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Chairman: Councillor T.W. Bowman;


Councillors: W. Feldon, C.G. Frank, Mrs I. Machin and Mrs S. Rouse;


Ward Councillor: Mrs J. Beaumont;


Clerk and Treasurer: Paula M. Hall.




Apologies for absence were received from or on behalf of Councillor M.F. Jones.



No public present at the meeting.



The Minutes of the Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council held on 15th January 2003, having been circulated to Members and displayed in the Parish Council Noticeboards, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.



Receipt was noted of a ‘Change to Register of Interests Form’ from Councillor A.G. Thompson who has changed address.


The Clerk informed that Mr Bond, Director of Law and Democracy, Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.) has advised that he will attend the Parish Council meeting on 19th March 2003.







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(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.

Concerns were raised regarding the accumulation of litter at the shopping areas and near the new teen shelter.


Councillor Mrs Machin noted that she has raised the matter of ‘enforcement’ with regard to a number of issues including litter, at a recent meeting of the Environment Partnership Board - Stockton Renaissance.  A report is expected back from S.B.C. for their next meeting. 


(b) Item 89(s) 2000/2001 Direction Signs to Ingleby Barwick from A19 and A174.

No further information.


(c) Item 14 2002/2003 Ingleby Barwick Parish Council – Badge of Office For Chairman.

The Clerk circulated the information received with regard to the quotes for a Chairman’s Badge of Office and noted the following prices:


Thomas Fattorini Ltd –

Illustration full size

Coat of Arms in full in the centre, coloured with vitreous enamel as illustrated and with parcel gilt finish

Pendant would be suspended from a blue ribbon collarette to be worn around the neck and a presentation case is included in the price quoted.


Pendant to be produced in hard gold plated sterling silver and vitreous enamel, £755.85 nett plus carriage.


If engraving is required on the reverse of the pendant, this can be incorporated by machine for the additional sum of 27 p per letter or numeral nett.


A.J. Gilbert (B’ham) Ltd., Chairman’s Badge of Office –

            Hard Enamelled Painted Centre Mounted on a No. 7 Medal All As Per



            Gilt On Base Metal No.7 With Hand Enamel Painted Centre -         £238.00


            Hall Marked Silver Gilt No.7 with Hand Enamel Painted Centre - £315.00



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Mitred Ribbon -                                                                                       £    9.95

            Leatherette Case (If Required) -                                                           £  18.50


            Prices do not include V.A.T.

            Carraige Ex works


A.R. Fabb Bros. Ltd.

Information on pendant, £360.00 in metal gilt;

       £675.00 in silver gilt.


Complete with brooch fittings on the shoulders

All prices plus VAT


RESOLVED that the Clerk place an order with A.J. Gilbert for the following:

Hall Marked Silver Gilt No.7 with Hand Enamel Painted Centre

            Mitred Ribbon (Purple)                                                                      

            Leatherette Case                                                                    


(d) Item 79 2002/2003 Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Extension Proposals.

The Clerk noted receipt of information on Loans from NALC.

Information on any possible funding options has been requested from CLCA who are currently looking into the matter for the Parish Council.

It was advised that the Community Hall Management Committee approach Stockton Voluntary Development Agency for information on any grant options.


Councillor Mrs Machin noted that she is preparing a portfolio for the Community Hall extension, which is to be discussed at the Management Committee meeting on 20th February 2003.


RESOLVED that a joint meeting be arranged with the Parish Council and Community Hall Management Committee to discuss the matter.  The Clerk to arrange a mutually agreeable date.


(e) Item 88 2002/2003 Youth Club and Facilities in Ingleby Barwick.

It was noted that library facilities are incorporated within Ingleby Barwick Community Campus.

No further information.


(f) Item 99 (t) 2002/2003 Yarm Fair Traffic.

Receipt of letter from Police clarifying that there is no intention to re-route traffic via Ingleby Barwick to facilitate Yarm Fair.



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(g) Item 115 (d) 2002/2003 Section 137 Payments – Ryandale Playgroup and St John Ambulance Cadets.

The Clerk noted that she has forward the grants allocated to Ryandale Playgroup and St John Ambulance Cadets, as agreed at the Parish Council meeting on 15th January 2003.


(h) Item 115 (e) 2002/2003 Independent Internal Audits.

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from Egglescliffe Parish Council which reads as follows:


This Council has for some months now been discussing options for implementation of the “independent” aspect requirement of the new Accounts & Audit Regulations.

Research into costs for professional accountants to carry out this task varies from £20 per hour up to £30 per hour.

We have recently been discussing whether Clerks to local councils would be classed as “independent” enough to carry out this function for other, neighbouring Councils. Confirmation has been received from the National Association of Local Councils that as long as there is a minimum of three this would be allowable.  For example – Clerk A could act for Council B, Clerk B for Council C and Clerk C for Council A, rotating regularly.

Our purpose in writing to you at this time is to ascertain whether your Clerk/Council would be interested in becoming part of this type of cluster group.  This is just a general enquiry at the moment to gauge whether there is enough interest to look into this in more detail.  

It is not expected that Clerks would or indeed, should, give their time freely so if there is enough interest in this type of scheme, this is one of the main points which would need careful consideration.


RESOLVED that the Clerk reply to Egglescliffe Parish Council informing that the Clerk/Parish Council are interested in becoming part of the cluster group as outlined in the letter.


(i) Item 115 (f) 2002/2003 Budget 2003/2004.

The Clerk informed that she has requested the precept of £42,000 for the financial year 2003/2004, from S.B.C.


(j) Item 116 2002/2003 Community Wardens.

No further information.





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(k) Item 122 (h) 2002/2003 Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, Council Tax – Conference 28th January 2003.

Councillor T.W. Bowman presented the following report to the meeting:


Following surveys of interested organisations and persons, S.B.C. have developed two budget lists, one for "Essential items" and a second list for "desirable items". The basis of the conference was to allow groups of those present to work with their Spreadsheet model and see the effects of altering adding/removing items from the two lists. To fund essential would need a rise of 4.9%, to cover all desirables as well would need a rise of 6.5% to balance the budget.

They stated that they had three choices: -


A) Re-allocate existing resources, i.e. "rob Peter to pay Paul".

B) Change the Council tax precept, upwards.

C) Find a "halfway" house, between the above options.


A 1% change in Council tax revenue equates to about £500,000.


Their basic 2003 / 2004 budget is based on the values below: -


Education                   £97.7m

Social Services         £38.9m

Fire services              £  9.3m

Highways                   £  6.4m

EPCS                         £41.1m

Capital                        £  8.7m (to service interest on borrowed money)


Total government grants are £69.3m, made up from Business rates, RSG, Special grants for specific purposes, Government Support. Etc.

Cabinet has decided that all education grants and cash will go to Education only. Other services will receive a base 1 % increase plus additional resources linked to priorities. That is the subject of the conference, to give them a feed back on what the taxpayers think should be funded.

Their spreadsheet had C.T. rises of 4.25%, 4.9% and 5.5% as examples

Social services have more children in care due to drug problem.  Thus they need more cash than Central government expects.

Those present all suggested that 6.5% was too high and that they should aim for the 4.9% level of increase, each group however had a different means of attaining that aim!

If that aim of a 4.9% rise in council tax is achieved then the typical total annual Council tax bills would be as listed below, using the £300,000 as the Average Annual Parish precept.



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Band A = £642.50, Band B = £749.58, Band C = £856.67, Band D = £963.75,

Band E = £1177.92, Band F = £1392.08, band G = £1606.25, band H = £1927.50


127.  FINANCE:


(a)  Ingleby Barwick Parish Council Current Balance Sheet.

The Clerk/Treasurer circulated copies of the Parish Council's current financial statement, a copy of which is held on the Parish Council file.


(b) Accounts for Payment.

The following Accounts were approved for payment:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration February 2003

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution February 2003


Paula M. Hall – Reimbursement of Expenses:

            Stationery/Office Equipment                                                            £  26.99


Use of Church Centre for P.C. Meeting

January 2003                                                                         £   30.00


Paula M. Hall – Reimbursement of Expenses/Administration Costs:


Home Highway Service Charges

(Feb 03 - 31 March 03) (80%)                                 -           £ 44.79


            Call Costs (12 Nov 02 – 11 Feb 03)                       -           £  21.68


            Internet Charges (Jan 03 & Feb 03)                       -           £  27.98 


            Postage (Jan/Feb 03)                                              -           £    9.45


(c) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts.

No report received.


(d) Section 137 Payments.

The Clerk noted receipt of correspondence from The Ramblers Association requesting a donation from the Parish Council.


RESOLVED that no contribution be made to the Association, as the Parish Council support the group by contributing to membership.




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The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from the Community Hall Management Committee asking the Parish Council to consider the provision of a disabled car parking space in the car park at the Community Hall.  Also, requesting that the Parish Council consider providing a dog-fouling bin near the Community Hall. 


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a reply to the Community Hall Management Committee informing that the Parish Council support the provision of a disabled car parking space, however with regard to a dog fouling bin, it is noted that there is already a bin on Haresfield Way, not far from the Community Hall.



The Clerk noted receipt of letter from S.B.C. informing that the Ingleby Barwick field names theme has now been exhausted and they now require street names for the remaining developments at Village 5 and also Village 6.  Continuing on from the previous National Parks theme, they are considering using names from British Castles, Stately Homes and Great Houses and would appreciate the Parish Council’s comments on the matter.


RESOLVED that the Clerk reply to S.B.C. informing that the Parish Council has no objections to using names from the proposed themes.



The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from Roger Smith, Powercare Electrical Services, informing that they are currently looking at the possibility of installing and operating a new state of the art CCTV system within Ingleby Barwick.  The system would be installed, maintained and monitored as a private entity.  All cameras would be monitored 24 hours a day and a number of cameras placed around the estate, including main roads, shops, pubs, public footpaths and various other areas where the local Crime Action Team and local people suggest are problem areas.  Only named organisations will have access to the recorded pictures, including Police and Council Officials, etc.

They had intended to fund the system via contribution of around one pound per week from each household.  S.B.C. have suggested that they contact the Parish Council to see if this charge could be collected through the Parish Council precept.

They have been in contact with various people about the scheme including S.B.C., Thornaby Police and Land Owners, all of whom welcome the system and feel that it will lower crime and drug abuse within the area.



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The Clerk noted that in further correspondence, Mr Smith has informed that he is currently obtaining definite installation costs for the project.  The system will need a minimum of £300,000 in the first and second year to allow for installation equipment costs etc., which could be achieved at £0.80-£1.00 per household per week.  This will allow for 32 cameras in strategic points around the estate, further cameras can be added at any time after the installation.

On the issue of privacy, the manufacturers of the system have a privacy function built into the cameras, this basically denies the operator from looking into anyone’s homes or property and is set up by the independent Home Office Operatives at the time of installation.

He has spoken to Cleveland Police and the system will be able to be linked to the Police Control Room.


RESOLVED that the Clerk reply to Mr Smith, noting that the costs involved are very expensive.  The shopping areas in Ingleby Barwick, which are privately owned, would benefit from CCTV coverage.  The Parish Council suggests that he approach the shopping areas for funding towards a suitable system.



The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from Andrew Noon informing that he and his associate Robert Walker have purchased the InglebyBarwick.com website.

It is noted that InglebyBarwick.com is intended to be run as a non-profit, community based entity and they seek only to recover the costs associated with ownership and development of the site from business advertisements.  As such they intend, in any way possible, incorporate useful, interesting and relevant news, topics and debates and hope to involve the community in the content of the site.

The Parish Council is invited to participate in this venture.

They have on this site included a section entitled ‘Parish’ which they hope the Parish Council will be able to contribute to.

It is their intention to host a current and archived set of Parish newsletters or minutes, which they can help, administer.  By submitting minutes of Parish Council meetings or newsletters to them, they in turn can update this section with the Parish Council’s input.  They feel that this would offer the Parish Council an ideal way to reach the residents of the community.  They can also offer ‘space’ on the site to advertise charity events, publicise important issues or assist in any way they can with the Parish Council’s endeavours.

It is noted that there is no cost associated with the Parish Council’s involvement.


Councillor Mrs Machin informed that she had met with Mr Noon to discuss the website and noted that she was impressed with the new sophisticated layout and set up.



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RESOLVED that the Clerk invite Mr Noon to the Parish Council meeting on 16th April 2003 to discuss the website.  The Clerk to forward the approved minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 15th January 2003 and the recent report in Gossip, to Mr Noon for placing on the website.




(a) Seats/Bins, Ingleby Barwick.

No further information.


(b) Bulbs/Tubs.

The Clerk noted receipt of the following replies, which have been received in connection with the Parish Councils suggestion of entering Northumbria in Bloom, Minor Awards Category:


Safeway, Ingleby Barwick – They would like more information before they are able to comment on whether they are able to participate.

For information, they are unable to commit themselves financially to any project before the end of their financial year, which is 31st March 2003, as their budget for next year will not be set prior to that date.


Whinstone Primary School, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter informing that if the school can do anything to brighten both itself and Ingleby Barwick up for the competition they will be delighted to help.


(c) Planting of Broad Leaf Trees, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from Stuart Hibbert, S.B.C., informing that he has inspected the various sites in Ingleby Barwick suggested by the Parish Council for tree planting.  This has included the sites planted as part of last year’s project as well as new sites.


The trees planted last year have been inspected to assess their condition and it appears that from the 25 no. planted 5 no. trees have failed, primarily due to vandalism.  The majority of the remaining trees are in satisfactory condition, however a small number will have to be monitored into the second growing season to assess new leaf & shoot growth.

Unfortunately, many of the suggested new sites include land not within SBC ownership or the land is used for service routes.







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The planting he proposes, includes the following sites:


-         Barwick Way – 1 no. replacement, 6 no. additional trees (7 no. in total);

-         Land r/o Wheatear Lane – 7 no. additional trees;

-         Beckfields Community Centre – 4 no. replacement trees;

-         Land s/o Avens Way – 2 no. replacements (vandalised trees);

-         Open Space s/o Otter Way (off Hollybush Ave) – 7 no. new trees;

-         Pennine Way – 5 no. new trees.

32 total


The total cost of planting is anticipated to be in the region of £1600-1750.  Based on their current budget S.B.C. are able to contribute around £750 to this project.

Confirmation is required from the Parish Council that they would be able to contribute up to £1000.


RESOLVED that the Clerk confirm to S.B.C. that the Parish Council will be able to contribute up to £1000 to the project.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter to S.B.C. regarding the grass verge along Ingleby Way, which is regularly flooded, requesting that they investigate the matter with the view to taking appropriate action.


(d) Play Facilities.


RESOLVED that the Clerk request assurance from S.B.C. that the play area will be back in use by the Easter holidays.


(f) Football Pitches.

The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club, informing that during their monthly meeting on 31st January that was attended by Councillor Mrs Machin, the progress of obtaining the licence and planning permission for the new ground on Thornaby Road was discussed.  As advised they expect that Dave Scott will obtain the working licence for the field in the next two or three weeks.  It is hoped to have full agreement on the long-term lease shortly thereafter.

Once they have the working licence the first two tasks are the erection of the ball fence and the preparation of the ground.  It is requested that a contribution

towards the cost of the fence, be raised at the next Parish Council meeting.  They hope to be able to fund the groundwork from funds they have raised themselves.




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Enclosed for the Parish Council’s information is a copy of a quotation from Brian Noble Fencing Contractors Ltd., which has been obtained by Stockton B.C. architects department on their behalf.  This is the most competitive of three compliant quotations they received.

Quotation: £ 9,795.00 Excluding VAT.

They would like to thank the Parish Council in advance for any financial assistance they receive in relation to this request.  Particular thanks go from everyone at the club to Councillor Mrs Machin for her help and perseverance over the past 12 months or so.


Councillor Mrs Machin informed that she had attended a T.I.B.S. meeting on Friday 14th February 2003, with Kevin McAuley S.B.C. and Ian Hodgson T.I.B.S.

and gave a brief update on progress.  A copy of the minutes of the meeting are held on the Parish Council file.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council agree to contribute £5,000 towards the costs of erecting the ball fence, once all legal documents are in place.  The Clerk to reply to Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club accordingly.



(a) Planning Schedule.

The Clerk referred to the Planning Schedule attached to the Agenda for this Meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Parish Council’s Planning Applications Committee in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications, which have been informed by S.B.C.



(a) Community Hall Management Committee.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on 20th February 2003.


(b) Temporary Governing Body - Proposed Myton Park Community Primary School, Ingleby Barwick.

Councillor Bowman informed that the school prospectus is now with the printer.  The web site has been set up. 

The Head Teacher has been appointed and an advert has been placed for the Deputy Head.

The school is scheduled to be open on 3rd September 2003.


(c) Temporary Governing Body - St. Francis of Assisi Primary School, Ingleby Barwick.

The school is scheduled to be open on 26th February 2003.



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The Clerk noted that she has contacted the Gossip magazine regarding the possibility of the Parish Council having a regular quarterly slot in the magazine of approximately half a page.




(a) Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, Minutes – Receipt of Minutes December  2002/January 2003.


(b) St Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Receipt of Invoice for January 2003 for the sum of £30.00.


(c) Stockton South Road Safety – Receipt of report.                         


(d) Cleveland Police, Yarm Fair – Receipt of letter.


(e) The Rambler’s – Receipt of Yearbook and Accommodation Guide 2003.


(f) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Receipt of letter. 


(g) One Voice Tees Valley Tees Valley Briefing, February 2003.


(h) Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, A1044 Low Lane Section Between A1045 Thornaby Road and Barwick Way Roundabout – Receipt of letter regarding a local safety scheme incorporating speed reduction and street lighting.

The proposals, include the existing National speed limit being reduced to 50 mph, street lighting to be implemented along the unlit section and improvements to the existing signage and carriageway markings.


(i) Cleveland Local Councils Association, Appointment of New Secretary – Receipt of letter informing that Hardwick in Partnership Ltd are to provide the secretarial support to CLCA with immediate effect.  The initial contract will officially run on a provisional basis for six months until 30th June 2003 when, hopefully, it will be renewed.  The new secretary is Margaret Middleton whose main employment is with Hardwick in Partnership Ltd.


(j) Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, Street Names At Villages 5 and 6: Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter.





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(k) Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, Ward Boundary Review and District/Parish Elections – Receipt of letter from S.B.C., noting that as you will recall the review of Parish boundaries by the Council, which was well advanced, was put on hold by the Boundary Committee until after the review of the District Ward Boundaries is completed.

It now seems that the Ward Boundary Review will be completed towards the end of March.  District and Parish Elections in May 2003 will, however, have to take place on the present Ward Boundaries, rather than those proposed by the Boundary Committee.  The result of this is likely to be additional District Elections on the new Ward Boundaries, either in 2004 or 2005.

Whilst there are unlikely to be any substantial changes to Parish Boundaries as a result of the Ward Boundary Review, the Electoral Commission has been asked to clarify whether the Parishes will also need to have further elections in 2004 or 2005.

In the case, however, of the four Parishes of Grindon, Ingleby Barwick, Thornaby and Wolviston, the Boundary Committee has already recommended that the Parishes be Warded using the boundaries of the recommended new District Wards.  The new Warding arrangements will probably come into effect at the same time as the new District boundaries.  The Parish elections would, however, have taken place in May 2003, as unwarded Parishes and this would leave these Parishes with Councillors elected to the Parish area, but not allocated to the new

Wards.  The Electoral Commission has therefore been asked to clarify whether additional elections would be required or whether the new Parish Wards will not in fact be implemented until 2007.

In the case of Ingleby Barwick, the Boundary Committee has also recommended an increase in the number of Parish Councillors from eight to twelve.  When these additional Councillors would be elected and how they would relate to the Boundary Committee’s proposed two Parish Wards for that Parish is also unclear, and again the Electoral Commission has been asked to confirm how these matters will be addressed.

In the meantime, the Council has agreed that the review of Parish boundaries by the Council should re-commence in June 2003, in consultation with the new Parish Councils and after the new District Ward boundaries have been determined.  This will give the newly elected Parish Councillors the opportunity to review the initial views put forward by the Parish Councils in January 2001.  Subject to any comments, the Council will then finalise any recommendations for changes to Parish boundaries in the light of the new District Ward boundaries.


(l) Warm Zone – Warm Zone is a partnership between S.B.C. and Transco.

Receipt of information regarding assessment of the Ingleby Barwick Housing Area, in respect of gathering energy efficiency information for the Council to assess all housing stock and to help householders with grants for energy efficiency improvements. 



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They have assumed that the new housing that makes up I.B. is mostly occupied by people who are employed full time.  This makes it difficult to find the householders home to ask questions.  It also makes it unlikely that many will qualify for free energy efficiency grants.  With this in mind they have decided it would not be efficient to door knock this area, instead they will do a variety of activities to encourage householders to return a completed assessment sheet by post.


(m) The Ramblers Association – Request for donation from the Parish Council.


(n) One Voice Tees Valley Invitation to A.G.M. on Friday 28th February 2003 at 12 noon, St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.


RESOLVED that Councillor Mrs Machin attend the meeting.


(o) Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick F.C. – Receipt of letter.


(p) Information Commissioner, Freedom of Information Act 2000 Publication Schemes – Receipt of letter informing that the model scheme that the Parish Council has chosen to adopt has been approved for a period from 28th February 2003 to 28th February 2007.  During that period the Parish Council is obliged, under Section 19 (1)(b), to publish information in accordance with that model scheme.


(q) Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, Care For Your Area Service Leaflet and Posters – Receipt of posters and a small supply of service leaflets which include general information regarding their range of services.


(r) CPRE – Receipt of the following:


                        Rural Matters, January 2003;

                        Planning Update, January 2003.


(s) The Tees Forest Receipt of information leaflet.


(t) Safeway, Northumbria in Bloom – Receipt of letter.


(u) Whinstone Primary School, Northumbria in Bloom – Receipt of letter.


(v) Powercare Electrical Services, Ingleby Barwick CCTV System – Receipt of letter.


(w) Andrew Noon, Ingleby Barwick.com – Receipt of letter.



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(x)  Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council, Stockton Recycling Scheme – Receipt of Invitation to official launch of the kerbside recycling collection scheme on Thursday 13th February 2003 – 1pm until 2pm at Preston Hall.


(y)  Speed Gun, Newspaper Article – receipt of newspaper article.











The next meeting of the Parish Council to be held on 19th March, 2003, at the St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre - Meeting Room, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.00 p.m.




Chairman……………………………….                             Date………………………..




Clerk…………………………………….                             Date………………………..