of Transport:- The Ingleby Barwick school transport service costs £347,047 per annum less concessions income – this depends on seat sales and will vary.  This includes the service to and from Conyers, Egglescliffe and St. Patrick’s schools.


·        The cost to parents for a child who does not qualify for free transport is £65.00 per term.


·        Subject to the agreement of Cabinet, public consultation on the future pattern of secondary school provision in each area of the borough will begin later this year as part of the preparation for Building Schools for the Future.


It is stated that, currently every student resident in Ingleby Barwick can transfer from a primary school on the estate to a highly popular and successful secondary school.  The Authority’s admission arrangements have been planned to ensure this remains the case.  Safe and efficient transport from home to school is available for all.



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The Clerk informed that no reference was made in the response to the Town Council’s concerns raised in respect of double running buses.  This matter was also submitted by the Town Council for discussion at the Parish Liaison meeting held on 18th September 2007.


Councillor Feldon informed that he had recently received a copy of the report to school governing bodies updating on school organisation issues, School Organisation Plan 2007-2012, which he outlined to the meeting as follows:


It was noted that there is no longer a statutory requirement to publish a School Organisation Plan; however S.B.C. as an Authority has continued to publish a plan annually for the information of schools, parents and others.


The Report includes ‘New Procedures for Making Changes to School Organisation’: -


At a national level, the Education and Inspections Act 2006 has introduced changes to procedures for determining changes in school organisation.  These changes come in the context of a new definition of the role of the local authority.  The Authority is no longer seen by government as one of the main providers of school places, but as a commissioning body.  This new role involves:

  • Commissioning school places from variety of providers in response to an identified need;
  • Promoting diversity in the range of school types, including foundation schools and academies;
  • Improving access to high-quality schools for all children;
  • Increasing opportunities for choice, and acting as the champion of parents’ wishes.


Some important elements of the process are unchanged

No changes such as opening, closing or enlarging schools can be made without going through the five-stage process introduced in 1999:

  • Consultation involving all stakeholders including parents/carers and pupils, governors and staff, professional associations, dioceses etc.;
  • Publication of a statutory notice explaining the proposal and inviting comment;
  • At least six weeks for written representations to be made;
  • Decision;
  • Implementation.


In addition, statutory guidance for decision-makers sets out factors and issues that must be considered.  These include the impact of any proposed change on:

  • Standards of education;
  • Children’s journeys to school;
  • Services for the local community.



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The decision-makers must also take account of the views expressed in consultation.


As before, any decision made by a public body is open to challenge in the courts.


School Organisation Committees abolished

Under the previous system, a local authority could publish a school organisation proposal and then decide to implement it only if there were no written objections in response to the statutory notice.  The School Organisation Committee, an independent body, existed to determine local authority proposals where objections were received, and all proposals relating to voluntary aided schools.  The local authority is now the decision maker in most situations.


Competitions for new schools

Where a new school is needed, either an additional school in an area of rising population or a replacement for existing schools in a reorganisation, the Authority must normally run a competition inviting bids from all potential promoters to establish and run the school.  A competition is not required where an existing school is rebuilt on its existing site or transferred to a new site.


Only a local authority may hold a competition.  Any person, body or organisation may apply at any time to the Secretary of State for consent to publish a proposal for a new school outside a competition.


Competitions work like this:


  • The local authority informs the Department for Children, Schools and Families of its intention to hold a competition.  The DCSF has engaged consultants to support and monitor the process.
  • The competition notice (in national media) must define the outline specification for the new school, e.g. size, age range, locations, specialism etc.  The LA must provide a site and capital funding for the school.
  • Any organisation, company or individual may enter a bid.  The DCSF consultants will promote interest in the competition and assist potential bidders.  The LA must publicise all bids nationally for comment.
  • The LA normally decides the winner of the competition.  The LA may choose to enter its own bid in the competition, normally by proposing a foundation school in which it proposes to appoint one or more members of the foundation body.
  • An LA may propose a community school within a competition if it has a current APA score of 4.  Otherwise the prior consent of the Secretary of State is required.  If an LA enters the competition, the winner is decided by an adjudicator.
  • There is no right of appeal against the outcome of a competition.



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Promoting fair access, diversity and choice

The government wishes to see access to the most popular schools widened.  Such schools may publish their own proposals to expand, and there is a presumption that local authorities should approve these proposals.  From September 2008, secondary pupils from low-income families will be entitled to claim free transport to any of the three nearest schools between two and six miles from their home.  In the case of pupils choosing a faith school on religious grounds, the distance is extended to fifteen miles.


The government expects the majority of schools in the future to be foundation schools (sometimes called trust schools), voluntary aided schools or academies.  Foundation schools operate in partnership with an external body (a charity or business, for example).  Any school may publish proposals to acquire a foundation.


Parents may make representations to the local authority at any time about the provision of school places in the area.  The authority has a statutory duty to respond to these.


Councillor Feldon was thanked for bringing the information to the Town Council’s attention.


It was noted that in recent correspondence from Dari Taylor MP Stockton South to Ingleby Barwick residents, reference is made to secondary provision in Ingleby Barwick which states that ‘A number of residents have mentioned the fact that All Saints School is only a 600 place school as opposed to a larger school that would allow all children from Ingleby Barwick to attend.  This request is totally understandable but at this time is unattainable’.


It was highlighted that if the proposed new housing development in Eaglescliffe goes ahead it is most likely that the secondary school places available in both Yarm and Egglescliffe will be reduced.


It was noted that S.B.C. are about to undertake a public consultation exercise in respect of ‘Building Schools for the Future’.  Meetings are to be held in schools across the Borough.


The importance of parents responding to the consultation was raised, as at present S.B.C. have not received any comments/concerns from Ingleby Barwick parents in respect of secondary school provision.


It was suggested that the Town Council carries out its own consultation exercise, targeting the primary schools.  This could be carried out following the meeting at All Saints by possibly distributing an A4 leaflet, worded to suit.



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It was noted that the main contract works were completed 17th August 2007.


The £18,000 funding allocated to the project by Persimmon and the £5,000 allocated by the Community Hall Management Committee have both been received.


The second Valuation of £ 26,484.68 dated 25th July 2007 has been received and paid according to the ‘conditions of the contract’.


The third Valuation of £ 25,323.46 received 12th September 2007 is currently being checked for its correctness prior to payment.


It was noted that the contractor Rok is currently undertaking snagging list works at the hall.


RESOLVED that the Clerk transfer the £5,000 allocated by the Town Council into the project account, which will be required for payment of Valuation no.3.


The Clerk informed that due to the extension works and as part of the planning permission additional parking spaces have been provided at the Community Hall.  Unfortunately, due to this work the Christmas tree socket provided at the location is now no longer available.


It was suggested that a new location for the Christmas tree be considered.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact S.B.C. to ascertain whether the Christmas tree could be sited on either the roundabout adjacent to tesco or the roundabout near Barwick Lodge.




The presentation ceremony took place at Peter Barratts Garden Centre on Sunday 16th September 2007.  Richard Arkley from Peter Barratts who judged the competition was very impressed with the standard of entries once again this year and congratulated entrants on their hard work to produce such outstanding gardens.  The Mayor Councillor Mrs Machin presented the prizes on behalf of the Town Council and thanked residents for their support.  Peter Barratts were also thanked for their sponsorship of the competition.






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RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter of thanks to Peter Barratts Garden Centre for sponsoring the competition.  A letter of thanks to also be sent to Councillor T.W. Bowman for his outstanding certificates which he produces for the prize winners.  The certificates are much appreciated and add a special touch to the event.




The Clerk noted receipt of the following documents:


  • Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan Issues and Options, together with its Sustainability Appraisal and Response Form
  • Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document and its Sustainability Appraisal


The Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan (AAP) Issues and Options is a Development Plan Document that will address the key pressures and development opportunities within Yarm and Eaglescliffe.  It will manage change in the area, suggesting sites for different uses, showing how these will relate to each other and setting out design requirements to ensure that any change is well integrated into existing development.  The Issues and Option document is the first stage in its preparation.


The Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will provide developers, planning officers and the public with information and guidance on the Council’s approach towards securing planning obligations associated with development within the Borough.


The Clerk has circulated the documents to Town Council Members for their observation.  The comments received have been forwarded to S.B.C. accordingly.




The Clerk noted receipt of the revised draft of Stockton’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008 – 2021 ‘Shaping Stockton’s Future’ which she had circulated to Town Council Members for their observation.


The matter was also discussed at the Parish Liaison Forum meeting held on 18th September 2007.




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The Clerk noted that she is in receipt of Members comments on the document.

The consultation period ends 30th September 2007.




Councillor Mrs I. Machin and Councillor W. Feldon represented the Town Council at the meeting.


The Town Council raised the following two questions for consideration at the meeting:


  • Secondary School Transport – It is understood from figures provided to the Town Council that during the school year 2006/2007 to transport Ingleby Barwick pupils to secondary schools in the surrounding area there were 9 buses provided for Conyers, 1 bus for Egglescliffe and 2 for St. Patrick’s RC Secondary School in Thornaby.  This year the number of pupils at Conyers is reportedly increasing to 640 requiring two extra buses and Egglescliffe numbers are increasing to 97 requiring 1 extra bus.

It is believed that as parking and congestion are an issue the Borough Council has negotiated for two of the buses to Conyers to double run as it is only 10 minutes journey time at the top of the estate. 

The Town Council has registered its concerns in respect of this arrangement, which is not only unsafe given that the buses have to negotiate Leven Bank but unsatisfactory.  This will affect both the arrival and departure times at the beginning and end of the pupils school day.   

What will happen when weather conditions close the Bank?


  • Romano Park, Ingleby Barwick – What is the current position in respect of progression of funding to provide Romano Park?


The response to the questions was as follows:


Secondary School Transport – At present S.B.C. is providing bus services for 636 children traveling from Ingleby Barwick to Conyers School.  Of this number the Authority is obliged by law to provide the service for 416.  The other children pay a contribution to the cost of the service.

The service is provided by nine buses, one with 70 seats and 8 with 57.  Two of the 57 seat buses do a second trip.  There is a designated bus area at Conyers School of sufficient size for nine buses to ensure safe boarding arrangements.  They are already aware that there are other buses as well as those they organise using the area and two further buses would have added to the congestion and safety problems.  A further two buses would have also contributed to congestion within Ingleby Barwick, a source of concern to residents also. 



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So-called ‘double running’ of buses is not unusual across Tees Valley where the journey time is relatively short.  The double run is to the area closest to the school and running time to drop off is approximately 10 minutes each way.  They have monitored the drop off times of those buses on the second run and typically it has been 4.20 p.m.


They can understand the concern that children are now asked to wait in school for a short time.  However they are in a safe environment.  They do not believe that these arrangements in any way breach Council policy or regulations.  They also do not believe that they are discriminating against any child.  The arrangement they have made, as detailed above, is to ensure the safety of all children and ensure value for money.


On the occasions that Leven Bank is closed because of adverse conditions there will be an impact on all the buses.  Experience shows that the greater impact is caused by closures elsewhere that prevent the buses arriving in Ingleby Barwick first thing in the morning.  Should any problem arise buses would be redirected to the best route available.


Inevitably this would cause delays in the arrival of children at school or to drop off points in Ingleby Barwick.  The incidence of problems occurring because of the failure of a bus is now rare.  During 2006/07 children were late to school on two occasions, each time caused by the failure of buses to arrive initially.  On those occasions other buses undertook a double run and effectively covered the whole area.


During August they are able to confirm which children are to make use of the buses and they try to notify parents as soon as possible and, in particular, give details of the bus, pick up and drop off times and safety information.  They are sorry if the notice is short but they have looked at all possible ways of reducing it.


They are currently exploring all possible options to improve transport links.  Stockton’s proposal to link Ingleby Barwick via cycleway/footpath/bridges to Thornaby, Yarm and Eaglescliffe has been agreed by Sustrans as part of their Connect 2 bid competing for ‘People’s Millions’ Big Lottery funding.  Should the bid be successful it would pave the way for a safe sustainable transport link between Ingleby Barwick and Yarm as an alternative to traveling on buses.  These proposals are still at an early stage and will ultimately be dependent on local community support.


Romano Park, Ingleby Barwick – An element of S.B.C. Capital allocated to the development of parks has been provisionally earmarked for Romano Park, subject to Cabinet approval week commencing 27th September 2007.


This will make a major contribution to the ‘Landscape For Play’ initiative being developed at the eastern end of the park.



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Impetus Waste Management


S.B.C. have applied for a rolling programme of funding over a three year period.


Phase 1 (yr 2007/08) is for £ 80,000 to develop a Multi-Use Games Area, that can be used for cricket, football, basketball etc.

Phases 2 and 3 (yrs 2008/09 and 2009/10) for £ 100,000 p.a. to develop a wheeled sports facility, that can be used for rollerblading, skateboards, BMX bikes etc.


BIG Lottery – Play Programme


£ 100,000 of the S.B.C. allocation has been provisionally allocated to Romano Park.  The application is currently being ratified by BIG Lottery.


The application is for the innovative ‘Landscape For Play’ concept being developed at the eastern end of the site.


It was noted that the total cost of the project is approximately £ 7-800,000.


It was suggested that the land adjacent to Stonebridge Crescent could be worth considering for the provision of a play facility.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact S.B.C. to ascertain who the land belongs to.




The Clerk noted receipt of a response from S.B.C. in respect of the Town Council’s request for information.

It is noted that the value of Council Tax received from residents in Ingleby Barwick amounted to £7.1 million in 2006/07 (approximately 11% of total Council Tax collected in the Borough).  Unfortunately, the Council is not in a position to easily identify how much was actually spent in Ingleby Barwick or whether the tax received was actually spent within that region.  The Council, as well as every other public body, is required to account for its services based on standard accounting practices (authorized by the relevant accounting bodies and the HM Treasury) and the Council uses these standard practices to report externally to a range of bodies.  This method of reporting separates the Council’s expenditure into different types of service provision i.e. primary, secondary, special education, Leisure Centres, Libraries etc.  These standards do not require Council’s to report geographically and as their structures have not been set to do so, the Council would not easily be able to identify costs on an area basis.




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However, they will endeavour to provide this information if it is specifically required.  The Council would firstly, try to identify all the service specific schemes operating within the Ingleby Barwick area and, secondly where non-specific, a range of estimation techniques would be used i.e. for services like Refuse Collection.  In such cases, costs would be apportioned using the number of properties or on a population basis.  If the Town Council would like this information, S.B.C. will start the process of interrogating the accounts.


As S.B.C. is not easily able to identify costs by each geographical area, it is also not easy to similarly identify how these costs are financed.  As part of the budget setting process, the Council determines the level of Council Tax required to fund its pressures.  This tax is only one of a number of funding sources and is not applied to specific areas of expenditure; it is held as non-specific funding source similar to their grant settlement and the contribution from the Governments National Non-Domestic Rates Pool.  As an indicator, the level of Council Tax received within Ingleby Barwick amounts to less than 2% of the Council’s gross income (including Council Tax, National Non-Domestic Rates, grants, fees and charges etc.).


RESOLVED that the Town Council request that S.B.C. initiate the process of interrogating the accounts.




The Clerk noted receipt of the following:


Election Costs:


13/08/07         Election Costs Invoice          £12,021.28 plus VAT           £14,125.00


31/08/07         Election Costs Credit Note                                                  £14,125.00

(following concerns raised in respect of the costs)


03/09/07         Election Costs Invoice          £12,021.28                            £12,021.28

(VAT removed from Invoice)


Councillor Mrs Machin, Councillor W. Feldon and the Clerk attended a meeting with officers at S.B.C. on the 17th September 2007 to discuss a breakdown of the costs.  A schedule showing the analysis of the costs in respect of Ingleby Barwick East and West was provided, a copy of which was circulated to Members for their observation.


The election costs incurred by the Parish/Town Council in previous years were considered in relation to this years costs.



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It was noted that the Town Council when setting its budget in January 2007 based its calculations for election costs on the previous figures, as well as allowing for the increase in electorate and implementation of the new Parish Wards i.e. Ingleby Barwick East and Ingleby Barwick West.


The matter was considered by the Town Council and Members expressed their concerns in respect of the dramatic increase in cost.  The total cost of the election for Ingleby Barwick East and West being £ 22,442.55 plus the Returning Officers Fee, which is divided between the Borough Council and Town Council.  


The Town Council could not have been expected to anticipate this increase and would question as to why the costs have escalated to this level and why were they not made aware of the fact earlier. 


RESOLVED that the Town Council agrees to pay £ 4,000.00 in respect of the election costs which is the amount that was allocated in the budget and appeared to be justified by previous experience.




Councillor Mrs Machin informed that the following matters had been discussed at the meeting:


-                      Mandale Housing Redevelopment

-                      Preston Park and Museum Development Plan

-                      Proposed location for the Eastern Area Youth Café

-                      Friends of Tees Heritage Park

-                      Eastern Area Partnership Board Summary Plan 2006/07

-                      Neighbourhood Renewal Programme 2006/08 – 6 monthly progress report.


The next meeting to take place on Tuesday 25th September 2007 at The Five Lamps Organisation in Thornaby.




(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a balance of £ 94,481.54 a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.





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(b) Accounts due for Payment


Monthly internet payment to Orange of £14.99 is collected by direct debit.


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved:


Accounts Already Paid and Deducted from Balance:


BT Telephone Bill dated 17/07/07                                                  £     104.78


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course – Cllr Mrs S. Larkin

Cllr Mrs J. White (10/07/07)                                                             £       63.45    


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course – Cllr W. Feldon,

Cllr Mrs S. Larkin, Cllr Mrs J. White (24/07/07)                             £       95.18


Mr P. Joiner – Internal Audit                                                 £       35.00


CLCA LCR – Half Year Costs                                                         £       41.67    


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course – Cllr W. Feldon,

Cllr Mrs E. Harrington, Cllr Mrs S. Larkin,

Cllr Mrs J. White (17/07/07)                                                 £     126.90


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service –

Quarter 1                                                                                            £12,284.04               


St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Use of Hall

PC Mtgs July 2007                                                                           £       37.50


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration September 2007;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution September 2007;


Reimbursement to Clerk:


            Garden Competition Trophies                                             £        33.00




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Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th October 2007                     £    220.00


North East Regional Employers Organisation

Invoice for Training Course – Cllr Mrs G. Corr,

Cllr Mrs I. Machin                                                                               £       63.45


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service –

Quarter 2                                                                                            £12,284.04   




Street Furniture – Dog Bins.

The Clerk reported that permission has been received from the developer for the dog bin to be sited at Condercum Green (Village 6). 


S.B.C. confirmed that the bins were to be installed week commencing 27th August 2007.




Planning Schedule

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications, which have been informed by S.B.C.


It was noted that Tesco Stores have withdrawn their Appeal.




The Clerk informed that she had included the following items in the Town Council’s September article:


-           Beckfields Shopping Centre, Ingleby Barwick

-           Ingleby Barwick Garden Competition 2007.



(a) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Code of Conduct – Receipt of information.


(b) Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust – Receipt of consultation document that outlines their plans to apply to become an NHS Foundation Trust (FT) by April 2008.



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(c) South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, Foundation Trust Consultation  Receipt of consultation document.  As part of the Government plans, South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough and the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, has been nominated to become a Foundation Trust.


(d) North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Sites Allocations Issues and Options – Receipt of consultation document from the County Council on the Issues and Options for its Minerals and Waste Site Allocations.  The consultation exercise has been carried out in accordance with Regulation 25 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development)(England) Regulations 2004 following a number of sites that were submitted to the County Council since January 2007.


(e) Stockton South Conservatives – Receipt of letter from James Wharton to Councillor Mrs Machin.  Mr Wharton thanks the Town Council for welcoming him to their meeting on 18th July 2007.  He felt it was entirely worthwhile and gained a more in depth insight into some of the local issues as a result of coming along.

He congratulated Mrs Machin on her accomplished chairing of the meeting.  He attends a number of Parish/Town Council meetings across the area and the professionalism with which Mrs Machin handled matters is by far the best he has come across thus far.

He looks forward to seeing Town Council Members at future meetings and events.


(f) Stockton South Conservatives – Receipt of letter from James Wharton to the Town Council.  Mr Wharton thanks the Town Council for making him welcome at their meeting.  He was most impressed with how Ingleby Barwick Town Council is run and looks forward to working alongside Members in trying to address some of the issues affecting the area.

The Town Council has a dedicated group of residents and there was a real sense of community spirit amongst the group, which is sadly often rather rare with ‘new’ housing estates.  It is clear that Ingleby Barwick is determinedly building its own community identity and the Town Council undoubtedly deserves a great deal of credit for this.


(g) Internal Audit Report – Receipt of letter from Mr P. Joiner confirming that an Internal Audit of the accounts for Ingleby Barwick Town Council has been carried out in accordance with the recommended approach contained in Governance and Accountability in Local Councils – Practitioners Guide – 2003 Edition.

The Audit included random checks on bookkeeping procedures, invoices and audit trail, scan of minutes, risk management arrangements, budgetary controls, income controls, payroll controls, asset registers, bank reconciliations and year- end procedures.  All accounts and related paperwork were found to be in excellent order.

Receipt of invoice for £35.00.



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(h) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers for the meeting on Tuesday 31st July 2007 at The Five Lamps Organisation in Thornaby.    


(i) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton-on-Tees Local Development Framework – Receipt of the following consultation documents:


-                      Yarm and Eaglescliffe Area Action Plan Issues and Options,

together with its Sustainability Appraisal and Response Form;

            -           Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document and its

                      Sustainability Appraisal.


(j) Planning Application No. 06/3299/REV, Tesco Store Ingleby Barwick, Revised application for extension to existing foodstore and associated car parking – Receipt of letter notifying that the application was refused by S.B.C. under Delegated Authority on 11th January 2007 for the following reasons:


In the opinion of the Local Planning Authority the applicants have failed to satisfactorily demonstrate that the proposed development is of an appropriate scale to Ingleby Barwick local centre through the submitted retail assessment.  It is therefore considered that the proposed development cannot be justified in terms of scale, function and nature of the Ingleby Barwick local centre and would result in an elevation of the centre within the retail hierarchy outlined in policy S1 and would detrimentally harm the vitality and viability of Thornaby and Yarm centres and potentially undermine the regeneration scheme in Thornaby District Centre, contrary to national and regional planning guidance and policies S1, S2 and S15 of the Local Plan Alteration No.1.


In the opinion of the Local Planning Authority the proposed development would have a detrimental impact on highway safety and the free flow of traffic upon the Ingleby Barwick highway network, contrary to policy GP1 of the adopted Stockton-on-Tees Local Plan.


Following the decision the applicant has appealed to the Secretary of State for the Environment under Section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  The Secretary of State has appointed an Inspector to determine the appeal and at this stage it will be dealt with by way of Informal Inquiry process and the Town Council will be notified of the time, date and venue at a later date.


(k) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places – Receipt of correspondence informing that in accordance with the review of Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006, S.B.C. are currently undertaking the review. 



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The proposal document will be reported to Members Advisory Panel, Cabinet and Council in September and October in time for any changes to be effective for the new electoral register produced on 1st December 2007.

A list of polling stations used in the May elections was attached for reference.


(l) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2021 Consultation with Parish/Town Councils - Receipt of a letter from S.B.C. inviting comments and views on Stockton’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2021.


(m) The Planning Inspectorate, Appeal Decision Application Ref: 06/1325/FPD – Receipt of letter informing that the Planning Inspectorate have allowed the appeal and grant planning permission for a garage conversion to habitable space at 99 Church Field Way, Ingleby Barwick.


(n) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parish Council Liaison Forum, Tuesday 18th September 2007 at 7.00 pm, First Floor Committee Room, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees – Receipt of invitation and request for any items for consideration at the meeting.


(o) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of letter informing that the meeting scheduled for Tuesday 28th August 2007 at The Five Lamps Organisation in Thornaby is cancelled.


(p) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Code of Conduct, Ingleby Barwick Town Council Register of Interests Forms– Receipt of acknowledgement from S.B.C.  


(q) Planning Application No. 06/3299/REV, Tesco Store Ingleby Barwick, Revised application for extension to existing foodstore and associated car parking – Receipt of letter notifying that the appeal has now been formally withdrawn.


(r) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Secondary School Transport Provision, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter from the Corporate Director Children, Education & Social Care.


(s) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2021 Consultation with Parish/Town Councils - Receipt of a letter from S.B.C. enclosing the revised draft of Stockton’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2021 ‘Shaping Stockton’s Future’.






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(t) Orange, Any Time is Closing – Receipt of notification that Orange is closing the ‘Dial-up Any Time’ service in December this year.  The Town Council’s account is being moved over to the Broadband Starter package for £11.99 per month, 30 day money back guarantee.


(u) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, May 2007 Ingleby Barwick Town Council Election Costs May 2007 – Receipt of letter confirming the meeting which has been arranged with S.B.C. on Monday 17th September 2007.  The meeting is to be attended by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Town Council and the Clerk to discuss a breakdown of the May 2007 Election costs.


(v) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parish Council Liaison Forum – Receipt of agenda.


(w) Clerks & Councils ‘Direct’ – Receipt of the Direct magazine, September 2007.


(x) Society of Local Council Clerks, ‘The Clerk’ – Receipt of The Clerk magazine, September 2007.


(y) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, Rural News – Receipt of the Rural News, August/September 2007.


(z) Tait Walker Chartered Accountants – Receipt of letter advertising their ‘Public Sector Services’.


(a1) NALC, LCR September 2007 – Receipt of the LCR September 2007.


(b1) The Ramblers, Walk Autumn 2007 – Receipt of the Walk magazine Autumn 2007.


(c1) Glasdon, Latest Products for Local Councils – Receipt of mailing.


(d1) Cleveland Police – Receipt of the following:


-                      2007-2010 Corporate Policing Strategy;

-                      2007-2008 Local Policing Plan.


(e1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton News Winter Edition 2007 – Receipt of letter informing that the deadline for articles is 11.30 am on Wednesday 3rd October 2007.  The magazine will be delivered to households and businesses on Friday 30th November 2007.




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(f1) Charles Arnold Baker: Local Council Administration Seventh Edition – Receipt of Order Form, cost £48.00.


(g1) Clerks and Councils Direct, ‘Update’ – Complimentary copy enclosed.

-           ‘Update’ plus web library service @ £100 per year

-           ‘Update’ monthly print edition only @ £65 per year


(h1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Care For Your Area – Receipt of poster ‘Compliments and Complaints 2006/2007.


(i1) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, Autumn Training Programme 2007 – Receipt of training programme.


(j1) Tees Valley Community Foundation, Local Network Fund – Receipt of mailing.


(k1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Street Naming and Numbering Leven Bank Development – Receipt of information that the developer Yorvik Homes has requested Bridgewater for the street name for the 10 detached houses at Leven Bank.


(l1) Local Nature Reserves – Receipt of the following:


-                      LNR Minutes September 2007;

-                      Neighbourhood Policing Stockton District;

-                      LNR Officers Report September 2007.


(m1) Change For a Smile Presents The Biggest Charity Night Ever!! – Receipt of Poster advertising the event on Friday 5th October 2007 at the Tall Trees Hotel, Yarm.


(n1) A174 Thornaby Bypass/South Stockton Link Road, Local Development Framework – The Core Strategy preferred options document will be published for consultation on 28th September 2007.  The Town Council will receive a copy of the document.

It is expected that this issue will be relevant to draft policy CS2 of the Core Strategy.  This gives reference to facilitating development that is required as a result of the following:


iv. A19/A66/A174 development study.

v. Ingleby Barwick Traffic study.


It is noted that these studies are currently underway and no firm decisions have been made on the outcomes.




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(o1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Council Tax Figures Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of response to the Town Council’s request for information.




RESOLVED that the public and press be excluded from the meeting room whilst this matter is discussed.


It was noted that Councillors W. Feldon, T.W. Bowman and the Clerk met with representatives from the HBS Pensions Unit, who administers the Teesside Pension Fund on behalf of Middlesbrough Council to obtain further information.


The Clerk provided Members with a schedule outlining details of the current contribution arrangements in respect of the Local Government Pension Scheme.


It was noted that as the statutory resolution has enduring effects its terms and the fact that it will be moved must at least 28 days before the meeting be publicly notified in the usual manner for giving notices of meetings.


RESOLVED that the Clerk make arrangements for the public notice to be displayed informing that it is the Town Council’s intention to pass the statutory resolution in respect of the Clerk becoming a contributory member of the Local Government Pension Scheme.





The next monthly meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 17th October 2007 at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.






Chairman……………………………..                    Clerk……………………………..




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