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Chairman:  Councillor T.W. Bowman;


Vice-Chairman:  Mrs I. Machin;


Councillors:  W. Feldon and D. Scott;


Ward Councillor: Mrs J. Beaumont;


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer:  Paula M. Hall;


Captain Nick Green, representing Ingleby-Net, Ingleby Barwick Church Community Project;


Mrs D. Shariati, Chair, Ingleby Barwick Residents Network;


Revd. D. Watson, St. Francis of Assisi Church;


Mr D. Serginson, representing Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club;


11 Residents of Ingleby Barwick.




Apologies for absence were received from Parish Councillors N. Morrison, R. Patterson and Mrs S. Rouse.




The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 19th May 2004 were approved and signed by the Chairman of the Parish Council accordingly.



No matters arising were discussed.





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Captain Nick Green presented the following report to the meeting:


The Ingleby-net Church Community Project is a community focused outreach project being a partnership between the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, and the Church of England.  Wherever possible the project works with churches of any denomination and secular community bodies.  Through these relationships they work to help nurture a greater sense of community in Ingleby Barwick, to attempt to address social issues, and to help bring restoration to human relationships through God’s love as made known in Jesus.


The project is run by him as fulltime project leader, assisted on a voluntary basis by Mrs Andrea Green (his wife), and over seen by a management group including representatives from the Methodist church (major funders), the United Reformed Church, and Derek Watson, Vicar of Ingleby Barwick.

Social interaction…

Social interaction is a key factor in developing a greater sense of community and togetherness.  Consequently organising quality social events with no other agenda is a significant aspect of the work of the project.  Last year they organised a Barn Dance, which was very well received, and they are currently working on a large social event scheduled for 1st October called Seeing Stars.  On a big scale, Seeing Stars takes its inspiration from ITV’s Stars in Their Eyes. With pre-organised guests taking part on stage impersonating an artist of their choice from the 80’s to win a prize (£200 value).  There will also be an 80's tribute band performing a show including songs from that era.  The venue is the Arc, Stockton, although the evening will only be promoted in Ingleby Barwick.


Coffee Time is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone to chat with friends over a free cup of coffee, and to get to know other people in the community. Every Tuesday morning from 10am to 11:30am in the corner of the café in the Ingleby Tesco store, they talk about anything and everything and have a good time.  There’s no agenda and a bit like in “Friends” all morning people just drop by for a while, get them laughing and then go again.  Coffee (or tea) is courtesy of the Ingleby-net project.

Meeting needs…

They are looking to develop more social need focused initiatives in the future, and partly inspired by the success of their Coffee Time initiative in Tesco café, and the need for a place of their own to be able to offer more to the community in terms of needs and resources, he has been looking for some time for appropriate premises or rooms that might be used to this end.  However, as we all know well, such space is rare here.



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Consequently he has begun to look at acquiring a mobile platform like a converted double-decker bus.  In such a vehicle the lower deck could be a quality café bar with disabled access and a soft play area for very young children, and the upper deck a charity shop/resource centre.  Although there is little call for charity provision in Ingleby Barwick the bus could be used to collect items from Ingleby residents, and then act as a resource centre/charity shop facility off the estate for needy areas around Stockton and Thornaby.  Parking between 2 main venues in Ingleby on weekdays, the vehicle could also act as a linkup or referral point for other community agencies such as the Residents Network, local councillors etc.

They are currently conducting detailed research in this respect and hope to move forward later in the year.

They have recently assembled a team that works with the Ingleby Barwick Nursing Home. The team leads an entertainment type afternoon each month, and also visit lonelier residents individually on an ongoing basis.

Christmas Gala…

Wherever possible the project works hand in hand with other community bodies, such as the Ingleby Barwick Residents Network.  They were pleased to be involved with the network in the hugely successful Christmas Gala at All Saints School, and are looking forward to working with the team again this Christmas, and on other initiatives.

Christian Outreach…

As alluded to in the introduction, the project is a Christian outreach work. Christian faith is in the God of perfect community, the eternal Three in One, and His greatest desire is for perfect community which embraces us; an ideal that has only been spoiled by human careless and selfish individualism.  Thankfully, there is a remedy… His name is Jesus!

Christians have a responsibility to demonstrate God’s love sacrificially and selflessly, and to make known the transforming power of Jesus in this world that He loves so dearly. And that is the motivation behind all that they do.


Their youth church, which is now named “ACTIV8” is developing nicely.  They currently have around 30 members aged between 12 to 15 years. There is a large element of fun and a strong emphasis on worship, which they facilitate using multi-media and contemporary material.


They also regularly run Alpha Courses in various venues. Alpha is suitable for

anyone who would like to know more about Christian belief.  The great thing about Alpha is that people are encouraged to discuss the topics, to speak their mind and also to feel at liberty to walk away with their own beliefs in tact.  They have so far run 5 courses and are just beginning a 6th.


Captain Green expressed his sincere thanks for everyone’s support.



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Councillor T.W. Bowman, Chairman of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council presented the following report:


The Annual General Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Parish Council 2004/2005 was held on 27th May 2004, at which the following were appointed;-

              Chairman:          Councillor T.W. Bowman;

                        Vice-Chairman:    Councillor Mrs I. Machin.

The Parish Council have held a further nineteen meetings since their 2004 AGM.


The eight Members on Ingleby Barwick Parish Council are unchanged and are;-

Councillors T.W. Bowman, W. Feldon, Mrs. I. Machin, Ms J. Morrison,

 N. Morrison, R. Patterson, Mrs. S. Rouse and D. Scott.


Ingleby Barwick Parish Council is due to increase from eight Members to twelve, at the elections to be held in May 2007. 


Ingleby Barwick Parish Council Representatives on various bodies 2004-2005:

The Parish Council is represented on the following Organisations / Committees:


Cleveland Local Councils Association: Cllr. Mrs I. Machin and Cllr. Ms J.


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall Management Committee: Cllr. W. Feldon, Cllr. Mrs I. Machin and Cllr. N. Morrison.


Due to legal changes the Parish Council is no longer empowered to nominate governors to the Primary Schools in the Parish.


2004/2005 has been another busy year for the Parish Council, which continues to play an active role in all major issues relating to Ingleby Barwick.


This year saw the opening of Stage 2 of the South Stockton Link Road on 21st March 2005, 12 months ahead of the programmed opening set in 1999, but well behind the original opening date, Bowsfield Lane bridge is dated 1994. The A135 South Stockton Link interchange with the A66 (T) cannot be fully opened for traffic traveling to and from the east (Middlesbrough) until Mid 2006, as Surtees Bridge, (which carries the A66 (T) over the River Tees), has to be widened and strengthened to accommodate a third lane in each direction, between South Stockton Link and Thornaby Road junctions.  This means that currently only traffic traveling to and from the west will be able to use the new interchange.




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A Study was prepared by Faber Maunsell, for Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (S.B.C.) in January 2005 to examine a proposed HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) Lane on the South Stockton Link, from Ingleby Barwick to Stockton Town Centre. 

The findings of the report concluded that, at this stage, the implementation of a HOV Lane on the South Stockton Link should not be pursued.   

However, the benefits of HOV Lanes have been clearly demonstrated elsewhere. Therefore Faber Maunsell think the option to introduce a HOV Lane should be protected, for possible implementation at a future date after 2021 or earlier if traffic growth and / or congestion increase at a rate greater than they predicted in the study.


The development of Villages 5 and 6 is progressing with a number of large planning applications being submitted to S.B.C. for approval, some of which are still going through the planning process. 

The Parish Council has raised a number of objections on these proposed developments, based on concerns in respect of the housing density, limited amenity space, the height of the buildings, with some being four storeys, and also the perceived impact on the current road network. 


The recent planning application for the conversion and alterations to the Cross Keys Public House, Leven Bank Road, with the erection of an additional nine dwellings, has now been approved by S.B.C.  The Parish Council raised a number of concerns, which included traffic issues in respect of road safety, as the location is already an ‘accident black spot’.


This year has seen the beginning of the construction of the new 630 place primary school on Barwick Way / Low Lane, the sixth primary school for Ingleby Barwick.  Ingleby Mill Primary School should relocate to the new school when it opens in January 2006, allowing the existing Ingleby Mill School to be closed for refurbishment prior to re-opening, under a new name, in September 2006.


During the year the implementation of the prohibition of driving on the Lowfields Avenue extension took place on 3rd September 2004.  The Cabinet Member for Regeneration promised a public meeting 6 months after the closure to deal with any outstanding concerns.  Traffic surveys have been carried out and some of the preliminary findings have been forward to the Parish Council.

S.B.C. are currently preparing an information leaflet, which is to be circulated to all residents in May, followed by a public meeting at the end of May / early June 2005.


Ingleby Barwick Community Warden Service started on 20th April 2004 and was implemented for an initial twelve months trial period. 



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The Parish Council is extremely pleased with the performance of the Wardens and the benefits the Service provides to the Community.  Two cycles were donated to the Wardens, one from Bannatyne’s Health Club and one from Insider Magazine.


Following public consultation and review of the Warden Scheme, at the Parish Council meeting on 26th January 2005, it was agreed to continue funding the Community Wardens with all the required finance to be raised through the Parish Council’s precept for 2005/2006. 


The Parish Council has continued to support Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club with the Thornaby Road Project.  The Parish Council has committed a financial contribution to the project of £20,000, with £10,000 allocated in 2004/2005 and the second £10,000 in 2005/2006.


The Parish Council provided a Christmas tree again this year, sited on the roundabout at Barwick Way, at its junction with Beckfields Avenue / Blair Avenue. The lights for the tree were kindly supplied by S.B.C., who also increased the number of festive decorations provided along both Ingleby Way and Barwick Way.


The Parish Council continues to work in partnership with S.B.C., by assisting in the funding of 23 trees, which were planted in Ingleby Barwick.


This year also saw the continuation of the bulb planting project with thousands of daffodil and crocus bulbs planted along Ingleby Way and Barwick Way, by children from the six schools in Ingleby Barwick and the Scout and Guide groups. 

The Schools and Groups were successful in receiving a Care for Your Area Award 2004, after being nominated by the Parish Council.


S.B.C. consulted the Parish Council on possible locations for flowerbeds to be planted in Ingleby Barwick.  A list of proposed sites was sent and S.B.C. has agreed to commence the project this year by planting a flowerbed on either side of the road at the entrances into the Town on Ingleby Way and Barwick Way.  A number of additional planted tubs are also to be provided on roundabouts.


Ingleby Barwick Residents Network is now fully set up and constituted and it is hoped that we can work in partnership with them for the benefit of the residents of Ingleby Barwick.





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Some other main items of interest from the proceedings of the last year are as follows:


Shopping Areas, Ingleby Barwick - the maintenance of these areas

continues to be progressed, liaising with the relevant responsible bodies.


CCTV Camera, Beckfields Shopping Centre – Visual Security Systems have now provided a CCTV camera at the Beckfields Shopping Centre.


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Extension – The proposed extension has received planning approval and funding is now being progressed.


Grant Aid Donations - the Parish Council supports the active Voluntary Organisations, which provide a service to the residents of Ingleby Barwick.


Planning Applications - The Parish Council makes comment on all Planning Applications relating to Ingleby Barwick, which enables them to raise any appropriate observations and concerns, for consideration by S.B.C.


Ingleby Barwick Garden Competition 2004 – following the successful start in 2001, the competition is now held on an annual basis. This year’s competition was once again sponsored by Peter Barratts Garden Centre.


Parish Liaison Forums – Liaison Forums were held by S.B.C. in April, June and October 2004, as well as February 2005.  The Parish Council submitted items to be discussed and was represented at all these Forums.


CPRE River Tees Heritage Park Proposals – The Parish Council supports these proposals.  Comments have been requested from S.B.C. on the possible construction of a footbridge over the River Tees leading to Preston Park. This was in the original development plan for Ingleby Barwick.


Stockton Renaissance, Eastern Area Partnership Board – The Parish Council is represented on the Board by Councillors T.W. Bowman and Mrs I. Machin, who regularly attend the meetings.


Ingleby Mill Primary School – Ingleby Mill Primary School was named in Parliament on Tuesday 2nd February 2005 by HM Chief Inspector of School’s in his Annual Report.  David Bell informed Members of Parliament of 291 Primary School’s in England and Wales, which have been judged to be ‘extremely effective in providing high quality education and ensuring their pupils achieve very well’.



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Whinstone Primary School, Comenius Project – The Parish Council contributed £250.00 towards the visit, which took place on October 16th – 22nd 2004. All the European visitors were impressed by Ingleby Barwick, the North East of England and Whinstones School.


Community Communication – The Parish Council places regular articles in the Insider Magazine. Minutes and agendas are displayed in the Parish Notice Board.




(a) Brief Financial Report of the Parish Council’s Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2005.

The accounts for the year-end are currently being prepared for approval by the Parish Council.  The accounts are subject to an independent internal audit, followed by submission of the Annual Return to the external auditors, the date set for which is 15th July 2005.


During the financial year the Parish Council successfully implemented the Ingleby Barwick Community Warden Service, which commenced on 20th April 2004.  The full cost of the scheme was subsidised by allocated funding in the ‘Reserves’ account for introduction of the scheme.   


The Parish Council also allocated £10,000 towards Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club for the Thornaby Road Project.


Funding of £ 6,000 was approved for refurbishment/improvement works at Ingleby Barwick Community Hall and grant aid was allocated to various voluntary organisations.


(b) Observations on the Parish Council’s Finances for the Current Year 2005/2006.

The Clerk reported that Ingleby Barwick Parish Council set the budget for 2005/2006 in January 2005, with an estimated expenditure of £ 108,126.40, of which £ 15,326.40 was the anticipated balance from 2004/2005.


The precept for 2005/2006 was set at £ 92,800.00, an increase of approximately 48% on last years.  This is mainly due to financing the Ingleby Barwick Community Warden Service for a further 12 months costing £ 39,493.00 and the allocation of a further £ 10,000 to Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club, for the Thornaby Road Project. 




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The budget for this year includes allocated expenditure, for the following activities:


            Grant aid funding for Voluntary Organisations active within I.B.;

Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club;

Ingleby Barwick Community Hall;

Christmas tree;

Planting of trees;

Accumulation Fund for Election costs.


As this new financial year starts, the Parish Council’s accounts are in good order.



(a) Annual Report of the Community Hall Trustees (Management Committee).

Councillor Mrs I. Machin presented the following report, which was prepared by the Chair of the Management Committee Mr M.F. Jones:


Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, located on Haresfield Way Ingleby Barwick, is registered with the Charity Commissioners (Charity No. 1044973) and is constituted by a Deed of Trust.


The Charity is administered by a Management Committee as follows:-


            Chair                                      Mr. M.F.Jones.

            Vice chair                              Cllr. Bill Feldon

            Secretary                              Cllr. Sheila Rouse

            Treasurer                              Mrs. Eve Bowman


Other members                                 Cllr. Irene Machin, Mrs. A. Dalton,

                                                            Mrs. Pauline Stainthorpe, Mrs. Alison Curtis.

            Cllr. N. Morrison.


Youth Group Representative            Ms. S. Stenburge


Members are appointed from user groups.  Three members, Cllr. Feldon, Cllr. I. Machin, Cllr. N. Morrison. are the Parish Councils representatives.


The objective of the Charity is to maintain the Community Hall for the benefit of the residents of Ingleby Barwick and its surrounds.  The management committee aims to provide a first class facility at an affordable cost to voluntary organisations and groups serving the community.



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A part- time caretaker is employed by the Charity to clean and do minor maintenance tasks in the Hall.  Major work that is required is carried out by competent local companies at the request of the Management Committee, after quotations have been obtained. The Grounds are also subject to an annual contract with a local tradesman, this is bid for and renewed annually.  The Treasurer is paid an honorarium for maintaining the accounts, operating the Hall booking system, sending out contracts and both invoicing for the use of the Hall and paying bills incurred in the running of the Hall.


Health and Safety is of paramount importance and the various inspection certificates for Fire safety equipment, the electrical installation and, domestic appliances and all portable electrical equipment are kept up to date.


The Entertainment Licence has been renewed in the name of the Secretary and the public liability and building insurances are renewed annually.  The drugs policy, the health and safety policy statement and an equal opportunities policy are in place and are reviewed annually.


Many local voluntary organisations use the Hall, amongst them are the Youth Group, the Guides, the Rainbows and St John’s Ambulance.  There are several groups catering for young people such as PLUS Fives, the Ryandale Creche and Mother and Toddler Group.  Other user’s are The Over 50’s, Slimming classes, Watercolor classes and Flower arranging etc.


Time in the busy schedule is also available for private party bookings, these are usually on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and evenings. The Hall is also booked for Blood Donor sessions.


Rental rates for the above groups have been reviewed and they are competitively placed at £14 per hour for commercial businesses and £5.50 per hour for community groups. Private parties are charged at the commercial rate of £14 per hour.


The Financial position of the Charity remains good; a copy of the final accounts is to follow.  The rentals for the year are down on 2004 but this has been compensated for by the lower level of vandalism they have encountered this year.  The actions taken last year seem to have paid off.  The Community Wardens have also contributed to this reduction by the fact that they use the Hall as a base for their operations on Ingleby Barwick.


Heating and lighting costs are higher this year but this was not because of higher usage but due to an accounting inaccuracy caused by NPower who did not bill correctly for 2003-2004.



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The item in the income statement for the doors, which were vandalised last year, was received in this financial year and makes the gain for the year look better.


The management Committee is trying to improve the facilities and have obtained planning permission for an extension to the Hall, they are currently trying to obtain finance for this and are pursuing various options.


Over the past year they have seen a number of their regular bookings transfer to other locations, which have become available and this is reflected in the fall of the rental monies. 


The most important thing that they feel would make the Hall more useful to groups would be the provision of the planned extra room, as the Hall tends to be very handicapped by only having the one space and the committee will be pursuing the extension vigorously.




Ward Councillor Mrs J. Beaumont informed that she is standing in the Yarm Ward as Conservative candidate at the elections on 5th May 2005. 

Following the elections, Ingleby Barwick will be represented by six Ward Councillors.  The increased number of Ward Councillors and the future increase of Parish Council Members from eight to twelve at the May 2007 elections can only be a good thing for Ingleby Barwick.


Councillor Mrs Beaumont noted that it is very busy at present in respect of planning applications, as development of Villages 5 and 6 progresses at great pace.

The development of Ingleby Barwick over the last 26 years has been phenomenal.

Ingleby Barwick has a great deal going for it however, it is disappointing that the provision of a much needed ‘youth club has not yet been achieved.  


Councillor Mrs Beaumont wished Ingleby Barwick well, a great future and to go forth with strength.


The Chairman, Councillor T.W. Bowman presented Councillor Mrs Beaumont with a bouquet on behalf of the Parish Council and thanked her for all her hard work and commitment to Ingleby Barwick, during her years serving as its Ward Councillor.




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It was noted that Ingleby Barwick Parish Council representatives have been unable to attend C.L.C.A. meetings as they have been held on the same night as Parish Council meetings.



Mrs D. Shariati presented the following report to the meeting:


About the Network Since its inception in September last year, the Residents Network has come on in leaps and bounds.  Under its umbrella are Ingleby Barwick Next Generation (Youth), Greener Ingleby (Environment) and Ingleby Action Group (Roads & Infrastructure).

The Network’s remit is to enhance the community spirit on Ingleby, by forging links with other community groups and the Parish Council so that they might work together for the benefit of the community.  To this end they aim to campaign for better facilities both for the community and in particular, for the youth.  It is envisaged that they will work very closely with the six newly elected councilors on Ingleby Barwick in order to convey the wishes of its residents via a much stronger voice.

PC Kev Stockley and his team are doing a fantastic job in curbing anti-social behaviour on Ingleby Barwick.  However, the Network believes that providing for the youth is key.  Therefore, their future strategy is to campaign and fundraise for better facilities for the youth, and to encourage their involvement in future events and activities on Ingleby.

In December they held a very successful Christmas Gala with the help of community groups such as Ingleby.net, Ingleby Dance School, Ingleby Gymnastics and the Parish Council.  The Youth Club were very pro-active on the day with many young people turning out for the event to run tables in the hugely successful ‘Kidz Zone’.

They have identified that the young people of Ingleby have a stronger sense of worth when included in such events and more so when involved from the outset, when they can offer up their own ideas and hence have a sense of ownership of the project/event.  In order to create even stronger links between the youth and the rest of the community, they aim to involve them in the majority of events organised by the Network.

Kids’ Table Top Bonanza The Residents Network has organised a Kids’Table Top Sale for Sunday 8th May, with some 20+ youngsters selling their second hand toys and sports gear at All Saints School from 2 pm to 4 pm.  Thanks to the Parish Council they have banners to advertise this and future events.



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Summertime Festival The Network is organising a Summertime Festival for 20th August with All Saints School as the venue.  A fair ground, a variety of entertainment, including Ingleby Dance School, a marching jazz band, face painters, magicians and a fire engine have been arranged thus far.  A First Aid Ambulance, refreshment stalls and Porta Loos are also being booked.


They are currently looking into the Air Cadets being present on the day, a display of birds of prey and a roller disco or similar.  They are also inviting the Police Dog Section to attend.  They hope that St. Francis Church will take a fundraising stall and perhaps be involved in other ways during the day.

It is also envisaged they they will be able to pull in volunteers to bring along residents of Ingleby Nursing Home who may wish to attend but need assistance in getting to and from the venue.

The Network welcomes input from any group or organisation who wishes to be involved in the Summertime Festival.


A Celebration of Life During WWII In an effort to raise much-needed funds for the Christmas Gala, the Residents Network is planning to host a 1940s dinner dance on Saturday 15th October.  The venue is yet to be decided, though it is anticipated that it will be All Saints School.

To add to the ambience of the evening they aim to offer a taste of what one might have expected on rations, so ‘dinner’ won’t be a sumptuous affair!!  An air raid shelter will be available should they require it and entertainment is by way of a ‘40s Swing Band with crooner.  They would hope that the majority of guests will dress in the appropriate attire, for which there will be a prize for the best dressed male and female.  Tickets will be in the region of £8 per head and there will be raffles and a prize draw.

Community Garden The Residents Network has been in discussions with the Parish Council and S.B.C. with a view to creating a Community Garden.  A large piece of land has been earmarked for environmental improvement and they are currently conducting a consultation exercise with the schools and residents who live in the vicinity of the proposed garden.

As well as asking the schools for their ideas, they also hope to touch on historic themes such as the nearby Roman Villa, and to incorporate a memorial stone or similar with the names of all those pilots who came down on Ingleby during the Second World War.

Living willow arches, large shrubs and flower borders and works of art will all combine to make the Community Garden a beautiful place to simply sit and relax.  It is envisaged that all the residents of Ingleby will take ownership of the garden and have a sense of pride in it.




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Magic of Christmas Gala 2005 Since 2004’s Gala was so well received, they hope to repeat this successful formula on 3rd December this year.  They would welcome input from all community groups who wish to be involved – the sooner they make contact the better!!

Funding The Network aims to apply to a host of funding agencies for projects currently under consideration.  These include the Heritage Fund, Sports for England, the Ropner Trust and the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.


They are about to enroll the Network’s sub group, Greener Ingleby, as an environmental body with ENTRUST.  By registering environmental projects with ENTRUST they are able to apply to receive money directly from landfill operators on Teesside.

Planned projects include:


i)                    a park or area with facilities such as a BMX track, rollerblade/skateboard ramps, etc, for the older youth on Ingleby;

ii)                  the proposed Community Garden;

iii)                erecting a number of rustic teen shelters around Ingleby Barwick;

iv)                a toddlers & youngsters play park.


They have recently learned that one local landfill operator spent in excess of £240,000 on projects in the Stockton borough alone in the financial year ending 2004/05 – none of which was applied for from groups on Ingleby Barwick.  They aim to ensure that Ingleby Barwick doesn’t miss out again!




(a) Church of St. Francis of Assisi

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  Rev. Derek Watson briefly outlined the report to the meeting.


It is noted that their prayers were answered in October 2004, when The Bishop of Whitby, The Rt Revd Robert Ladds, consecrated their new church.  They thank God for all the work done by so many people in achieving their beautiful building dedicated to the service of God and St. Francis of Assisi.  It was a fantastic achievement by all concerned that they raised £428,000 in just over 3 years.  They look to continue to develop the church centre as both a central place of worship and community facility.


(b) R.C. Parish of St. Therese of Lisieux

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.



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(c) Ingleby Barwick Rainbows

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.


(d) 1st Ingleby Barwick Brownies

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.


(e) 2nd Ingleby Barwick Brownies

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.


(f) Ingleby Barwick Guides

No report was received.


(g) Ingleby Barwick Rangers

No report was received.


(h) 1st Ingleby Barwick Scout Group

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.


(i) St. John Ambulance Ingleby Barwick Cadet Unit

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.


(j) Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick Football Club

A report was presented to the meeting by Mr D. Serginson.


It was noted that the Club has teams ranging from the Under 8’s to the Under 15’s.

The Football Club has a lot of quality players, who are a credit to their parents and the Club is going from strength to strength.

Mr Serginson informed the meeting that the Under 11’s team had played extremely well over the season and are in the North Riding Cup final, which is to be played on 15th May 2005.

The new clubhouse at the Thornaby Road ground is still being progressed.

The Presentation night is to be held on Wednesday 18th May 2005 at 7.00 pm at the National Reserve Club, Tedder Avenue, Thornaby.

As yet, the ‘Team of the Year Award’, which is sponsored by Ingleby Barwick Parish Council has not yet been decided.




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It was noted that the Club has not received any fines.

Coaching is to L1 and L2 Standard.


It was suggested that the Football Club consider running a ladies team and it was noted that there is facility in the proposed new clubhouse to accommodate one.


(k)  Ingleby Barwick Youth Group 

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.


(l)  Ingleby Barwick Over 50’s Group

A written report was submitted and circulated at the meeting.  A copy is held on the Parish Council’s file.




No written notice had been received of resolutions to be considered at the Annual Parish Meeting.




Queen Elizabeth Way/Jubilee Bridge

It was noted that the repairs to the carriageway/bridge have been carried out.



The Chairman Councillor T.W. Bowman, thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting.








CHAIRMAN……………………….                                     CLERK……………………




DATE………………………….                                            DATE……………………..