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(b) Accounts for Payment.


RESOLVED that the Clerk move up one increment as per her contract of employment.  The new salary to be calculated using the pay scales as provided by NALC 2006/7 National Salary Award for Local Council Clerks.


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration April 2006

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution April 2006


Paula M. Hall – Reimbursement of Expenses/Administration Costs:


            Internet Charges (April 2006)                                                          £        14.99


St. Francis Church Centre – Use of Hall PC Mtgs

March 2006                                                                                                   £        32.50


Robinson’s rent for Office January, February and March 2006               £      660.00


Robinson’s Service charges to 1st January 2006                                      £      108.99


S.B.C. Tree Planting Project                                                                       £   1,000.00


Ramblers Annual Subscription                                                                    £        24.00


Community Wardens – Quarter 3  Amounts being finalised with S.B.C.


Community Wardens – Quarter 4   Amounts being finalised with S.B.C.


(c) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts.

Receipt of financial statement dated 22nd February 2006.                                             


It was noted that the Plus 5’s group no longer use the Hall as they have transferred into the new Ingleby Mill Primary School.


(d) Maltby Cricket Club – Request for Financial Support.

Following the recent letter from the Cricket Club, Mr M. Barber was invited to attend tonight’s meeting to discuss their request for financial support from the Parish Council.


The Chairman introduced Mr Barber and invited him to speak on behalf of the Club.


Mr Barber thanked the Parish Council for their kind invitation to attend the meeting.  He briefly outlined the history of the Club and noted that over the last five years the Club has grown dramatically.



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The Club currently has 92 junior members, of which 82/83 are from Ingleby Barwick.

It is anticipated, looking at the growth rate that numbers will increase to up to 200 in the next two years.


The Club therefore is looking to improve the facilities.  Mr Barber outlined the costs involved and indicated that they are hoping to find funding of £41,000.

It was noted that the Club are finding it expensive to hire venues to practice and therefore are aiming at providing their own facility at the Cricket ground.


Mr Barber outlined the various funding options being progressed.


It was noted that if they are not successful in achieving the funding then they would possibly need to return the Parish Council’s contribution of £500.


The Club has eight qualified coaches and a number of helpers.


It was confirmed that to date there are no women members however the Club is open to everybody.


Mr Barber provided the Parish Council with various information including a copy of their constitution etc.


Members of the Parish Council indicated that they would be keen to help and expressed their support of the work and commitment of the Club.


Mr Barber was asked to keep the Parish Council informed of his progress with funding and was thanked for his attendance.  


(e) Police Cycle Patrols – Request for Financial Support.

Receipt was reported of a letter from P.C. Stockley noting that approximately 2 years ago the Parish Council were kind enough to provide funding in order for him to purchase the specialist uniform required to carry out cycle patrols on Ingleby Barwick.

However, due to continuous use and natural wear and tear the body armour cover and trousers are starting to look shabby and are nearing the end of their serviceable life.

Once again, he kindly requests the Parish Council’s help with assistance to enable him to continue with these patrols.

He would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Parish Council for its support and would respectfully request further funding, if available, to replace the items.  The funding required would be approximately £220.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council agrees to support the request for financial assistance.  The Clerk to liaise with PC Stockley in respect of placing the order for the required uniform.



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(f) Section 137 Payments to Charity/Voluntary Organisations:


Ingleby Barwick Art Group (IBAG), Request for Grant Aid – Receipt was reported of a letter from Ingleby Barwick Art Group applying for a grant from the Parish Council to enable them to carry on throughout 2006/7 as they have since their inception in 2004.

The Group has gone from strength to strength with two exhibitions to their credit and they are also registered with Kate Mahaffey, Events co-coordinator at Preston Park Museum for future events in 2007.

In 2005, they had 10 workshops with Mr George Colley, a local Hartlepool Artist.

In the coming year they will retain Mr Colley, but they would like to have other artists bring their talents and interest of other medium e.g. Acrylics, Oils, pen & wash etc which would maintain members interest and enthusiasm.

They are a lively, social group and feel that they meet the needs of their age group in ability and disability in Ingleby Barwick.

They have applied unsuccessfully to Tesco’s Ingleby Barwick and the Lottery small grants fund.

IBAG intends to visit Ilkley Art Show in August, which would cost approx. £200 for coach hire and £10 each member for the workshop.


This year their outgoings will be approximately                 £400 for 10 visits from G. Colley;

Estimated amount for occasional Artists                           £200 for 5 visits;

Day out to Ilkley art show with workshop                            £260;

Venue hire at All Saints School                                           £800 which excludes school



Their only income is member’s contributions, out of which they pay for the hire of the art room at All Saints, a meal out at Christmas and occasional field trips for painting for which they pay the drivers petrol and any incidental expenses.


It is requested that the Parish Council consider their application, even for only one or two of the aforementioned events for which they would be very grateful.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council agrees to support the Group to the sum of £200, which is to be used towards the payments for occasional artists.  The Clerk to forward a cheque to the Group accordingly.


1st Ingleby Barwick St. Francis Scout Group, Request for Sponsorship – Receipt was reported of a letter from the Group Scout Leader, writing on behalf of two of their scouts who have been selected to attend the 21st World Scout Jamboree in 2007, for 12 days from 27th July to 8th August.  This Jamboree is very important, as it is 100 years since Baden Powell opened the first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island, near Poole in Dorset.



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The theme of the Jamboree is ‘One World One Promise’ – which captures the aspirations and hopes of young people for the future.

The Jamboree will take place in the UK for the first time in 50 years, at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, there will be around 40,000 young people camping, living and working along side each other, coming from a variety of Countries, different cultures, backgrounds and religions.  Together they will celebrate what unites them and learn what they can do together to help build a better world.

The cost to each young person attending the Jamboree is £1,000, as a Group they have been challenged to help the parents to raise this money, by fund raising, sponsorship etc.

The Group would like to ask the Parish Council if they would consider sponsoring these two scouts, as they embark on what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a life enhancing/changing time.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council agrees to sponsor the two scouts to the sum of £200 each.  The Clerk to forward the cheque to the Scout Group accordingly.



(a) Street Furniture


The Clerk reported that S.B.C. has informed that the expected date for delivery of the dog bins is the middle of May 2006.


The Parish Council approved that the three bins be sited at the locations as previously agreed with S.B.C., which are as follows:


-           Footpath/Cycleway Adjacent to Myton Way, Ingleby Barwick

-           Marchlyn Crescent, Ingleby Barwick

-           Penyghent Way, Ingleby Barwick


RESOLVED that the Clerk inform S.B.C. of confirmation of the three locations.


(b) Tree Planting


The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from S.B.C. regarding the three suggested locations for this year’s tree planting project.  The information received in respect of each of the sites is as follows:


Ingleby Way, Section on Left Hand Side Between Haresfield Way and Barwick Wayas previously advised this section is generally full of underground service routes.  The information S.B.C. receives from the service providers is also quite vague on precise locations, which makes excavation and planting works quite dubious. 



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The other difficulty with this site is that the ground is extremely wet in many places, which may make it difficult to establish trees. 


Raised Area on the Corner of Roundhill Avenue/Blair Avenue This site appears suitable for trees however all the service information has not yet been received.  This land has only recently been title transferred to S.B.C.


Blair Avenue, Land Adjacent to Beacons Lane opposite entrance into Penderyn CrescentLand not adopted by S.B.C. therefore not authorised to plant here.


The Clerk noted receipt of further information from S.B.C. confirming that arrangements have been made for 16 no. trees to be planted at Blair Avenue/Roundhill Avenue on behalf of the Parish Council.

Having undertaken land ownership and underground service checks at the various proposed sites, it was found that this was the only available site to plant trees (some were not owned by S.B.C. and there were found to be multiple service routes in some areas).

The order was placed to plant the trees and works are now complete.

The cost of the trees totaled £1092 and the planting cost is £456 (@£28.50 per tree).

The Clerk circulated a plan showing the locations of the trees, which include a mixed avenue of white flowering cherries and Rowans plus 3 no. larger trees to be widely spaced in the open area inc. 1 no. Maple and 2 no. Caucasian Ash  (mainly for good autumn colour).

It is intended S.B.C. will maintain all maintenance including monthly watering, tree stake management, replacements (possibly even installation of cage mesh around trees if there is any vandalism).

It is understood that the Parish Council wish to contribute £1,000 towards this project therefore payment is requested accordingly.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council approves payment of the £1,000 contribution towards the works and the Clerk to arrange for payment accordingly.


Ingleby Way Mast Site - This site has been inspected to consider the further planting of trees to screen the mast from Whinchat Close.

It is noted that there is already sufficient tree cover here including many potentially large trees, which will serve to screen the mast (many of the tree species nearby which are young to semi mature now will be 20m tall at maturity).  It is not considered there is a significant visual intrusion that can be mitigated by the further planting of trees.  It is also evident on site that there are service runs to Whinchat Close from Ingleby Way therefore they would not be able to introduce new planting for several metres either side.  Planting of extra trees is therefore not feasible.




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RESOLVED that the Clerk liaise with S.B.C. in respect of the possibility of the Parish Council planting trees using an external contractor.




Councillor R. Patterson declared a personal/non prejudicial interest in respect of the list of planning application being considered, as he sits on S.B.C.’s Planning Committee.


Planning Schedule.

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this Meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Parish Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications, which have been informed by S.B.C.


(a) Planning Application No. 05/1883/COU

Proposal: Change of Use to Management Training Centre.

Location: Handley Cross, Leven Bank Road, Yarm.

The Clerk reported that she had received notification from S.B.C. that the applicant is appealing to the Secretary of State for the Environment under Section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, against S.B.C.‘s decision to refuse the application.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council submits no further comments in respect of the application.


(b) Planning Application No. 06/0843/FUL

Proposal: Replacement of Roof to Form two Further Storeys Creating 13 No. Additional Rooms.

Location: Close Paddock, Bettys Farm, Barwick Lane, Ingleby Barwick.


The Parish Council considered all of the information and plans provided in respect of planning application no. 06/0843/FUL.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council submits the following comments:


This is inappropriate development of an existing bungalow.


The sleeping area is disproportionate to the living area.







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It was noted that the next meeting is scheduled to take place on 21st April 2006.



RESOLVED that the next article for publication to include the following items:


            -           Beckfields Avenue - Traffic Calming Measures

            -           Middle Road – Humped Toucan Crossing

            -           Financial Support Towards Police Specialist Uniform

            -           Sponsorship of Scouts        




(a) Inland Revenue, P35 Employer’s Annual Return – Receipt of P35 Employers Annual Return for the tax year 6th April 2005 to 5th April 2006.


(b) Visual Security Systems, CCTV Quotation for Tesco/Myton Shops – Receipt of quotation for the provision of a CCTV camera at Tesco/Myton Shops.  The cost for the supply and erection of the camera is £10,117.38 excluding VAT and carriage.


(c) Ingleby Barwick Art Group (IBAG), Request for Grant Aid – Receipt of a letter from Ingleby Barwick Art Group applying for a grant from the Parish Council.


(d) Teessideonline – Receipt of Newsletter, Issue 8 – March 2006.


(e) Wicksteed Leisure – Receipt of information mailing on playground equipment.


(f) Glasdon Manufacturing Limited – Receipt of seating collection catalogue.


(g) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall – Receipt of financial statement dated 22nd February 2006.                                                                                                                     


(h) Post Office Ltd – Receipt of letter in response to the Parish Council’s correspondence regarding the Ingleby Barwick Post Office branch.


(i) Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Presentation Meeting, Tuesday 28th March 2006 at The Youthy, Thornaby Road – Receipt of agenda for the meeting and minutes of the meeting on 21st February 2006.


(j) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Tree Planting – Receipt of correspondence from S.B.C. regarding the three suggested locations for this years tree planting project. 




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(k) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Middle Road, Ingleby Barwick – Humped Toucan Crossing – Receipt of letter with a draft report attached detailing the findings of the public consultation exercise undertaken regarding the road hump at the Toucan crossing on Middle Road, Ingleby Barwick and possible options with respect to its removal/retention.


(l) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Disruption to Care For Your Area Services – Receipt of letter informing that Tuesday 28th March 2006 will be a day of industrial action by local authority trade unions. 

The consequences are that a significant proportion of Council services will not be operational, which will include the Refuse Collection and Kerbside Recycling Services.

Collections will therefore be one day late.


(m) Stockton Renaissance, Cancellation of Eastern Area Partnership Meeting on 28th March 2006 at The Youthy, Thornaby – Receipt of letter confirming cancellation of the meeting due to industrial action.  The agenda will be rolled forward to the meeting on 25th April at 9.30 a.m., venue will be confirmed.


(n) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Floodlights – Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy, Queen Elizabeth Way – Receipt of letter from the Environmental Health Unit Manager in response to the Parish Council’s concerns.


(o) Askews Solicitors, Greenside Shopping Area Car Park, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter in response to the Parish Council’s request for confirmation of ownership responsibilities at Greenside shopping area.


(p) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Update of Chairman and Clerks Details – Receipt of letter requesting confirmation of the Chairman and Clerks details.


(q) Defra, Getting to Grips with the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 – A Parish Council Guide to Environment Enforcement – Receipt of letter updating the Parish Council on two developments.  The Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005, for the first time, allows parish councils to issue fixed penalty notices for littering, graffiti and flyposting offences from 6th April 2006.

Alongside this, the Act has brought into play a new system for controlling dogs – ‘dog control orders’, which replace the current byelaw system.  By using dog control orders parish councils will be able to make a range of ‘orders’, including the banning of dogs and requiring owners to clean up after their dog has fouled on areas of land within their parish.

Parish Councils will be able to issue fixed penalty notices to those who offend against a dog control order or to prosecute them in the magistrates’ court.  Any byelaws that are already in place, for example controlling dog fouling, will remain in place until such a time that they might be replaced by a dog control order.



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The first development to mention therefore is that given the example above, steering a way through the legislation, especially when it is new, is never an easy task.  This is why Defra have published a Guide for Parish Councils: ‘Getting to Grips with the Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005 – A Parish Council Guide to Environmental Enforcement’.  It has been decided not to send a copy of this to all parish councils as they anticipate a significant number will not be planning to use these powers and would therefore not be environmentally friendly to send 8000 copies out.  As a result they ask that only parish councils who are interested in using the powers obtain a copy of the free guide.

The second development relates to the training course, which will be a requirement for anyone authorized by a parish council to issue fixed penalty notices on its behalf to have attended before they issue any such notices.  They are in the final stages of developing this course and it will be launched this April. 


(r) The Ramblers Association, Membership Renewal – Receipt of membership renewal totaling £24.00.


(s) Cleveland Police, Police Cycle Patrols – Receipt of letter from P.C. Stockley.


(t) ‘Town and Country’ Exhibition of Fine Art on Tuesday 4th April 2006 at Yarm Grammar School ‘A Watercolour Study of Yarm Highstreet’ – Receipt of invitation to the private viewing on Tuesday evening 7 p.m. – 9 p.m..  The exhibition is open to the public from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Wednesday 5th through to Saturday 8th.


(u) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Floodlights, Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy, Queen Elizabeth Way – Receipt of letter from Engineering and Transportation.


(v) Steering the Green Agenda, ‘East Journal’ – Receipt of East Journal, April 2006 Volume 4 number 2.


(w) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Community Skips 2005/2006 – Receipt of list of locations and dates for the Community Skips in Ingleby Barwick East and West.


(x) St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Invoice for Use of Church Hall for the Parish Council Meeting in March 2006 – Receipt of invoice totaling £32.50.


(y) Elveden Christmas Trees – Receipt of information mailing.


(z) Cleveland Police, Neighbourhood Policing Consultation Meeting – Receipt of letter inviting the Parish Council to become part of the Neighbourhood Policing consultation framework.




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(a1) Planning Aid North, Community News – Receipt of circular.


(b1) Robinson’s Estate Agents, Invoice for Rent – Receipt of Invoice for rent of the Parish Council office in Barwick Lodge for the months of January, February and March 2006, totaling £660.00.


(c1) Robinson’s Estate Agents, Invoice for Services – Receipt of invoice for the Parish Council’s service costs up to 1st January 2006, totaling £108.99.


(d1) 1st Ingleby Barwick St. Francis Scout Group, Request for Sponsorship – Receipt of letter from the Group Scout Leader, writing on behalf of two of their scouts who have been selected to attend the 21st World Scout Jamboree in 2007, for 12 days from 27th July to 8th August. 


(e1) Environment Agency, Consultation on the Review of British Energy Generation Limited’s Nuclear Power Station Authorisations – Receipt of consultation information.  Consultation period Monday 3rd April 2006 to Friday 7th July 2006.

Drop-in session, Stockton 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. 27th April 2006

Stockton Swallow Hotel, John Walker Square, Stockton-on-Tees.


(f1) Stockton-on Tees Borough Council, Tree Planting – receipt of information from S.B.C. confirming that arrangements have been made for 16 no. trees to be planted at Blair Avenue/Roundhill Avenue on behalf of the Parish Council.


(g1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Ethical Framework – Receipt of letter regarding various issues, including the following:


            Code of Conduct – Bullet Points;

            Standards of Conduct in English Local Government: The Future;

            DVD – Going Local: Investigations and Hearings;

            Parish Council Toolkit;

            Standards Committee;

            Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council contacts;

            County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership.


(h1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Programmed Highway Maintenance Schemes, Ingleby Barwick East – Receipt of letter informing that the following two Highway Maintenance Schemes will be undertaken during 2006-2007 financial year:


1.         Boar Lane                  Renew Bitmac Footpath      Full Length inc. Coney Close;

2.         C129 Seamer Rd     Resurface Carriageway       Roger lane to Boundary.



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(i1) Egglescliffe Parish Council, Invitation to Annual Parish Meeting & Chairman’s Social Evening, Thursday 20th April 2006Receipt of invitation to the Annual Parish Meeting & Chairman’s Social Evening on Thursday 20th April 2006 at Egglescliffe Community Centre on Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe, commencing at 7.30 p.m.


(j1) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Partition Wall – Receipt of letter from the Community Hall’s Management Committee informing that they have been looking at the condition of the Hall, which they operate and care for on the Parish Council’s behalf and have, on health and safety grounds decided that the partition wall should be reinstated. 


(k1) Cleveland Local Councils Association – Receipt of Agenda for the meeting to be held on Wednesday 19th April 2006 in the Council Chamber of Saltburn, Marske & New Marske Parish Council, Saltburn Leisure Centre, Marske Mill Lane, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, commencing at 7.00 p.m.


(l1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Local Development Framework – Statement of Community Involvement – Receipt of letter informing that Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council formally adopted the Statement of Community Involvement on 22nd March 2006.  The Statement of Community Involvement sets out the Council’s policy for involving the community in the preparation of local development documents and in the consideration of planning applications.  It indicates how and when people can get involved in planning matters and what they should expect when they do.  It also sets out what the Council will expect potential developers to do to engage local people and others before submitting a significant planning application.

Copies of the Statement of Community Involvement can be viewed on and/or downloaded from the Development Plans section of the Council’s website, at www.stockton.gov.uk.  To find the documents, type ‘SCI’ into the search box on the homepage and click ‘GO’.  Copies of the Inspector’s report relating to the examination into the ‘soundness’ of the Statement of Community Involvement can also be found on the website.


(m1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Precept 2006/2007 – Receipt of the Parish Council’s precept, for the sum of £97,000.


(n1) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Newsletter ‘Public Rights of Way’ – Receipt of notification that the ‘Public Rights of Way Section’ has produced a newsletter to keep the pubic informed about any rights of way issues.  A copy was attached for information.





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(o1) BDO Stoy Hayward LLP Chartered Accountants, External Audit – Receipt of notification that the Parish Council’s audit date has been set as 14th July 2006.


(p1) Allianz Cornhill, Insurance Renewal Documents – Receipt of renewal schedule, totaling £2,606.70.




The Clerk informed that a Special Meeting of the Parish Council has been arranged to take place on Wednesday 26th April 2006, at St.Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick commencing at 7.15 p.m. to discuss Planning Applications No.’s 06/0823/OUT and 06/1037/REV.



The date of the Annual Parish Meeting is provisionally set to take place on Wednesday 10th May 2006, at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.




The date of the Annual General Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council is provisionally set to take place on Wednesday 17th May 2006, at St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick, commencing at 7.15 p.m.










Chairman……………………………..                    Clerk……………………………..




Date………………………..                                     Date………………………