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Ingleby Barwick - 'The Forum' Roman Settlement

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During routine aerial photography of the Ingleby Barwick area in 1970 it was discovered that land at Quarry Farm (at the southerly end of Queen Elizabeth Way) contained a site of some archaeological interest.  Initial work showed this to be the site of a Roman Empire Villa and associated buildings.
Recently Persimmon Homes has backed an archaeological excavation and study into this significant site.  Although they do intend to build over the majority of the site as soon as archaeological work is complete, it does give us residents a chance to view and find out about the site in the meantime.  The site has greater significance as prior to this finding it was thought that Roman settlements did not stretch this far North.
Due to the more recent work it has been found that the site consists of a villa, settlement buildings, enclosure system, bath and many artefacts depicting the lifestyle of the times.  Each of these pictures depicts a particular area of interest, click a picture for an enlarged view.
The site, termed The Forum, was opened for public viewing over the weekend 8th and 9th November 2003, despite minimal or 'accidental' advertising (hence the late publication of this report) the site saw some 800 visitors over the weekend.  Viewing took the form of regular guided tours, many visitors returning for a second viewing.
Our own forums contain a number of ongoing discussions on this find.  I would urge any of those who missed out on this opportunity to view the Roman forum to log onto our forum and post support for the organising and advertising of another viewing event, the more of you that pledge your support the more chance we have of doing something about it.  You can view and post to the discussion by clicking here.
Archaeologist will be continuing work on site into Dec '03 at which time the remaining work will be laboratory based.  Items of particular interest will be distributed around local museums.  A great suggestion which we would like to back and can be discussed in our discussion forums is that prior to re-development stones, artefacts and perhaps whole buildings (the ones not donated to museums) be taken from their current site and donated to local schools for rebuilding.  Otherwise these historically significant items will be lost forever.  You can comment on this matter here.
As is the case with many of you, I myself missed the opportunity to view the settlement at the weekend and would like to thank the following for their input into this article: have contacted both Durham University's Archaeological department and English Heritage on behalf of the residents of Ingleby Barwick to request a greater level of information to publish on the site and to arrange additional open days.  We will keep you up to date as progress is made.

The following contacts were given out on the day however a visit to the associated websites shows that as of the present time none of the websites given are showing any details of the project.
For further reading on the forum click here...
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