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Chairman: Councillor T.W. Bowman;


Vice Chairman: Councillor Mrs I. Machin;


Councillors: W. Feldon, Ms J. Morrison, N. Morrison, R. Patterson and Mrs S. Rouse;


Ward Councillor: Mrs J. Beaumont;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Paula M. Hall;


Mr B. Trewick, Transportation Engineer, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council;


Mr D. Serginson, Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club;


25 Residents of Ingleby Barwick.



Apologies for absence were received from or on behalf of Councillor D. Scott.




Primary School, Low Lane – Proposed Roundabout and Widening of Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick.

The drawings showing the options considered in respect of access to the Primary School were displayed at the meeting for observation.

Members of the Parish Council and the public present at the meeting were given the opportunity to view the plans, prior to the matter being discussed at item no. 4 on the Agenda.



Councillor T.W. Bowman declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following items on the Agenda, as his spouse is Treasurer on the Community Hall Management Committee:


Item No. 11 (c)                    -  Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts;

Item No. 11 (d)                   -  Community Hall Grant Allocation.



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Councillor T.W. Bowman stated that he has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the above items.


Councillor Mrs I. Machin declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following items on the Agenda, as she represents the Parish Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 11 (c)                    -  Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts;

Item No. 11 (d)                   -  Community Hall Grant Allocation.


Councillor Mrs I. Machin stated that she has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the above items.


Councillor W. Feldon declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following items on the Agenda, as he represents the Parish Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 11 (c)                    -  Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts;

Item No. 11 (d)                   -  Community Hall Grant Allocation.


Councillor W. Feldon stated that he has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the above items.


Councillor N. Morrison declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following items on the Agenda, as he represents the Parish Council on the Community Hall’s Management Committee:


Item No. 11 (c)                    -  Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts;

Item No. 11 (d)                   -  Community Hall Grant Allocation.


Councillor N. Morrison stated that he has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the above items.


Councillor Ms J. Morrison declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following items on the Agenda, as she is the daughter of Councillor N. Morrison:


Item No. 11 (c)                    -  Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts;

Item No. 11 (d)                   -  Community Hall Grant Allocation.


Councillor Ms J. Morrison stated that he has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the above items.




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Councillor Mrs S. Rouse declared a personal/prejudicial interest in relation to the following items on the Agenda, as she represents Ingleby Barwick Over 50’s Group on the Community Hall’s Management Committee and is Secretary:


Item No. 11 (c)                    -  Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts;

Item No. 11 (d)                   -  Community Hall Grant Allocation.


Councillor Mrs S. Rouse stated that she has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the above items.


Councillor R. Patterson declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in relation to the following item on the Agenda, as he was a member of the Green Wedge Action Group, which has now dissolved.  He also noted that he has been liaising with residents living in the vicinity of the school site to ascertain their comments and concerns on the issue.  Councillor Patterson stated that he has an open mind on the matter:


Item No. 4                             - Primary School, Low Lane/Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick

  Proposed Roundabout and Widening of Barwick Way.



The Chairman introduced Mr Trewick, Transportation Engineer, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.).

Mr Trewick informed that the Parish Council had invited a representative from S.B.C. to attend the meeting to discuss the current proposals in respect of access to the new Primary School, as well as the other options, which had been considered.


Mr Trewick outlined Pre-Planning Discussions (on Highway matters), which give advice to developers on the form and standard of access that would preserve the safety and traffic value of the existing highway network.  It also explains standards to be achieved if the developer wishes highways to be adopted (maintained at public expense).  The Council has a Specification document.


Mr Trewick noted the recent application for 431 dwellings at Broomwood, Village 5 as an example of what happens when pre-planning discussions do not take place.  The application was submitted without reference to the highway authority, resulting in a layout that was neither acceptable nor adoptable and would automatically be recommended for refusal by highway officers.


Design Standards and Specification – A few principles which should be borne in mind are: - that new accesses would not normally be allowed onto principle roads if an alternative exists; major junction spacing should be maximised; cross-roads must be controlled and left-right staggered cross-roads are generally opposed.



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Mr Trewick then went on to outline Section 278 Agreements.  Normally when an outline application is submitted after pre-planning discussions, the form and location of the access is agreed in principle but the detailed design and construction is a condition of the consent.  Usually it is embodied in a Grampian condition involving S106 Town and Country Planning Act and S278 Highway Act.


S278 Highway improvements do not normally in themselves require planning consent – they are Permitted Development.  However, the detailed design is approved under delegated powers by the Head of Service in consultation with the appropriate Cabinet Member (and Ward Councillors).  The principle, form and location of the access are assumed to have been actively considered via the outline planning process.


The outline application for the golf course and driving range at Little Maltby Farm, was noted as an example.  The outline consent has been granted, with an access from Barwick Way immediately adjacent to but on the opposite side to the proposed school access.  The consent dates back to the early 1990’s, last renewal being in 2003.


Low Lane/Barwick Way Primary School

It was noted that pre-planning discussions with the Client for the Education Department considered the location and type of access to be considered acceptable for the school (circa Summer 2003).

Basically there were 3 options for location:


(a) A new junction on A1044 Low Lane – not considered acceptable in principle.


(b) A fourth leg off the existing Low Lane roundabout – rejected on the grounds of

     sub-standard highway geometry, impact on the Community Playing Field (it is

     understood that Sport England would have objected should the football pitch have

     been compromised), and the traffic impact during the morning peak of additional

     traffic loaded onto a junction, which is near saturation levels. 


(c) A new access off Barwick Way – Preferred.


Having determined the general location, the detailed location and junction type was

chosen with regard to:


i)                    Likely impact of morning peak traffic flows


ii)                  Existing agreement in principle to Golf Course access (the need to avoid a

Left-right stagger priority situation and to allow for a cross-roads junction control in future).


iii)                Route continuity (roundabout preferred over signals).



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      iv)       Junction spacing – maximise distance from Low Lane junction.


       v)       Utilisation of existing car park.


      vi)       Buildability (land take and management construction).


Other options considered were left-in-left-out priority junction, traffic signal control and a 20m southwards shift of the roundabout.


The widening of Barwick Way north of the roundabout stemmed from concerns during the outline planning stage that the small roundabout shown would result in gridlock at Sober Hall roundabout at school start time.  However, the amount of widening originally proposed has now been reduced after consultation with those residents directly affected.


It was noted that Councillor Mrs J. Beaumont had held a Special Meeting with the residents who would be directly affected by the widening scheme, on Wednesday 9th February 2005, which was then followed up by a Meeting on 8th March 2005. 

Members of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council had also been invited to attend the follow-up meeting on 8th March 2005.  Plans of the revised scheme were inspected by residents and Parish Councillors at that meeting.  The main points arising from the meeting were as follows:


Bus Lay-by The relocation of the bus lay-by to south of the school access and the reduction in the extent of the widening, loss of landscape screening were generally well received as an improvement over the original proposals although there were no mitigating measures for number 44 Brendon Grove.   

Footpath Link The request for closure of the footpath link/emergency vehicular access from Brendon Grove had been discussed with the emergency services and a fenced and gated arrangement would not be opposed.  However, the closure of the footpath link would need to be processed through the appropriate legislation.

School Crossing The School Travel Plan process had resulted in a route from Priorwood Gardens through to Regency Park being identified.  Barwick Way meets the criteria for provision of a school crossing and could be funded for school opening in January 2006.  S.B.C. is to work with residents and parents to establish the best location for the crossing point.

Landscaping A landscape plan has been produced and details discussed with residents.  It was noted that there is an outstanding condition relating to landscaping and the residents asked for further consultation prior to final agreement.

Car Park It is the intention to provide 60 spaces for parental dropping off, which is in accordance with guidance (the existing site only had 21 spaces).




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Further Modifications The possibility of narrowing the circulatory areas to the west side of the roundabout to a single lane was raised.  It was felt that this would not produce any significant gain in terms of additional landscaping for number 44 Brendon Grove, however it was agreed that this would be investigated.


Mr Trewick outlined the Timescale noting that the £5.5m borrowing approval was allocated by Government over three financial years 2003/04 – 2005/6, to address the shortage of Primary School places in Ingleby Barwick.  The continuing need to bus children as young as four to schools in Yarm, was the biggest issue during the recent school admissions round.  It was hoped to open the new school originally in September 2005 but delays in the planning process have resulted in a January 2006 date.  The junction and access need to be completed by 2005.  Tender documents and utility diversions need to be instigated by April 2005.


Mr Trewick informed the meeting that he had just received the independent traffic assessment of the junction options for the Primary School, undertaken by Ove Arup & Partners Ltd.  The objective of the study being, to compare the access junctions proposed in terms of capacity, operation, safety, construction risk, property, land take and other constraints in relation to the existing road network.

The conclusion of which is that given all the constraints, the roundabout onto Barwick Way and reduced road widening is the overall, best performing option.


S.B.C. are now seeking the Ward Councillor and Parish Council comments on the revised highway improvements so that they can enter into the S278 agreement with the local authority to procure the works and ensure that the school opens in January 2006.


The Chairman opened up the meeting to receive questions and comments from residents. 


Clarification was requested on the procedure to implement the S278 agreement and it was informed that the decision would be made by the Head of Planning and Environment with the appropriate Cabinet Member.  The views of both the Ward Councillor and Ingleby Barwick Parish Council would be taken into account.

Various comments were raised with regard to Little Maltby Farm, in particular the location of the roundabout and the possibility of a future link to it.

It was noted that the proposed school and access to it would have an impact on the whole of Ingleby Barwick.

It was requested that consideration could be given to a later starting time for the school i.e. 9.15 am.

Concerns were raised with regard to the whole traffic situation in Ingleby Barwick and it was noted that a public meeting is to be held in the near future to review the closure of Lowfields Avenue extension.



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It was noted that Stage 2 of the South Stockton Link Road is to open on 21st March 2005, which will encourage more use of that route.


The Chairman thanked residents for their input.


The Chairman then requested comments from Parish Council members.


It was felt that in view of the information provided, the scheme as currently proposed by S.B.C. looks to be the best option.  

However, concerns were raised in respect of the impact the roundabout and widening scheme will have on No 44 Brendon Grove and the effect the proposals have had on residents lives over recent months and will have in the future.

Concerns were raised in respect of the future traffic implications, which will be generated by the location of the school.

The importance of S.B.C. working closely with residents on the landscaping proposals was raised.


RESOLVED that the Clerk inform S.B.C. that the Parish Council having considered all the information provided to them have concluded that the scheme as currently proposed by S.B.C. looks to be the best option and therefore accept the proposals as they stand.

The Parish Council would note however, that it is extremely important S.B.C. work closely with the residents regarding the landscaping proposals.



The Minutes of the Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council held on 16th February 2005 and Minutes of the Special Meeting held on 9th March 2005, having been circulated to Members, were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman at the meeting, accordingly.



The Clerk informed that she had circulated the information received from S.B.C. on the Area Transport Strategies: Draft Guidance Note, to Parish Council Members prior to the meeting. 


Mr Trewick briefly outlined the proposed framework.




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It was noted that work to prepare Stockton Borough Council’s second Local Transport Plan (LTP2) is now well underway.  In addition to setting out a long-term vision for the development of the Borough’s transport network, LTP2 will, like its predecessor, act as a bid to Central Government for capital funding for schemes designed to turn this vision into reality.  As a guide, nearly £40 million of capital funding has been secured over the five-year period covered by the first Local Transport Plan (LTP1).


Since LTP1 was approved in July 2000, there has been a move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to transport policy, and a growing recognition that many aspects of transport provision are best considered at the local level.  For this reason, it is proposed to adopt a hierarchical approach to the development of the transport strategies within LTP2.  This will involve the development of four Area Transport Strategies, based on the boundaries of the four Stockton Renaissance Area Boards, all of which will feed into an overarching transport strategy for the Borough.


At its meeting on 15th February 2005, Stockton Renaissance approved a draft framework for the development of the Area Strategies as a basis for consultation with the four Area Boards, which is currently ongoing.


It is proposed that the development of each Area Transport Strategy should be overseen by a Steering Group, comprising the members of the Area Partnership Board plus various other invitees including Town and Parish Councils.


The Parish Council’s views are requested on the proposed framework, which are required by Friday 8th April 2005.  All comments received will be reported to the meeting of the full Renaissance Board on 12th April 2005.  Subject to agreement of the final framework at this meeting, it is envisaged that the four Area Strategies will be developed over the remainder of the calendar year:


Once approved, the Area Strategies will form a key element of the Council’s Final LTP2 document, due for submission to the Department for Transport and the Government Office for the North East on 31st March 2006.



RESOLVED that the Clerk arrange a Special Parish Council meeting to discuss the proposed framework, which is to be provisionally held on Wednesday 23rd March 2005, pending the availability of the Church Hall.


The Chairman thanked Mr Trewick for his attendance at the meeting.  





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(a) Item 23 (c) 2000/2001 - Greenside and Beckfields Shopping Centres, Ingleby Barwick.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter to Mr Jagpal requesting that he arrange to have the graffiti removed from the Beckfields Medical Centre wall.


The Clerk informed that the damage around the grate in the car park at the Greenside shopping centre has now been repaired.


RESOLVED that the Clerk send a letter to Full Circle Pubs thanking them for their assistance with the matter.


(b) Item 7 2004/2005 CCTV Camera, Beckfields Shopping Centre, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk informed that the CCTV camera has now been erected.

It was noted that Visual Security Systems (V.S.S.) had originally intended to mount the camera on the existing lamp column, however for health and safety reasons and also to provide a good line of sight back to the Control Centre on Teesside Industrial Estate, an independent pole has been erected.


RESOLVED that the Clerk liaise with V.S.S. with regard to setting up a meeting at the Control Centre to demonstrate the technology and view the images projected from the camera.  The meeting to be attended by Parish Council Members, the local Police and Community Wardens.


(c) Item 138 2004/2005 Planted/Flower beds, Ingleby Barwick.

The Clerk noted that S.B.C. has prepared the areas to plant the two big flowerbeds at the Ingleby Way entrance and also at the Barwick Way entrance into Ingleby Barwick, one on either side of the road.  Planting will commence in early May 2005.


(d) Item 150 2004/2005 Mud on the Road, Queen Elizabeth Way.

The Clerk informed that the matter is being progressed by S.B.C., who are monitoring the situation.

Concerns were noted from residents living in the vicinity, who have informed that problems with mud on the road are still occurring.


(e) Item 164 (c1) Tesco Ingleby Barwick, Street Lighting.

The Clerk noted that Councillors Mrs I. Machin, Mrs S. Rouse and herself had attended a meeting with the Manager of Tesco, Ingleby Barwick, this morning.



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Various issues were discussed including tidying up the litter around the vicinity of the site, the problems with the lighting on Myton Road roundabout at the entrance into Tesco and also maintenance of the bus shelter.

It was noted that the Parish Council noticeboard located on the site had been removed when Tesco took over the store.  The possibility of another noticeboard being erected was raised, which is to be investigated by the Manager.

The Manager noted that the Store is doing well and also offered the use of a room for Parish Council meetings if ever required.


(f) Item 77 2004/2005 River Tees Heritage Park Proposals – Footbridge Over the River Tees.


The Clerk informed that she has sent a letter to S.B.C. requesting their comments on the envisaged proposals and the future provision of the bridge to Preston Park, as requested.  Also noting that the Parish Council suggest that, in raising awareness to the proposal and engaging with the Community, the design of the bridge could possibly be part of a competition/project for local engineering students.


A response has been received from S.B.C. thanking the Parish Council for the letter and confirming that they will make enquiries in this respect and will respond in due course.


It was noted that CPRE have arranged a meeting, which is being held on 31st March 2005 at Bannatyne’s Health Club, commencing at 7.30 pm, for members  of the public to view the Heritage Park proposals.


(g) Item 187(h) 2004/2005 Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Member, Invitation to Attend a One-Day Event at the Robert Atkinson Centre, Thornaby


The Clerk noted that Councillor T.W. Bowman had attended the one-day event, on 1st March 2005 at the Robert Atkinson Centre, Thornaby, to discuss the following:


Local Action Plans – Holmes & Middlefield/Mandale/Ray of Light (Thornaby).


The Clerk had circulated Councillor Bowman’s notes on the event to Parish Council members for their information, prior to the meeting. 


It was noted that the main theme was improvements to the Holmes & Middlefield and Mandale areas of Thornaby, involving the use of any remaining Neighbourhood Renewal Fund monies and any costless solutions. 





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The themes discussed were as follows:


-                     Facilities for Children and Young People

-                     Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

-                     Education for Young and Adults

-                     Health and Drugs

-                     Housing/Local Environment/Waste Collection

-                     Jobs & Business

-                     Thornaby Town Centre Redevelopment




The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from Pentland Chartered Surveyors informing that 02 is planning to place a cell site on adopted public highway at Ingleby Way West, Ingleby Barwick.  They propose to install a 12.5m street furniture column.  Ground based equipment cabinets will be located at the base of the installation.  The aim of this installation is to minimise the impact of the installation on the surrounding area, whilst satisfying the full coverage requirement for Ingleby Barwick and the surrounding area.

They believe that this location offers the best solution to their clients’ requirements and should meet with the requirements of the local planning authority.  An installation at this location should not greatly affect the character of the surrounding area.

During their search of Ingleby Barwick they also looked at a number of alternative options.

In a bid to significantly improve their consultation, 02 (Uk) Ltd., has signed up to the UK industry’s 10 commitments where they have undertaken to consult with local communities, which would be affected by their plans.  They are now seeking those views before they apply for planning consent.


The Clerk informed that the Parish Council had responded stating that they do not support the siting of telecommunications installations within or in the vicinity of a residential housing development, such as Ingleby Barwick.


The Clerk noted receipt of a further letter from Pentland Chartered Surveyors in reply to the Parish Council’s comments, informing that they have been in discussions with the Local Planning Authority with regards to disguising the installation as a lighting column, in order to reduce any visual impact made.  The design is however subject to their client being able to install this proposal.

With regards to the Parish Council’s suggestion of using Teesside Industrial Estate, this was considered during their initial survey of the area, however their clients 3G network can only cover a certain area and is restricted by the distance it can cover. 



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3G is very different to 2G with regards to coverage and is purely targeted to residential areas that will use the video phone technology, therefore the industrial estate was found to be too far away from 02’s target area.



The Clerk noted receipt of correspondence from Tees Valley Wildlife Trust informing that currently there is a real push at a national level in providing green areas for local people to use and appreciate to improve their quality of life; which also has an indirect benefit for British wildlife.  Cleaning up and improving areas cannot just bring visual improvements but can be used to tackle anti social behaviour, reduce crime, and make local people proud to live in the area.

Groups/parish councils may wish to carry out improvement projects, but face many problems (what to do, obtaining quotes, finding a reliable contractor to implement the work at a reasonable price).  This is where the Tees Valley Wildlife Trusts Community Greenspace Project can help.

Through its past project work, staff at the TVWT have gained great knowledge and experience in running community improvement projects that can be used to benefit local communities, and involving local community members at every stage.

If the Parish Council have any ideas of how the Tees Valley Community Greenspace Project may be able to help our area, to arrange a time for a representative to come out and have a chat or would like the Project to tender for work (no job too small) then the Trust should be contacted.



The Chairman introduced Mr Serginson representing Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club.


Mr Serginson thanked the Parish Council for inviting him to the meeting to give a short presentation on the current position with the Thornaby Road Football Pitches Project.


It was noted that in August 2004 the Football Foundation approved a grant offer of £428,250 (76%) for the development of a new football complex located on Thornaby Road South adjacent to the main roundabout into Ingleby Barwick.  The grant application was made by the Council in partnership with Thornaby & Ingleby Barwick FC (TIBS) for a project valued at £563,250 with the Council, Parish Council and the Football Club (via private sponsorship) making up the balance of £135,000.  The complex, which will consist of a Six Changing Room Sports Pavilion, three full size pitches and two mini pitches, is a much-needed facility for the Communities of Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick.  The Council will retain ownership of the land and building and enter into a management lease with the Football Club.



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The current position is that tenders have now been returned for the Sports Pavilion and whilst some external funding has been secured there is a potential shortfall.  Additional funding is therefore required for the project.


The Football Foundation have stipulated that support funding has to be secured from either the Council or the Private Sector.

The Football Club (TIBS) have made significant efforts to secure private funding i.e. press and radio articles, production of promotional material circulated to in excess of 500 companies, opportunities for ground sponsorship (offer now made by local company), sponsorship of engraved corporate stones/bricks, fund raising events etc.  To date the ‘take up’ on sponsorship has been disappointing but it is felt that over a longer campaign period, further contributions will be made.  All proceeds will go toward the new build and arrangement exists for such activities to be scrutinised by Council representatives.


Mr Serginson outlined the Football Club’s achievements to date and commended the commitment of both the players and the coaches etc.


The Football Club has concerns with regard to the current funding situation, which will delay the commencement of the works on the Pavilion.


Ward Councillor Mrs J. Beaumont informed that she would look into the situation as a matter of urgency.


RESOLVED that the Clerk contact S.B.C. informing that the Parish Council fully support the Project, which is a much needed facility for Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick and are very disappointed to hear that there may be some delay with the works due to a potential shortfall in the external funding.

To date Ingleby Barwick Parish Council has contributed £7,000 towards the project, as well as committing a further £20,000 (£10,000 04/05 and £10,000 05/06).

The Parish Council would hope that S.B.C. makes every effort to rectify the situation and secure appropriate funding, with the view to building works commencing as soon as possible.




(a) Parish Council Current Balance Sheet.

The Clerk/Treasurer circulated copies of the Parish Council's current financial statement, showing a balance of £ 29,054.98, a copy of which is held on the Parish Council file.




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(b) Accounts for Payment.

The following Accounts were approved for payment, at the meeting:


Paula M. Hall – Remuneration March 2005;

            Paula M. Hall - Tax and N.I. Contribution March 2005;


Paula M. Hall – Reimbursement of Expenses/Administration Costs:


            Internet Charges (March 2005)                                                 £        14.99                                                                                                                                    

Use of Church Centre for P.C. Meetings

February 2005                                                                                           £         30.00        


Ardent Financial Services – Parish Council office costs

for March 2005                                                                                       £       211.00

(excludes running costs i.e. gas/electric)


(c) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Accounts.

No further information to date.


(d) Community Hall Grant Allocation.

The Clerk noted receipt of a letter from the Community Hall Management Committee informing that they have been looking at the condition of the hall, which they operate and care for on behalf of the Parish Council and have found there are a few areas that are in need of refurbishment and/or improvement.

The areas, which require refurbishing are as follows:-


-                     The kitchen where the units and surfaces are in poor condition and need replacing

-                     The kitchen floor

-                     The main Hall floor

-                     The window locks are not very effective or secure and need improvement


They have not had formal quotations as yet but it is estimated that the total cost would be around £5,000 - £6,000.

The Management Committee would like the Parish Council to award a grant to the Community Hall to allow them to carry out this work.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council approves a grant of £6,000, which is to be held in Reserves for allocation in the financial year 2005/2006. 





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(a) Tree Planting.


The Clerk informed that she had contacted S.B.C. to confirm that the Parish Council is in agreement with the proposals to plant at the four sites listed and will contribute the sum of £1,000.00 towards the project.  The Clerk also requested that consideration be given to providing stronger protection for the trees by either double staking or other suitable means.


S.B.C. proceeded to place an order to plant the trees, accordingly.  With respect to tree staking, it was confirmed that they use a double staking method for all trees and have done on all of our previous schemes – single staked trees may be those planted by developers elsewhere.  They have tried various methods including using mesh guards etc however they have found the double staking method to be most suitable as well as cost effective.  The method used also allows some stem movement to stimulate the tree to thicken up its stem and produce stronger roots.  There is also a limit to how much vandalism a tree can cope with, however they have increased the tree size to at least reduce the risk of whole trees being snapped.  They also have provision in their arboricultural contract to retie and stake trees as needed and will arrange for this as and when (and at no further cost).




Planning Schedule.

The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications Schedule attached to the Agenda for this Meeting, which states the comments made by Ingleby Barwick Parish Council in relation to the planning applications listed.

The Schedule indicates the current position of the planning applications, which have been informed by S.B.C.




It was reported that a representative from the Village Hall Association is to meet with representatives from the Community Hall Management Committee on Friday 18th March 2005.







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The Clerk noted that she had prepared an article for publication in the February 2005 edition of Insider, which was approved by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Parish Council and included the following items:


-            Lowfields Avenue, Ingleby Barwick – Review of Closure

-            Area Transport Strategies and The Local Transport Plan (LTP)

-            Tree Planting at Ingleby Barwick Spring 2005

-            Flowerbeds/Planted Tubs, Ingleby Barwick.

-            Parish Council Office

-            Parish Council Meetings/Minutes


The Clerk informed that ‘Insider’ magazine has arranged to print the article in the April 2005 edition.


RESOLVED that the article also include a piece on the Ingleby Barwick Garden Competition 2005.




(a) The Ramblers’ Association – Receipt of ‘Walk’ Magazine, No.6 Spring 2005.


(b) The Standards Board for England – Receipt of letter and information noting that the Code of Conduct was introduced three years ago and the full legislative machinery is now in place: local hearings have been taking place for over a year and the first local investigations are just starting.  As they begin to take on a more strategic role as an independent national regulator with a local focus, it is time to review the Code’s content.

They have been asked to conduct the review by the Rt Hon Nick Raynsford MP, Minister of State for Local and Regional Government.  They aim to ensure the Code of Conduct is an easily understood living document that takes into account the realities of serving local communities as a member of a local authority.

They believe there is no doubt about the need for a Code of Conduct and the link between high ethical standards and excellent service provision.  But they also agree with the standards committee members, monitoring officers and others who told them that a number of issues could be addressed by a thorough review.

Over the next few months, they will be consulting with a wide range of individuals and organisations to gauge opinions on the areas of the Code that would benefit from change and gather ideas about how that change could be best achieved.

5 copies of a leaflet were received introducing the consultation, which includes a number of questions that are expanded on in the full consultation paper available online.



                                                                                                            17 of 19


The deadline for responses to the consultation is 17th June 2005 and they intend to make their recommendations for change to the Government over the summer.


(c) Ravenstock MSG Ltd – Receipt of information mailing on secure steel offices for Polling Station use.


(d) Society of Local Council Clerks, Regional ‘One Day’ Conference – Receipt of notification of the regional ‘One Day’ Conference on 28th April 2005 from 10.30am to 3.30pm at the National Coal Mining Museum, midway between Wakefield and Huddersfield, 6 miles from the M1.

The draft agenda includes the following items:


-                     Reducing anti-social behaviour within Communities

-                     Community Partnerships to Tackle Vandalism

-                     The conduct of meetings – or rather, how not to!

-                     How risky is Your Council Business

-                     Professional Update


The price per delegates is £38 for Councils where the Clerk is an SLCC member, plus £35 for additional guests from the same Council.


(e) Society of Local Council Clerks, ‘The Clerk’ Magazine – Receipt of The Clerk Magazine Vol. 35, No.1 February 2005.


(f) Plantscape Ltd – Receipt of Plantscape product catalogue 2005.


(g) Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Minutes – Receipt of Minutes December 2004 – February 2005, Minutes Nos. 770 – 894.


(h) Turnock’s Lighting and Electrical Products – Receipt of information mailing.


(i) Inland Revenue – Receipt of the following:


-                     P35 – Employer’s Annual Return;

-                     Employer’s Pack 2005.


(j) Pentland Chartered Surveyors, 02 (Uk) Ltd Planned Cellsite C11817, Adopted Public Highway, Ingleby Way West, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter informing that 02 is planning to place a cell site on adopted public highway at Ingleby Way West, Ingleby Barwick.





                                                                                                                        18 of 19

(k) Pentland Chartered Surveyors, 02 (Uk) Ltd Planned Cellsite C11817, Adopted Public Highway, Ingleby Way West, Ingleby Barwick – Receipt of letter in reply to the Parish Council’s comments


(l) Society of Local Council Clerks, Conference ‘Corporate Goverance for Larger Councils’, The Essential Technical Updates for 2005 – Receipt of notification of conference to be held on Thursday 12th May from 11 am to Friday 13th May 2005 until 2.30 pm, at the International Hotel, Canary Wharf, London.  ‘Early-bird’ offer by 24th March 2005 cost per member £295.00.


The Key Topics are as follows:


-                     Corporate Goverance

-                     Audit Commission – ‘case study’

-                     Freedom of Information Act 2000

-                     Accountancy Update – Bands ‘B’ & ‘C’

-                     ‘Quality Parish’ scheme – charters, devolution of services

-                     The future of Local Government

-                     Regional spatial strategies

-                     Neighbourhood Government

-                     Licensing regulations

-                     How well do we manage?


(m) Tees Valley Rural Community Council – Receipt of the following mailings:


-                     Calor Village of the Year Competition 2005, Building Community Life Category

The competition is open to villages (i.e. not parishes) within the Tees

Valley area.  It will be launched later in the spring for judging in early


-                     Open Space Society, Parish Plans and New Village Greens – Receipt of

letter informing that if a parish council identifies an area of land, which

has been used by local people for recreation for 20 years, without

permission, without being secretive and without using force, it can apply

to have the land registered as a village green.  Once registered the land

is protected from development.


(n) Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Tees Valley Community Greenspaces Project – Receipt of letter.


(o) One Voice Tees Valley – Receipt of ‘Tees Valley Briefing’, March 2005.


(p) Clerks & Councils ‘Direct’ – Receipt of Issue 38, March 2005.



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(q) NALC – Receipt of the ‘Local Council Review’ journal, March 2005.


(r) The Standards Board for England – Receipt of the ‘Town and Parish Standard:03’.


(s) Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Management Committee – Receipt of application for grant.


(t) St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre – Receipt of Invoice for Use of the Church for Parish Council meetings in February 2005, totaling £30.00.






The next scheduled monthly meeting of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 20th April 2005 commencing at 7.15 p.m. in St. Francis of Assisi Church Centre, Barwick Way, Ingleby Barwick.





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