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Chairman/Town Mayor: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor: Councillor W. Feldon;


Councillors: T.W. Bowman, Mrs G. Corr, A. Graham, Ms A. Hailes, Mrs S. Larkin, J. Myers, Mrs J. White and D. Sanderson;


Ward Councillors:


Ingleby Barwick West       K. Dixon;

                                                R. Patterson;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Clare Peaden, Anti Social Behaviour Officer, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


Jamie McCann, Head of Direct Services, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


James Wharton, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stockton South;



2 Members of the public were present at the meeting.




Apologies for absence were received from Town Councillors Mrs J. Kirby and Mrs E. Harrington.




Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as he is a school governor at Whinstone Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.




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Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as he is a school governor at St. Francis of Assisi CofE Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8              -           Building Schools for the Future.


Councillor Mrs I. Machin declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in the following item on the agenda, as she is a school governor at St. Therese of Lisieux RC Primary School:


Agenda item no. 8  -           Building Schools for the Future.


No further interests were declared.




The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point to allow public participation.


No matters were raised for discussion.


James Wharton, the prospective parliamentary candidate for Stockton South, introduced himself to Town Council Members, the Ward Councillors present and the public in attendance at the meeting.  The Chairman Councillor Mrs Machin welcomed his attendance.




The Chairman invited Clare Peaden, Anti Social Behaviour Officer, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.) to address the meeting.


Clare introduced herself as the Anti Social Behaviour Officer covering Ingleby Barwick East and West, Thornaby and Yarm.  She briefly outlined her background working in anti social behaviour.


Clare then went on to inform those present at the meeting about her role within the Anti Social Behaviour Team.  She informed that she is regularly out and about covering her area and is uniformed at times for visual impact.  AS13 forms were discussed and Clare outlined the procedures which were followed. 


It was noted that shopping parades are an issue as they attract congregation of youths.




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A general discussion took place on anti social behaviour and it was suggested that it is a fine line between anti social behaviour and criminal offences. 


Dog fouling was also raised as it still continues to be a problem in the area, however this is a matter dealt with by Enforcement.


Clare informed that she goes into the local schools on a regular basis and takes part in PHSE lessons.


The Chairman thanked Clare for her attendance at the meeting.




The Chairman welcomed Jamie McCann, Head of Direct Services S.B.C. to the meeting.


The Clerk circulated a copy of the letter she had received from S.B.C. on the matter which was presented to Members by Mr McCann.


It was noted that further to the recent discussions with his colleague Keith Mathews regarding the future development of Romano Park they have now produced a revised Master Plan for the park and a Concept Plan for the Landscape for Play, a copy of which were circulated to Members at the meeting for their observation.  This illustrates their latest thinking on this exciting project and reflects some of the ideas which came out of their recent work with local children.  The children have been working closely with artists Lee and Jill Brewster to develop their ideas for the park and the children’s work and accompanying plans are to feature in a forthcoming exhibition to be held on 24th April at All Saints Secondary School, 4.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.  This will provide an opportunity for the public to comment on the outline design for the park and more specifically the ‘Landscape For Play’.


Following the exhibition S.B.C. will be applying for full planning consent for the ‘Landscape for Play’.  This project would then be delivered as the first phase in the overall park development scheme.  It was noted that S.B.C. understands that Ingleby Barwick Town Council wishes to see the development of the western part of the site deferred, at least until issues regarding the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme have been resolved.  Therefore any planning application would, at this stage, exclude the proposed multi-use games area, Skate Park and BMX track.  These would be delivered in the near future, subject to the final outcome of the BSF process.


Mr McCann outlined the two issues which need to be addressed by the Town Council. 




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Firstly, it would be helpful to S.B.C. if the Town Council could confirm that it supports delivery of the ‘Landscape for Play’ as the first phase of the Romano Park scheme.


Secondly, as the Town Council will be aware from recent discussions S.B.C. has secured some funding for the scheme through the Impetus Landfill Tax Community Fund to support delivery of the Multi-Use Games Area.  Impetus have indicated that this first tranche of funding can be put ‘on hold’ until the BSF issues are resolved.  S.B.C. has now submitted a second application to Impetus for a second tranche of funding in 2008/09 to part-fund the Landscape for Play.  This application is specifically for the play equipment totaling £110,000.  In order to draw down this funding they must identify a 10% third party contribution and would be grateful if the Town Council would consider contributing the £11,000 required to release the £110,000 funding from Impetus.  This will be in turn matched with additional funds allocated by S.B.C. and external funding sought through the Big Lottery Children’s Play Programme.  Ingleby Barwick Town Council would of course be fully acknowledged as a funding partner in any on-site signage, leaflets, press releases and promotional events.


It was confirmed to Members that S.B.C. has not approached anyone else to date in respect of the 10% third party contribution. 


A general discussion took place on funding and progressing grant applications.  It was noted that the Town Council is happy to assist with applying for grants and would like to see this moved forward and a meeting set up in the near future.


It was questioned as to whether the £11,000 contribution could be phased and S.B.C. will investigate this matter.


It was confirmed that the £11,000 contribution could come from more than one group.


Reference was made to the current financial commitments of the Town Council which include the Ingleby Barwick Enforcement Service which is a large part of the budget.  Also, the Town Council is currently in dispute with S.B.C. over the election costs for May 2007, with £ 8,021.28 still outstanding to pay.


RESOLVED that the Town Council confirms its support to the planning application which will be going forward for the ‘Landscape for Play’ being delivered as the first phase of the Romano Park scheme.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in general agreement to contributing the £11,000 which is the third party contribution that will support Stockton Council’s application to Impetus Environmental Trust for £110,000 towards the play equipment for the park, pending that the contribution could be phased over two years.



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Mr McCann is to confirm that the £11,000 contribution can be phased.


RESOLVED that following written notification from Mr McCann that the contribution can be phased, the Clerk to confirm in writing to S.B.C. that the Town Council is in general agreement to contributing the £11,000 third party contribution.  However, if any financial contributions from other parties do become available these should be taken into account.




The Minutes of the Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council held on Wednesday 19th March 2008, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.





(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.


Nothing further to report.


(b) Item 247 2007/2008 Public Open Space/Play Area, Broomwood Development, Ingleby Barwick.


The Clerk informed that S.B.C. Legal department is in the process of drawing up a new S106 Agreement which should be signed in the near future.  Delivery of the play equipment will take approximately 6 weeks.  It is anticipated that the play area should be completed in the coming months.


(c) Item 248 2007/2008 Bandstand Feature on the Site of the Roman Villa.


The Clerk informed that Persimmon Homes had proposed a bandstand type feature to be provided at the site of the Roman Villa about two years ago.  As the proposal showed no resemblance to the Roman theme S.B.C. asked Persimmon for a new design and were given some ideas and suggestions. 





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S.B.C. is working alongside Tees Archaeology to gain an input into the design of the proposed interpretation feature, although this will be subject to agreement with Persimmon and all approvals being forthcoming.  As this is a sensitive archaeological site at this stage they are assessing whether the emphasis for such an interpretation will evolve from a 'structure' into something 'other' but at this stage, what form the proposal will take is still being looked at in detail.

On receipt of something more substantial in terms of progress, the Town Council will be informed.


(d) Item 249 2007/2008 Future Housing Development in Ingleby Barwick.


The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from S.B.C. informing that the Secretary of State granted outline planning permission on 6th July 1978 for the erection of 7,920 dwellings.  A number of conditions accompanied the grant of planning permission but none imposed a control figure on the overall quantum of development. 


At the time of the September 2007 housing monitoring exercise, completed dwellings totalled 6,854 dwellings with another 677 dwellings committed through reserved matters planning permissions.  There is still a considerable area of land that is within the red outline but for which reserved matters planning permissions have not yet been granted. 


Persimmon Homes have provided the Council with an estimate of 1054 dwellings for total build on the remaining land.  It should be noted that this is purely an indicative figure and does not bind the developer to this total.  This would produce a total final build figure of circa 8,500 dwellings.


It should also be noted that there is an additional parcel of land (known as ‘Sand Hill’) which was shown within a masterplan submitted to the Council by Persimmon Homes in 2002.  If it is also developed then this would add circa 170 dwellings to the final build, producing a total final build figure of circa 8,700 dwellings.


The information provided by S.B.C. was noted.


A general discussion took place on the matter.  Various comments were raised in respect of the infrastructure needed, the traffic which would be generated, additional children and the possibility of planning gain.







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Councillor W. Feldon informed that he had sent a letter to both Stockton South MP Dari Taylor and Lord Andrew Adonis, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for

Schools and Learners, attaching a copy of the letter which he had sent to Councillor Ken Lupton Leader of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council with regard to the proposals for secondary education in South Stockton and Ingleby Barwick in particular.


Councillor Feldon circulated a hand-out to Members showing his calculations in respect of land available to expand All Saints Secondary School and outlined the information to Members.  The information notes as follows:


Area of Existing Buildings                            -             3,850 m2

Land Available on school site now  -          34,100 m2


Assuming that another 3,850 m2 of building area is needed to accommodate a school of 1,200 pupils:


                        Land Available          34,100 m2

                        Deduct                          3,850 m2


                                                            30,250 m2     For green play area


30,250 m2 is enough green play area for 600 pupils      


Between All Saints rear boundary and the diagonal footpath there is 15,100 m2 of land owned by S.B.C.


                        Add                             30,250 m2     All Saints land to

                        New Land                   15,100 m2


                                                            45,350 m2     Enough land for 1,050 pupils


If you were to convert 25% of the grass land to ‘All Weather’ area this makes a large difference as ‘All Weather’ area counts as twice that of green area.


25% of 45,350 m2 = 11,337 m2 extra space for 300 more children as you would have the equivalent of 56,687 m2 enough land for 1,350 pupils.


If the private land was also taken in behind the footpath this would allow for a maximum of another 180 pupils.




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It was noted that S.B.C. have appointed Dickinson Dees, a Newcastle legal firm, who are apparently one of the countries leading BSF experts.  It was suggested that the Town Council contact the firm and ask for a representative to attend a meeting, however given the costs which would be incurred and the viability this would not be progressed.


Councillor Feldon informed that he has been in contact with both Durham and York Diocese of the Church of England and they believe S.B.C. cannot act without their support.


Ward Councillor R. Patterson gave an update on the situation.  It was noted that the Council is currently proposing to expand All Saints by 150 places making it a 750 place school.  Given the number of houses still to be built which will generate more children, in the future over 1,200 pupils will be bussed off the estate to schools in the surrounding area.  It was reiterated that Ingleby Barwick Ward Councillors, who believe that there is land available to provide a secondary school in Ingleby Barwick, have tasked S.B.C. Officers to look at land availability.  It is expected that the next round of consultation will take place in May 2008.  The Ward Councillors have been in contact with Central Government and they have stated that they would not preclude the possibility of down sizing schools, as long as a meaningful case is put forward for a new school on Ingleby Barwick. 


Attention was again drawn to the new proposed site at Allens West for Egglescliffe Secondary School, with regard to access, its location near the railway and adjacent to pylons.


A general discussion took place.


It is hoped that a meeting can be arranged with York Diocese in the near future to discuss the matter, with as many people attending as possible.




The Clerk informed that she is still awaiting confirmation of a meeting date with S.B.C. from Jacksons Solicitors.




The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from Arup’s which she had circulated to Members prior to the meeting. 





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The correspondence states that following the design and implementation of the Low Lane Safety Scheme near the Fox Covert, which is shortly to finish on site, they have undertaken an audit of the road layout on Leven Bank, east of the River Leven.  The reason for this audit was the proposed reduction in the length of the overtaking lane on the bank by over 100 metres.  This reduction was as a consequence of the following:


  • The scheme to install the access for the new housing development at the old Cross Keys site resulted in a need to reduce the length of the overtaking lane at the bottom of Leven Bank by approximately 45 metres
  • During the consultation exercise for the safety scheme, concerns were received regarding the location of the point where the two lanes merge into one for traffic approaching the Fox Covert public house at the top of Leven Bank.  A request was made for this merge point to be moved back onto the bank and away from the existing bend in the road.  On reviewing the scheme at the end of the consultation exercise it was decided that this would be a good way of further improving road safety.  The consequence of this was a further reduction in the length of the overtaking lane by approximately 60 metres


A note which presents the results of the audit was attached and it is seen that the resulting recommendation is to fully remove the overtaking lane on Leven Bank. A plan which shows the proposed new layout was also attached.


Before the scheme is progressed and implemented on site, Arup’s would like to hear the views of Ingleby Barwick Town Council regarding the proposals.  It is hoped that they can get the changes agreed and ready for implementation by the end of May / early June when it is proposed for Leven Bank to be resurfaced. 


The information was considered by the Town Council.


RESOLVED that the Clerk submits the following comments to Arup’s:


The Town Council has no alternative but to support the recommendation to fully remove the overtaking lane on Leven Bank given the information provided. 

The Town Council has always opposed the development at the Cross Keys site at the bottom of Leven Bank.  The main reason for this being the road safety issue particularly in respect of our secondary school children being bussed up and down the bank twice daily.

It is hoped that the removal of this lane does not lead to driver frustration which in turn could lead to risk taking resulting in very serious or fatal accidents.






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Concerns were raised in respect of the plans to reduce the police helicopter service down to a single helicopter.


The service currently provides for one helicopter based at Newcastle and the other based at Durham Tees Valley Airport.  It is understood that Northumbria and Durham Police Authorities want the service to be reduced to operate with only one helicopter.


Cleveland Police Authority is opposing the proposal.


Members raised concerns that going down to a single helicopter could mean that the aircraft currently based at Durham Tees Valley Airport could be switched to Newcastle.


It was noted that this is a serious matter for our area as the helicopter is used regularly in our vicinity.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter to Councillor D. Mcluckie, Chairman of Cleveland Police Authority offering the Town Council’s support on the matter as the situation is totally unsatisfactory.  It is extremely important that we maintain this invaluable service with the provision of two helicopters.




The Clerk reported that she has contacted Robinsons Estate Agents to inform them that the Town Council would like to erect some signs advertising the Town Council office.  Robinson’s have given their approval for a sign to be located at the entrance into the car park mounted on the existing frame.  Approval has also been given for a small sign at the side of the office door.  Final proposals to be forwarded to Robinsons once agreement has been reached on the design of the signs.


The Clerk has consulted with the planning department and has received documentation which states that as long as the signs are not larger than 0.3 m2 in area planning permission is not required.  Final designs are to be forwarded to S.B.C. for their observation and confirmation that permission to erect them is not required.


The Clerk informed that she is in the process of obtaining quotations from three companies.  Colourscreen and Intersign that are both based on Bowesfield Industrial Estate, as well as Mascot who provided the signs for Robinsons.


The sign at the entrance will be approximately 920 x 200, the sign at the side of the door will be 500 x 500, both white lettering on black background.



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The Clerk informed that she is in receipt of the prices from Colourscreen and Intersign and is awaiting the quotation from Mascot.


The cost of the signs is not expected to exceed £ 200.00 plus VAT.


RESOLVED that the decision as to which company provides the signs be delegated to the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk.  The Clerk to place the order accordingly.




The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from S.B.C. informing that it is now the seventh year of the annual Care For Your Area Awards and the Council are kindly asking once again if the Town Council know anyone who has demonstrated extraordinary levels of civic pride in caring for their area.

Nominations can be received for something as small as picking up litter from the street to arranging large-scale local litter picking events or even by adding a splash of colour through decorative displays, in the case of businesses.

The Ceremony, which is to be held at the Swallow Hotel in Stockton on Friday 5th December, aims to celebrate the achievements of Individuals, Groups, Businesses or Schools who make a contribution in order to make Stockton a cleaner place to live, work or visit.

The deadline for nominations is Monday 23rd June 2008.


It was noted that the categories are as follows:


Gardening/Floral Awards

-                      Best Garden

-                      Best Hanging Basket/Containers

-                      Best Business Garden

-                      Best Neighbourhood Garden Project

-                      Best Pensioner Garden

-                      Best Front of Public House


Community Awards

-                      Best Individual Contribution

-                      Best Group Contribution

-                      Best Community Contribution

-                      Best School Contribution

-                      Best Business Contribution

-                      Best Environmental Contribution

-                      Best Conservation Project



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RESOLVED that the Town Council nominates the following:


-                      Children from all six primary schools in Ingleby Barwick who participated

           in the bulb planting project 2007;


-                      St. Francis of Assisi Church for their beautifully tended gardens;


-                      St. Francis of Assisi Primary School for their gardening efforts – flowers,

vegetables and hanging baskets.




The Town Council were represented at the Parish Liaison Forum by Councillor Mrs I. Machin and Councillor W. Feldon.  It was noted that they had received a very good presentation from the Enforcement Service/Anti Social Behaviour Team.  The Town Council were congratulated on their continued use of the service in Ingleby Barwick.  Figures were produced to show our low crime levels.


An update report was received on Local Involvement Networks.


A response was received from S.B.C. to the three items raised by the Town Council, which are as follows:


1. Secondary School Provision, Ingleby Barwick – Update on Building Schools for the Future following the meeting between Town Councillors and S.B.C. representatives on 26th February 2008.


Response from S.B.C. During the last few weeks discussion and negotiation has been continuing with the government agencies that are responsible for the delivery of the BSF programme.  These discussions have not yet been concluded therefore at this time there is no further information they are able to communicate.  They do not anticipate these matters to be concluded until late April or May this year.


2. Expansion of Tesco, Ingleby Barwick – What are the planning department’s views in respect of the possible extension of Tesco following the recent announcement from the Government that the impact on other stores should not influence the decision?


Response from S.B.C. Planning Policy Statement 6: Planning for Town Centres (PPS6) and The Local Plan Alteration No.1 address retailing aspects within the Borough.





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The Tesco store is located within ‘Myton Way Local Centre’, as defined by Local Plan Alteration Number 1 (2006).  This document sets out a hierarchy of retail centres with ‘Town Centres’ (Stockton) the most preferable location for new residential followed by ‘District Centres’ (Thornaby/Yarm).

In terms of the specifics of the Ingleby Barwick store, some may be aware an application for an expansion of the Tesco’s store was refused in January 2007 due to the development being out of keeping with the scale, function and nature of the Myton Way Local Centre and would result in an elevation of the centre within the retail hierarchy impacting on Thornaby and Yarm district centres.


Paragraph 2.42 of PPS6 supports the Council’s view:


‘Given their characteristics, local centres will generally be inappropriate locations for large-scale new development, even when a flexible approach is adopted.  Accordingly, it is likely to be inappropriate in most cases to include local centres within the search area to be applied under the sequential approach for large-scale developments.  Local planning authorities should therefore consider setting an indicative upper limit for the scale of developments likely to be permissible in different types of centres, and developments above these limits should be directed to centres higher up the town centre hierarchy’.


The other element of the decision to refuse the application was in relation to the impact of the development on the highway network.

However, the Planning department is currently in the process of formulating a new local planning system which is known as the Local Development Framework and constitutes a core strategy and series of ‘development folders’ to cover a wide range of planning issues and policies.  This is a lengthy process and will not be fully completed for several years (although elements are currently well under way).


The retail hierarchy outlined in the Local Plan will be reviewed within the Core Strategy which will be submitted to the Secretary of State during 2008.  Any representations for retail site allocations will be dealt with through the Regeneration DPD (this should be published, in a preferred options format, along with the Core Strategy during 2008).  All Parish Councils within Stockton Borough will be consulted when these documents are published and members of the public can also request notification by contacting the Spatial Planning Section.


S.B.C. has received a representation from Tesco to upgrade the status of Myton Way to a district centre and this is being considered.  However, at this time and under current planning policies the Local Planning Authority has no justification or reasoning to change its view for refusing the application.




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Whilst it is acknowledged that central government are re-assessing the way that supermarkets operate and seem to be encouraging competition through the competition commission assessing the use of restrictive covenants on land within their control and through trying to abolish the supermarkets ‘land banking’.  None of this is reflected in current planning guidance and any changes in legislation would not ‘override’ PPS6, unless changes itself are made to PPS6.


To summarise, until any material changes in circumstances emerge through either a revision of the relevant national planning policy guidance (PPS6) or through changes to the current retail hierarchy through the LDF process, the planning department’s standpoint would remain the same in terms of the retail impacts and any application would be likely to be resisted.


Regardless of this planning policy standpoint the remaining issue of the impacts of any store expansion on the Ingleby Barwick highway network would also have to be considered.  Unless it could be demonstrated that any expansion would not have a detrimental impact on existing highway infrastructure this would remain a reason for refusal of the application.


3. Dog Fouling


A discussion took place on the amount currently imposed for fixed penalty notices and the possibility of the fines being increased.



The meeting was attended by Councillor Mrs I. Machin and Councillor T.W. Bowman.


The following items where amongst the matters discussed:


-                      Tees Valley Major Bus Scheme;

In respect of the X6 service, if patronage continued to increase on this service, the operator might – in the longer term – consider increasing its frequency.

-                      Extended Schools;

-                      Thornaby Town Centre redevelopment;

-                      Local Area Agreement (LAA): Local Indicators;

-                      Elections to the Partnership from the Community Empowerment Network;

-                      Stockton Council’s Consultation Plan;

-                      Thematic Partnership Update.





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It was noted that Ward Councillor R. Patterson and Councillor W. Feldon had recently met with S.B.C. officers to discuss possible sites for the location of a Youth Café service facility.  The Town Council will be kept informed of progress.




The meeting was attended by Councillor W. Feldon.  It was noted that overall crime levels in Stockton are the same as last year.  Violence is the same, robberies are down, sex crimes have gone up, house burglaries are down, vehicle crime down and no vehicles stolen from car parks.  Improved detection rate at 33%.

From 1st April 2008 there will be 8 new Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) in the area.

It is recognised that there is a confusing list of emergency numbers to use now so they are considering issuing a fridge magnet device listing these numbers.




The meeting was attended by Councillor Mrs S. Larkin and Councillor Mrs J. White.

It was noted that both Redcar and Eston are looking to become Parish Councils.  NALC/CLCA are providing them with help and advice on the matter.  Billingham Town Council has been contacted to invite them to join CLCA. 

It was noted that CLCA have contacted each of the unitary authorities to ask for a donation in the region of £500 to help towards their costs.

A presentation was received from Lesley Swinbank, NALC Regional Development Officer (North East) on Quality Status.  It was noted that Ms Swinbank would like to attend a meeting of the Town Council to discuss the matter.


RESOLVED that a special meeting be held in the near future to discuss the matter and Ms Swinbank to be invited to attend.




The Clerk noted receipt of information on the Open Day which is to take place on Saturday 10th May 2008 9.30 a.m.12 noon at County Hall Durham.  The event is free of charge and open to all.




It was noted that a Meeting of the Friends of Tees Heritage Park is to take place at Preston Hall on Saturday 19th April 2008 at 10.30 a.m.  All welcome.



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(a)  Town Council Current Balance Sheet

The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer circulated copies of the Town Council's current financial statement, showing a total balance including reserves of £ 147,711.92, a copy of which is held on the Town Council file.


(b) Clerks Annual Increment Rise – 1st April 2008.


It was noted that the Clerk is due an increment rise on 1st April 2008, as per her contract of employment.


RESOLVED that the Clerks salary be calculated using the pay scales as provided by NALC 2007/08 National Salary Award for Local Council Clerks, pending the issue of the new salary scales for 2008/09.


(c) Local Government Pension Scheme – Contributions from 1st April 2008.


The Clerk informed of the changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) effective from 1st April 2008.  One of the main changes to the scheme is the introduction of banded employee contributions.


As from 1st April 2008 the Town Council’s contribution will increase from 17.4% to 18.2%.  The Clerks contribution will increase from 6% to 6.5%.


(d) Accounts due for Payment

Monthly internet payment to Orange Broadband of £11.99 is collected by direct debit.


RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration April 2008;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution April 2008;


            HBS Local Government Pension Scheme - Clerk and Employer contribution

April 2008;


Reimbursement to Clerk for the following:


            Serin Computers Ltd (printer repairs)        £ 15.00

            Argos (Door Bell Kit)                                    £ 19.99                      


Robinson’s – Rent for Office, due 5th May 2008                                       £     220.00



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(e) Maltby Cricket Club, Funding Request – The Clerk reported receipt of letter from the Cricket Club asking if the Town Council are able to help them in funding a new cricket roller for the Cricket Club.

Their existing roller (over 50 years old) has finally and unexpectedly given up the ghost and they have been told it is beyond repair.  The cost of a new one is

£ 6,321 (the estimate was attached).  It will of course last a life time.  Their need is urgent because the roller is absolutely necessary if they are to continue to provide a safe playing surface for the 120 or so junior members now registered with them.

They currently have £500.00 available in club funds and have exhausted all current grant opportunities.  Their only recourse apart from the Town Council is a loan from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).  They are looking into that possibility as a matter of urgency.  Clearly they want to keep their lending to an absolute minimum preferring to spend their cash on junior equipment and refurbishing their facilities rather than on loan repayments.  Any help that the Council could give would be greatly appreciated.

They wrote to the Council some months ago outlining their improvement plans and they would like to give an update.


Ø      They are still in negotiation with the owners of the adjoining field to try to secure further playing surface for cricket and rugby for the children of Ingleby Barwick.


Ø      They have secured £ 11,500 in order to re-organise their pavilion and garage.  This work should be completed by the end of April in time for the new season.  They will have a bar (open on match days only) which will provide much needed income.  They intend also to make the bar and tea room available to the local community.


Ø      Their drive to obtain a secure entrance is ongoing and they see this as an ideal project for Awards for All to help fund.


Ø      They are unable to access grants from Awards for All until the end of 2008 and they cannot go back to Tees Valley Community Foundation (who have helped them in the past) until 2009.


Ø      They have doubled the number of qualified coaches to 8 in order to cope with the increase in junior membership (age 9 to 17).


They hope that the Town Council are able to help in some way and as usual they would be happy to discuss their request in person if the Council so wish.


The Town Council considered the request.



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RESOLVED that the Town Council makes a contribution of £2,000 towards the cricket roller.  The Clerk to arrange payment accordingly.


(f) Printer/Photocopier


This matter to be discussed at the next meeting of the Town Council.




Planting a Living Christmas Tree


The Clerk informed that she has met with S.B.C. Officers on site to discuss the matter and look at the services and sight lines.  S.B.C. has no objection to the siting of the tree on the left hand side of the entrance into Myton Road.  Planting would take place around October time.


RESOLVED that the Town Council is in agreement to plant a Nordmanii tree approximately 7 feet 6 inches in height at the above location.  The Clerk to confirm the matter with S.B.C. 




Planning Schedule

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Town Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications.




RESOLVED that the Town Council’s April article for publication includes the following:


-                      Secondary School Provision, Ingleby Barwick, letter to Dari Taylor MP and Lord Adonis;

-                      Leven Bank – Removal of overtaking lane;

-                      Cleveland Police Helicopter Service;

-                      Care For Your Area Awards 2008;

-                      Contributions towards Romano Park.




(a) Teesside Pension Fund, Membership Notification – Receipt of notification that the Clerk is a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme.



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(b) Allianz Insurance Plc, Policy Renewal Documents – Receipt of Policy renewal documents showing the total premium payable for 2008/2009 of

£ 2,624.10.


(c) HM Revenue & Customs, Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Receipt of letter confirming the situation with the Town Council being able to reclaim the VAT element from the Persimmon and Town Council contribution to the Hall extension.


(d) Cleveland Police, Neighbourhood Policing Consultation Meeting – Receipt of letter confirming the dates of the next three Neighbourhood Policing Consultation meetings which are to be held in the conference room at Stockton Police Station on 3rd April 2008, 17th July 2008 and 20th November 2008.  All meetings will commence at 6 p.m.


(e) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership – Receipt of agenda and corresponding papers for the meeting on Tuesday 25th March 2008 held at the Five Lamps Organisation in Thornaby.


(f) Audit Commission, Appointment of External Auditor – Receipt of letter confirming the appointment of BDO Stoy Hayward LLP as auditor to Ingleby Barwick Town Council.  The appointment covers the audit of the accounts for the financial years 2007/08 to 2011/12.

The Audit Commission also confirms the appointment of the panel of Audit Commission officers to which they referred to in their earlier letter.  A member of the panel would act as the external auditor to Ingleby Barwick Town Council in the unlikely event that BDO Stoy Hayward LLP is unable to continue with the appointment.  Members of the panel may also assist with, or act solely on, additional work should this become necessary.


(g) BDO Stoy Hayward LLP, Local Council Briefing Spring 2008 – Receipt of the Local Council Briefing Spring 2008.


(h) North East Regional Employers Organisation, Confirmation of Details for New Premises – Receipt of letter of confirmation of the details for their new premises in Newcastle.


(i) Environment Agency, Tees CAMS Document – Receipt of letter informing that the Tees Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy has now been completed and is available to view on-line under ‘Water Resources’ at www.environment-agency.gov.uk.  This document sets out the strategy for the management of abstraction licensing in the Tees CAMS area.  The Tees CAMS will be updated annually.




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A Technical Document for the Tees CAMS has also been produced and is available in PDF format on request.

The document ‘Managing Water Abstraction: The Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy process’, outlines the CAMS process and can be read in conjunction with the Tees CAMS document.  The Managing Water Abstraction document can also be viewed on the ‘Water Resources’ section of the Environment Agency web site.


(j) Maltby Cricket Club, Funding Request – Receipt of letter from the Cricket Club asking if the Town Council are able to help them in funding a new cricket roller for the Cricket Club.


(k) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Peer Review of Stockton Council’s Work on Healthy Communities Issues – Receipt of letter informing that from Monday 28th April to Wednesday 30th April the IDeA (Improvement & Development Agency) will be undertaking a peer review of Stockton Council’s work on Healthy Communities issues.

The review will follow the same model used in previous reviews (e.g. the Council’s Corporate Peer Review, LSP reviews etc).  This is not an inspection – it is based on the IDeA paradigm of acting as a ‘critical friend’ to local authorities to help them improve their performance, and to collect and spread ‘best practice’.


The standard team consists of:-


  1. Peer Officer (Team Leader)
  2. Second Peer Officer
  3. Peer Member
  4. Review Manager (from IDeA staff) – in this case Kath Jones


In this case, there will also be two additional members of the team

  1. Sue Biddle, a secondee to the IDeA staff
  2. a civil servant from the Department of Health


For members 1 – 3 of the Team, they will be sent a shortlist of possible candidates to choose from.


They are currently preparing a self-assessment, which will be circulated once finalised, for submission in advance to the Review Team.


Paul Diggins and Sam Snow in the DNS Performance Team are co-ordinating the assembly of background documentation, in response to the IDeA’s standard menu, and organising a tour of the Borough for the Review Team on the morning of Tuesday 29th April.




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Anne Bowden, Mike Batty’s PA, is co-ordinating the schedule of individual and group interviews for the Monday and Tuesday, based on the IDeA ‘wish list’.


Attached are pages 20 – 38 of the IDeA Guidance which sets out their Benchmark, including their Ideal Service, their probes/lines of enquiry, and the key documentation and evidence. (The first 19 pages of the Guidance are concerned with the logistics of the review process and are available on request).


There will be a Presentation on Wednesday 30th April at 3.00 p.m. in Stockton Town Hall, when the Review Team will give feedback on their findings.  A draft written report will be published within four weeks.


Although this is a review of the Council, any review of a local authority’s work on Healthy Communities obviously needs to involve its PCT and other key NHS partners, and the links to PCT are even stronger in their case, due to co-terminosity, joint appointments at Head of Service / PCT Director level, and the Integrated Services Area programmes.


The Parish Council Focus Group with members of the Peer Review Team will be held on Monday 28th April, 5.00 – 6.30 p.m. in the Ground Floor Conference Room in Stockton Town Hall.


Representatives of the Town Council are invited to attend.


(l) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Care For Your Area Awards 2008 – Receipt of letter informing that it is now the seventh year of the annual Care For Your Area Awards and the Council are kindly asking once again if the Town Council know anyone who has demonstrated extraordinary levels of civic pride in caring for their area.


(m) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Stockton News May/June 2008 Edition – Receipt of letter informing that the deadline for articles for consideration is Wednesday 9th April 2008.  The magazine will be delivered to households and businesses on Friday 30th May 2008.


(n) Communities and Local Government, Putting Communities in Control, Empowerment White Paper – Receipt of copy of the letter from Hazel Blears MP regarding the Empowerment White Paper.


(o) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Egenda – Receipt of the ‘How to Use Egenda’ Leaflet;




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Following the Parish Liaison on 25th March 2008, Technical Services have issued the following update:


-                      Arriva Bus Services through Long Newton Arriva have agreed to carry out time trials to check on viability of restoring the bus service through Long Newton, as soon as interchange is open to traffic.  They have indicated that they will look at re-routing the 20 service (underpinned west of Stockton by RBSG funding) and possibly extend the 737 Darlington DTV airport service east to Stockton.  Whilst it is positive that trials will be undertaken they will not be in a position to advise further, until these trials have been completed.


(p) Crimestoppers – Receipt of thank you letter for the Town Council’s donation.


(q) 2nd Ingleby Barwick Rainbows – Receipt of thank you letter and receipts for the Town Council’s grant.


(r) Arup’s, Leven Bank – Receipt of correspondence.


(s) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Standards Committee, Training and Development for Parish Councils/Councillors and Clerks – Receipt of report which was to be presented to the Standards Committee on 10th April 2008.  Any views and comments were requested.


(t) Code of Conduct, Declaring Members Interests Flowchart – Receipt of flowchart.


(u) Cleveland Local Councils Association, Open Day 10th May 2008Receipt of information on the Open Day.


(v) Ingleby Barwick Library, April 2008 Newsletter and Bookheads Review – Receipt of the April 2008 Newsletter and Bookheads Review.


(w) Egglescliffe and Eaglescliffe Council, Annual Parish Meeting – Receipt of invitation to the Annual Parish Meeting & Chairman’s Social Evening on Thursday 17th April 2008 at 7.30 p.m. in Egglescliffe Community Centre on Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe.


(x) Wicksteed Leisure, Playscapes – Receipt of mailing.


(y) The Standards Board for England, Town and Parish Standard – Receipt of the Town and Parish Standard mailing March 2008.



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(z) Clerks and Council ‘Direct’ magazine – Receipt of the Direct magazine March 2008.


(a1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Precept 2008/2009 – Receipt of the precept for 2008/2009 totaling £ 120,725.00.


(b1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Standards Committee Meeting – Receipt of correspondence stating that the Committee's agenda is available at the hyperlink below:-



and via egenda at the following link:-




They would draw Members attention to the following items:-


Item 10 - Local Assessment Framework
This report provides further details regarding the proposed changes to the standards framework.


Item 14 - Member Conduct - Officer Protocol
This report is of particular interest to Officers and provides the final version of the protocol. 


Item 16 - Training and Development for Parish Councils/Councillors and Clerks
Town/Parish Clerks and Councillors' views concerning this item were welcomed.


(c1) Friends of Tees Heritage ParkMeeting at Preston Hall on Saturday 19th April 2008 at 10.30 a.m.


(d1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Parish Council Liaison Forum – Receipt of letter advising the dates for the Parish Council Liaison Forum 2008/9 meetings which are as follows:


  • Monday 16th June 2008
  • Monday 15th September 2008
  • Monday 15th December 2008
  • Monday 16th March 2009




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All meetings will be held at 7.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees unless otherwise notified.


Representatives of each Parish/Town Council are invited to attend and, should they wish to do so, identify any items that they would wish to be considered at the meetings.  Any items for the meeting on 16th June 2008 should be forwarded by Friday 23rd May 2008.





The Annual Meeting of the Town Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21st May 2008 at Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Haresfield Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.


The Annual Parish Meeting is to take place on Wednesday 28th May 2008 at Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Haresfield Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.








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