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Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: Councillor W. Feldon;


Councillors: A. Graham, Mrs E. Harrington, Mrs J.P. Kirby, J. Myers, Mrs S. Larkin and D. Sanderson;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Officer - S. Duffield;



2 Members of the public were present at the meeting.




In the absence of the Chairman Councillor Mrs I. Machin, the Vice-Chairman Councillor W. Feldon to Chair the meeting.





Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors T.W. Bowman, Mrs G. Corr, Ms Amanda Hailes, Mrs I. Machin and Mrs J. White.


Apologies for absence were also received from Ward Councillors K. Faulks, D. Harrington, A. Larkin (Ingleby Barwick East) and Ward Councillors K. Dixon, L. Narroway, R. Patterson (Ingleby Barwick West).





Councillor Mrs J.P. Kirby declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as she is employed by Charles Church:


Item No. 18               -           Planning Applications, Ingleby Barwick.




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Councillor J. Myers declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he is a member of the Art Group and is also treasurer:


Item No. 16 (c)                     -           Section 137 Payments:

Request from Ingleby Barwick Art Group.


Councillor J. Myers declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he is a member of the Bridge Club:


Item No. 16 (c)                     -           Section 137 Payments:

Request from Ingleby Barwick Bridge Club.


No further interests were declared.



The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point to allow public participation.


No matters were raised.



The Minutes of the Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council held on Wednesday 19th September 2007 and Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 3rd October 2007, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.




(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk informed that she has sent a letter of thanks to Mitchells and Butlers brewery in respect of their co-operation and support with the maintenance/improvement works at Beckfields shopping area.


The Clerk informed that she has sent a letter to Browns Estate Agents in respect of Greenside shopping area, requesting that they give consideration to replacing the missing tree in the paved area fronting the shops, which would help improve the area.  No response has been received to date.




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(b) Item 101 2007/2008 – Parish Council Liaison Forum, Ownership of land Adjacent to Stonebridge Crescent, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.) informing that none of the land to the south of the beck to Stonebridge Crescent is in Council ownership or management.

Some of the land adjacent to Stonebridge Crescent to Trenholme Close is in the ownership of Persimmon Homes but only extends roughly 23m beyond where Bramfield Way lies adjacent to the open space.  Landscaping has already been completed in this area, as per the landscaping approved plan.  The delineation of Persimmons ownership can be seen on site by the areas of grass that are regularly cut.

Beyond the Persimmon land but before the beck is understood may be owned by Morgan and Morgan, however this is privately owned land for which the Council does not keep up to date records.  The Council is unaware of any future plans for the land in question as the owners have never approached them in terms of transferring the land to the Council.



It was noted that the Town Council meeting on 3rd October 2007 had been held at the Community Hall as a trial to ascertain the suitability of the new hall extension as a venue for future meetings.  The hire rate for the Community Hall is currently £6.00/hr for non-commercial groups which is less than the Town Council currently pays for use of the Church Hall.


Members were in general agreement that the acoustics were better at the Community Hall even though the group using the main hall at the same time had been quite noisy.


RESOLVED that the Town Council’s monthly meeting be held at the Community Hall from January 2008.  Meetings to take place on the third Wednesday of every month apart from August from 7.15 p.m. till 9.30 p.m.  The Clerk to make the appropriate arrangements.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter to St. Francis of Assisi Church giving notice that the Town Council would like to cancel their booking with effect from 31st December 2007.  The Clerk to thank the Parochial Church Council for their assistance in accommodating the Town Council for its meetings.




The Clerk informed that she is awaiting receipt of both the amended SLA and a date for Members to visit Stockton Security Centre from S.B.C.



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The Clerk reported receipt of the information which had been requested from S.B.C.’s Community Safety Team in respect of when crimes/calls have been logged, with particular regard to Greenside, Beckfields and Tesco/Myton Park shopping areas, which had been circulated to Members for their observation.


The information notes that there had been 67 calls/incidents reported at the shopping areas dating back to 9th July 2007.  25 of these were anti social behaviour, the remainder includes incidents of accidents/suspicious vehicles, drink driving, thefts of personal property, theft and damage to vehicles etc.   


Three of the incidents occurred in the early hours of the morning.


The Chairman introduced the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Officer present at the meeting.


The Enforcement Officer gave Members a brief outline of the main areas of the estate causing concern at present, including the incidents which they had either dealt with or are still ongoing.  He informed that he would be visiting the resident after the meeting who had raised concerns with the Town Council in respect of the occurrence of anti social behaviour in the vicinity of their property.


The Officer informed the Town Council of the number of incidents/calls Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service had dealt with in the last two and a half weeks, which include the following:


26 incidents/calls involving dealing with large gatherings of youths at the shopping areas, including incidents of anti social behaviour;


18 incidents/calls to other areas around the estate, again dealing with youths gathering and anti social behaviour;


AS13 forms – 7 issued;

Confiscations – 11 alcohol, 5 tobacco;

Fines – 2 litter;

24 hour notices on vehicles obstructing the pavement – 2.


A general discussion took place on the Enforcement Service, congregation of youths around the estate and procedures i.e. issue of AS13 forms etc.


Members were in agreement that the information provided to date in respect of the incidents dealt with by Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service was very useful.




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It was noted that the Town Council is to carry out a public consultation exercise to ascertain the views of residents on the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service prior to setting the budget for 2008/2009 in January 2008.


The Enforcement Officer was thanked for his attendance.



It was noted that the public consultation on Building Schools for the Future (BSF) is about to commence.  The BSF is a government programme aimed at transforming secondary education by funding the renewal or refurbishment of school buildings.  S.B.C. expects to begin receiving BSF funding in 2010.

S.B.C. has agreed that the initial consultation with all interested parties will take place from 19th October to 26th November 2007.  A detailed booklet is to be distributed to all households in the borough, and to schools, colleges and partner bodies in the week beginning 15th October 2007.  Copies will be sent to the Clerk of each Parish/Town Council in the borough.  The booklet sets out the national policy background to BSF, the local context in Stockton-on-Tees, and a range of possible options for changing the pattern of secondary education provision in each of our four Integrated Service Areas.

This is an initial stage of consultation intended to help the Council form its BSF strategy.  Any new options that emerge from this process will be considered and may be offered for further consultation next year.  No changes will be made to any schools without full, formal consultation at a later stage as required by law.

All responses to the consultation are to be sent to an independent company, NWA Social and Market Research, who will analyse them and report the outcomes to the Borough Council.


The public consultation meeting at All Saints Secondary School is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 20th November 2007 commencing at 6.00 p.m.   


It was noted that the Town Council had agreed to fund the printing of leaflets for distribution, which is estimated to cost in the region of £75.00. 


A draft copy of the proposed leaflet was circulated to Town Council Members for their observation. 


A general discussion took place on the changes to be made to the leaflet, which includes that the question residents are being asked is worded as follows:


Do you want Ingleby Barwick to have sufficient Secondary School Provision to cater for all its own children?





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RESOLVED that the Clerk reword the leaflet and forward it to Councillor W. Feldon to arrange printing.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the local Primary Schools to request their assistance with this matter and ask that they give consideration to the possibility of distributing the leaflets to the children in their school and collecting them on their return.



The Clerk circulated to Members a copy of the draft consultation article which she had formulated following the ‘Working Party’ meeting on 10th October 2007.

The article states that Ingleby Barwick Town Council is committed to working on residents behalf, looking after the interests of Ingleby Barwick, maintaining standards in the quality of life, improving the living environment, progressing facilities and ensuring safety and security.  It notes that the Council is currently considering ideas and suggestions in respect of future plans for the estate, which they could progress.

A list of projects/groups which the Town Council has supported and funded to date is provided.

The article also contains a list of the Town Council’s plans for the future, which include the following:


·        Memorial Garden

·        Roundabouts - title/names and possibly distinguishing feature, maybe even a sculpture

·        Map(s) at the entrances to the estate showing the road layout

·        Public Art - the possibility of themed artwork in the pedestrian underpasses

·        Projects - possible applications for funding/grants for specific projects

·        Additional Noticeboards

·        Teen Shelters – suitable locations required

·        Youth Bus

·        Planting a living Christmas Tree


It is noted that residents comments on the plans and any ideas and suggestions which they would like to have considered, are welcomed.


RESOLVED that the Town Council approves the article without amendment.  The closing date for responses to be mid December 2007.  The Clerk to make the appropriate arrangements for publication.





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The Clerk circulated the response received from S.B.C. following the Town Council’s request for details of how much money was spent in Ingleby Barwick during 2006/07.

S.B.C. has provided a collation of the information provided by their accountancy teams.


It was noted that the Council incurred expenditure of £14.4 million within Ingleby Barwick during the 2006/07 financial year. This consists of expenditure on a range of services including Development Services i.e. street lighting, structural maintenance and traffic management etc., Direct Services i.e. street cleansing, refuse collection, waste disposal and grounds maintenance etc., Schools i.e. Ingleby Mill, All Saints Secondary School etc., and Health and Social Care (Day and Adult Care Services).


The Town Council considered the information and Members were not satisfied that the breakdown provided gives enough detail.


RESOLVED that the Clerk respond to S.B.C. requesting that the Borough Council provides a more explicit breakdown of the costs which are more specific.  The Clerk to also request that if possible, a comparison be provided in relation to other areas in the Borough, possibly one affluent area and one deprived area.  Given the size of Ingleby Barwick this may need to be two areas combined.



The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from S.B.C. referring to the recent meeting held with the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk followed by a letter from the Town Council enclosing a cheque for £4,000 in part payment of the election costs.

S.B.C. have reviewed the case and would draw the Town Council’s attention to the Parish Clerks’ Meeting which was held on 13th February 2007 during which potential election costs were covered.

They note from the minutes of the Council’s meetings on 24th January and 21st February 2007 that it was acknowledged that the election costs may be more than anticipated and that the Town Council had set aside £5,000 to meet these costs. 

It notes that following the Town Council’s return of precept requirements, there was no attempt to request that this be increased to cover these costs.

The Town Council is requested to contact S.B.C. to make arrangements to pay the balance of the invoice.


The Clerk reported receipt of the Final Notice for Payment of the invoice dated 12th October 2007.  The Town Council is requested to pay the amount shown on the notice, in full, within the next seven days.  Failure to do so may result in the debt being passed to the Council’s Legal Section for recovery through the Courts involving costs to the Town Council.



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The Clerk informed that at the Parish Clerks’ Meeting held on 13th February 2007, election costs were touched upon and concerns were raised that the costs may be higher than anticipated however it was indicated by officers that ‘to supply an actual cost of the elections was difficult at that stage’.  The notes from the meeting also confirm this.


It was noted that the Town Council did not receive anything in writing to give any indication of the potential election costs and would they in no circumstances have anticipated such a dramatic increase in cost.


The Town Council Minutes of the meeting on 24th January 2007 show the accumulation fund for the elections of £3,000 plus £2,000 held in miscellaneous reserve/election costs.  The total sum of £5,000 includes for £1,000 held in reserve.  This figure is referred to at the Town Council meeting on 21st February 2007.


RESOLVED that the Clerk reply to S.B.C. stating the above facts and requesting a more detailed breakdown of Ingleby Barwick’s election costs, particularly in respect of the following:


-                      Clerical/Management                      

-                      Postal Vote Staffing Costs.            


RESOLVED that the Town Council also requests to see S.B.C.’s accounts to demonstrate how much has been spent in total on all of the elections in the Borough.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact NALC to obtain legal advice.



The Clerk referred to the above consultation documents and confirmed that the closing date for responses is Friday 9th November 2007.


It was noted that the ‘Consultation Launch’ had taken place on Friday 5th October 2007 at 2 p.m. in Stockton Library, which was attended by Councillor W. Feldon and the Clerk.


The Town Council has been provided with one full copy of the consultation documents for reference; however they are also available for viewing/downloading on S.B.C.’s website, the details of which had been previously reported to Members by the Clerk.





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RESOLVED that a response be submitted by the Town Council and Members to meet as a ‘Working Group’ on 7th November 2007 to consider the response, the Clerk to make the appropriate arrangements.  Members to also respond individually.


A resident of Maltby village attended the meeting and informed that a Residents Group has been formed in the village to specifically respond to the consultation documents.  A brief discussion took place on the content of the documents and particular regard was made to the issue of ‘Limits to development of the villages’ and the three options being consulted on.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact Maltby Parish Council to ascertain how they would be responding to the consultation documents.



The Clerk informed that she has liaised with S.B.C. on the following two suggested sites for the Christmas tree which are in their ownership:


-                      Land adjacent to the entrance into Tesco;


-                      Land adjacent to Barwick Way Roundabout.


S.B.C. Highways Section has agreed that the tree could be sited at either location, pending agreement on site of the exact location in respect of sight lines.


The third possible option would be locating the tree adjacent to St. Francis of Assisi Church on Barwick Way, however this is privately owned land.  Concerns have been raised in respect of vandalism etc and also whether the power supply would be suitable.  The Clerk confirmed the situation in respect of the Town Council’s Public Liability cover.


S.B.C. has provided a verbal quotation of £600 for the required electrical connection and ducting.  A price for a suitable base for the tree is awaited from the Highways section.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in agreement to site the Christmas tree on the land adjacent to the entrance into Tesco. 


RESOLVED that given the time constraints the Town Council delegates the decision to implement any works/place orders to the Clerk liaising with Councillors W. Feldon and J. Myers.


It was noted that the four festive features which the Town Council previously purchased are still being stored at St. Francis of Assisi Church Hall.



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The possibility of a living tree being planted is still being progressed.



The Clerk reported receipt of information on the following training events:


-          How to be a Good Councillor, training sessions at Darlington (Venue to be Confirmed), Durham County Cricket Club and Sunnyfield House Guisborough in November/December 2007;


-          Meetings, Agendas & Minutes: The Law and Best Practice, Half Day

Event to be held in Committee Room No. 2, County Hall, Durham

On Wednesday 7th Nowember 2007, 3.00 – 5.30 p.m.


The training events were noted.



The Clerk informed that as the Town Council’s intention to pass a statutory resolution in respect of the Clerk Paula Hall becoming a contributory member of the Local Government Pension Scheme has enduring effects its terms and the fact that it will be moved must at least 28 days before the meeting be publicly notified in the usual manner for giving notices of meetings.


A public notice is currently displayed stating the terms of the statutory resolution and the fact that it is proposed to be passed at the Town Council meeting scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21st November 2007.



(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a total balance including reserves of £ 69,990.12 a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.

It was noted that the cheque for the sum of £4,000 towards the election costs has not yet been presented at the bank and is still held in the Town Council’s accounts but not included in the balance.


(b) Accounts due for Payment

Monthly internet payment to Orange of £14.99 is collected by direct debit.


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration October 2007;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution October 2007;



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Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th November 2007                 £    220.00

Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th December 2007                £    220.00


St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Use of Hall

For Town Council Meeting September 2007                                £      37.50


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Use of Hall

For Town Council Meetings Sept/Oct 2007                                   £      18.00


Charles Arnold Baker: Local Council Administration

Seventh Edition                                                                                 £      48.00


(c)  Section 137 Payments:

Councillor J. Myers, having declared a personal/ prejudicial interest in both of the matters to be considered under S137 payments, left the meeting room whilst the allocation of funding to the Art Club and the Bridge Club were discussed.


Request from Ingleby Barwick Art Club

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from the Art Club applying to the Town Council for funding.  The letter outlines a number of artist fees, as the input from a professional artist is essential to their needs.


  1. Mr George Colley will visit them approximately 10 times to mentor them on watercolour painting throughout the year.                          Fee £400      
  2. A booking has been secured with a well known watercolour artist Mr Robert Brindley for May 2008, when he will give a demonstration of his work.  They will provide a small buffet on the evening.                                             Fee £100
  3. Another artist they have met is Jon Hall known as the Limner.  He works out of doors throughout the area.  The Art Group have accompanied him on two occasions, to Runswick Bay and Saltburn for a full day’s painting in Acrylics.  These have proved exciting and most enjoyable.  They came into contact with members of the public, who were most appreciative of their activity.

Fee approx £140


In June they held an exhibition of their work in the Community Hall.  They were pleased to welcome some members of the Town Council, a representative of Stockton Arts Development Council Rachael Willis also attended.  They exhibited 40 works altogether with a good variety of styles and subjects.

In December they intend to visit York Art Gallery and various other art galleries, and take photographs for future reference.  The coach will cost them in the region of £250.00 out of their current bank balance.




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A bank statement was enclosed for the Town Council’s observation.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in agreement to contribute £250.00 to the Art Club, which is to be used to fund the cost of the coach for their visit to York Art Gallery and various other art galleries in December 2007.


Request  from Ingleby Barwick Bridge Club.

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from Ingleby Barwick Bridge Club applying to the Town Council for funding.  The letter states that the Bridge Club was started in June 2006 by two Ingleby Barwick residents.  The aim of the club is to provide a venue for bridge players of varying abilities (not beginners) who can come and play bridge in a friendly atmosphere.  It is not necessary to come with a partner as tables are made up on arrival.

The annual subscription is £5 and the weekly table money £1.50.  This is to cover the hire cost of the room (£6/hr - £18 per session) and tea and biscuits are provided at ‘half time’.

They meet every Thursday afternoon in the Community Centre on Ingleby Barwick from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Initial expenses included the purchase of four second hand bridge tables (one of which has subsequently collapsed), table cloths, bridge cards and score cards.  They have been extremely fortunate that two members have loaned them a further two tables, making a total of six.

Initial membership was 20 but this has now increased to 45 and they usually have an average attendance of 20 people.  However on two recent occasions this has risen to 24 (six tables).  The Stokesley U3A are currently running bridge lessons for beginners and intermediates and they have recruited several new members from this source and it is likely that their numbers may increase further.

In view of this they are intending to purchase three additional tables at £50 each and also some bidding boxes.  These are £30 for a set of four and initially they would like to buy four sets.  The total outlay for this equipment would be approximately £270.

They would like to apply for a grant of £200 towards the cost of the expenses.

There bank account is with First Direct in two of the Members names, a copy of the most recent statement was enclosed.

They are very pleased at the way the club has expanded over the last 15 months and they believe they are providing a welcome amenity for the Ingleby Barwick area.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in agreement to contribute £150.00 to the Bridge Club, which is to be used towards the purchase of the equipment outlined in the letter of application.  The Clerk to advise the Club that the bank account should be in the name of the Bridge Club rather than individual members names.





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Street Furniture – Dog Bins.

It was noted that four of the Town Council’s dog bins have been installed however the bin which is being located on Lowfields Avenue is still to be sited.


Bulb Planting

The Clerk informed that S.B.C. has allocated the Town Council 2,000 daffodil bulbs for planting in November 2007.  In previous years the bulbs have been planted by the local schools and voluntary groups.


It was noted that Ingleby Barwick East Ward Councillors have arranged for the planting of daffodil and crocus bulbs at Ingleby Way, using funding from their small environmental improvement projects budget.  The Clerk is liaising with S.B.C. Officers in respect of some of the bulbs being planted by the school children.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the six primary schools in Ingleby Barwick to ascertain if they are interested in participating in the bulb planting project this year.  The  Clerk to co-ordinate the project with S.B.C. accordingly.


Tree Planting

The Clerk informed that she is currently liaising with S.B.C. in respect of this years planting scheme.  Any suggestions for sites to be considered are welcome.




Planning Schedule

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications.




The Clerk informed that she had included the following items in the Town Council’s Octobr article:


-           Secondary School Transport

-           Building Schools for the Future

-           Tree Planting, Ingleby Barwick – Suggestions from Residents

-           Code of Conduct




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RESOLVED that the next article for publication includes the following:


-          Public Consultation ‘Future Plans for Ingleby Barwick’

-          Public Consultation ‘Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service’.



 (a) NALC, ‘Quality Counts’ Conference – Receipt of mailing on the ‘Quality Counts’ conference.  The event is to take place on Friday 23rd November/Saturday 24th November 2007 at the Coniston Hotel near Skipton.  Day delegate rate £65 including VAT.


(b) County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership, Training Sessions – Receipt of information on training events.


(c) The Standards Board for England, Town and Parish ‘STANDARD’, September 2007 – Receipt of the ‘Standard’ publication September 2007.


(d) The Planning Inspectorate, Planning Application No. 07/0719/FUL, 5 Fountains Avenue, Ingleby Barwick, Proposal: Erection of 1.524 metre high boundary fence – Receipt of notification that the Appeal against the decision of S.B.C. of refusal has been dismissed.  The main issue in this case is the effect of the proposed fence on the character and appearance of the street scene.


(e) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Code of Conduct training – Receipt of correspondence informing that the Standards Board website contains some helpful downloadable resource materials for local authorities and their members.  Accessible under training resources at www.standardsboard.gov.uk/TheCodeofConduct/Trainingresources/ are clips from the recently published DVD, ‘The Code Uncovered’, and text transcripts from scenes from the film.

There are also training presentations and presentation notes on the Code, as well as handouts, all of which can be downloaded.


(f) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers for the meeting on Tuesday 25th September 2007 at The Five Lamps Organisation, Thornaby.


(g) The Diocese of York, Pastoral Measure 1983, Benefices of: Kirk Levington, High Worsall with Low Worsall – Receipt of a copy of the letter from the Diocese of York to S.B.C. Planning Department informing that An Archdeaconry Pastoral Sub-Committee meeting was held at All Saints, Low Worsall in June this year, to discuss the proposed formal union of the benefices and parishes of Kirk Levington and High and Low Worsall. 



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A report was then presented to the Diocesan Pastoral Committee, further to which they enclose draft proposals for S.B.C. consideration.  These have been issued on behalf of the Pastoral Committee so that the Planning Authority’s views can be obtained to enable the Committee to decide how to proceed.  The Committee will consider the views of all interested parties before coming to a final decision on what, if any, recommendations it should make to the Archbishop.

The proposals provide for a change of name from ‘Kirk Levington’ to ‘Kiklevington’, which is understood more correctly reflects the local usage, and so the change has been included for that reason.

If no significant adverse comments are received the proposals will be recommended to the Archbishop, and, if the Archbishop gives his approval, will then be sent to the Church Commissioners, who will then initiate a further consultation of interested parties.  If significant adverse comments are received the Pastoral Committee will take all the responses into consideration before deciding what action to take.

It was encouraged to forward the above to Ward Councillors and Parish/Town Council’s for their information, where applicable.


(h) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Eastern Area Transport Strategy 2007/08, Invitation to Second Stakeholder Meeting – Receipt of invitation to the second meeting of the Steering Group overseeing the development of the 2007/08 Eastern Area Transport Strategy on 22nd October 2007 at Bannatyne’s Health Club, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.00 p.m.


(i) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Standards Committee – Receipt of correspondence from S.B.C. drawing the Town Council’s attention to the following two reports which were considered at the Standards Committee meeting on 20th September 2007:-


Item 9 - Ethical Governance Light Touch Health Check - Standards and Probity Information.

This concerns the proposed new Stockton website content on standards and probity.

The Committee asked that Town/Parish Council’s be contacted to specifically enquire if Councillors consider that there is any additional information or documentation which could usefully be included on the website, whether Town/Parish Council specific or otherwise?


Item 11 - Training and Development for Parish Councils/Councillors and Clerks.

This report outlines the advice, guidance and development either provided or proposed for Town/Parish Clerks, Councils and Councillors.

Again the Standards Committee has asked whether Councillors consider that there are any additional standards and probity advice, guidance and training which would be of benefit to them?



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The Standards Committee agenda as a whole can be accessed via Egenda at http://www.egenda.stockton.gov.uk/aksstockton/users/public/admin/kab14.pl?operation=SUBMIT&meet=21&cmte=STD&grpid=public&arc=71


(j) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Local Development Framework

Core Strategy – Preferred Options Consultation

Regeneration Development Plan Document – Issues and Options Consultation – Receipt of the above consultation documents from S.B.C.


(k) Tees Valley Rural Community Council, Rural News Aug/Sept 2007 – Receipt of the ‘Rural News’ Aug/Sept 2007.


(l) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stonebridge Crescent, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of correspondence.


(m) St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Invoice for Use of Hall – Receipt of invoice for use of the hall for the Town Council meeting in September 2007, totaling



(n) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Planning Process – Receipt of Guide to the ‘Parish and Town Councils Role in the Planning Process.


(o) The Charity Commission – Receipt of acknowledgement of the Community Hall’s Annual Return 2007, completed by the Clerk and the Community Hall’s Treasurer online.


(p) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Election Costs May 2007 – Receipt of letter from S.B.C.


(q) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Consultation on Building Schools For the Future – Receipt of letter.


(r) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – Receipt of correspondence.


(s) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Licensing Act 2003 – Review of Statement of Licensing Policy – Receipt of correspondence.


(t) Ingleby Barwick Community Centre, Receipt of Invoices – Receipt of the following invoices for payment:


            -           13th September 2007           1 hour             @ £6.00         £   6.00

            -           3rd October 2007                   2 hours           @ £6.00         £ 12.00



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(u) Enforcement Service, Information on calls/incidents – Receipt of information from S.B.C.


(v) NALC, ‘A Guide to Parish and Town Council Borrowing in England’ – Receipt of information - circulated to Town Council Members.


(w) HM Revenue & Customs – Receipt of Employer Bulletin, October 07, Issue 27.


(x) Defra, Ways to Tackle Climate Change – Receipt of mailing.


(y) Society of Local Council Clerks – Receipt of mailing September 2007 including Clerk’s Toolkit CD Issue 2, 2007.


(z) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Care For Your Area – Receipt of information posters.





The next monthly meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21st November 2007 at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.








Chairman……………………………..                    Clerk……………………………..




Date………………………..                                     Date………………………